Dream On

Season 4 Episode 4

Pop Secret

Aired Unknown Jun 23, 1993 on HBO

Episode Recap

Martin's divorced father Mickey comes back to live in New York, but to his surprise he already has a place to stay. Martin fixes him up with Toby's mom Angie on a dinner date. He takes her home, but to Toby's irritation 'does nothing' to her. Martin visits the one- bedroom apartment Mickey is sharing with its owner Roger. While there, Martin feels somewhat frozen out by his dad and can't understand why he wouldn't want to stay in his apartment given he has a lot more room. He voices this to Eddie who jocularly surmises 'maybe they're lovers'. Martin becomes fixated on this idea and dances around the subject when he visits them again, becoming as sure as he can without ever asking either of them outright. He feels has to confront his father, finally asking 'Are you gay?' Mickey first answers 'No' but soon admits he is attracted to men (well, if you're gonna split hairs..'). Martin becomes angry yelling 'I don't know who you are', Mickey replies 'Yeah, well that makes two of us'. Mickey apologises if he has disappointed Martin, but Martin tells him he just wants him to be happy. Mickey tells Roger that Martin knows. Mickey and Martin go to dinner and, despite all his confusion, Martin invites Roger too. Mickey asks Martin not to tell his mother.