Dream On

HBO (ended 1996)


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  • Fantastic, an adult/dark comedy, that is absolutely faboulos and unique.

    This is a show about the life of Martin Tupper, a book editor and it's about his millions of dates and everything you can possibly imagine, from being considered guilty for the suicied of a national icon, called Uncle Bouncie, by showing a tape on TV of him getting a blowjob, to his constant conflict with his ex wife's husband, which can do more stuff than Superman but never even shows his face on the show. Dream On is about life and about all those little problems that make life so wonderful. Dream On also has a very particular thing which is that all of Martin's thoughts and ideas are represented whith small old movies clips. This may all sound very confusing to the ppl that never watched it, but believe me it's not and I completly recommend it.