Dream On

Season 4 Episode 2

The French Conception

Aired Unknown Jun 09, 1993 on HBO

Episode Recap

Martin needs to find a tenant for his empty apartment in a hurry when the other tenants renege on their agreement to move in. Meanwhile, Julie is pregnant by a French exchange student and she asks Martin to pay for an abortion and to thus keep his knowledge of it from Kate, lest she get a lecture on her irresponsibility. Kate confronts Martin when a bill comes from the gynecologist and he finally tells her the truth. Kate is furious and they have a heated argument. Kate tells Martin in the process that 'abortion is murder' and that her perspective comes from the fact that she chose to have Julie at such a young age. Martin is stunned, replying that he assumed, since they agree on everything, that Kate was pro-choice. Martin expresses the hope that they can continue seeing each other, but Kate makes it clear that it is not a possibility. The episode ends with a dejected Martin saying goodbye to Julie and arriving alone back in his old unfurnished apartment, stripped bare save for a picture of Judith and Jeremy.