Dream Team - Season 1

Sky1 (ended 2007)




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  • Dream Team: Soccer soap
  • Season 1- Episode 64
    Both Sean and Warren are told that they have professional contracts for next season, though Sean gets the better deal of the two, as Warrens pay is based upon how well he peforms and more importantly how much weight and mussel he develops. Connor is told that the club wont re-new his contract when his current one runs out. Connor is devastated, Frank tried to help him by forwarding his contact details to lower division clubs, however Connor decides to go back to Ireland and continue with his career in Law at University. Dean and Natalie prepare for their honeymoon, not before Natalie helps Sean celebrate his new contract. She takes him out to buy a new suit and a new car. Time is running out for Georgina, Stephanie is told that the likelihood is that Georgina will die. Friends of Warrens fathers come to visit, the day Warren gets his contract they come to break his legs! Warren runs and jumps from a building to escape…..moreless
  • Season 1- Episode 63
    Stephanie is worried sick about Georgina, her liver is badly damaged after the overdose. Stephanie naturally blames herself. It's the final day of the premiership season, and Harchester must win the final game against Chelsea to stay in the premiership. Tension mounts as the game ends with a draw, and the result is dependant upon other teams in the league losing for Harchester to retain a high enough league position to stay in the premiership. Harchester are in luck! ….another season of Premiership football is finally secured for them.moreless
  • Series 1 Episode 62
    Series 1 Episode 62
    Episode 62
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    Series 1 Episode 61
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    Series 1 Episode 60
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    Series 1 Episode 59
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    Des, Zoe and Sean arrive back home late at night having failed to talk Connor round about leaving. Frank is waiting for them and wants to know why he hadn't heard of any of Connor's problems whilst living at the Baker's. Des tells him that he didn't think there was anything to worry about but obviously he was wrong Georgina comes across Lucy at the gym and invites her to join her for a coffee to give them a chance to get to know each other better, to which she accepts. Just like the time at the shopping centre, Georgina pours her heart out over her stubborn boyfriend and Lucy is still oblivious to the fact that she is talking about Dean. Georgina stays on Lucy's good side by agreeing to ask her dad to give Lucy an exclusive interview. Warren gets set for his first few hours of community service and needless to say he is not looking forward to it but he has no choice. Warren's first job is to paint an old lady's bathroom but she is too scared to even let him into her home. Warren's caseworker manages to talk her round and Warren gets to work. Frank phones Connor's dad in Ireland to talk about Connor's decision to quit. He explains that it came as a complete shock to him and he is willing to do whatever makes him happy at Harchester. He asks if he can speak to the lad but his father informs Frank that Connor doesn't want to speak to him. Shocked that Connor is scared to talk to him straight, Frank tells Connor's father that he hopes he knows what he is throwing away. Frank goes and tells Chairman, Michael Jacobs about Connor's departure but doesn't think he'll take it too hard as the club has lost players before and still moved on. Michael informs Frank that it cost them £100,000 to bring Connor to Harchester and they can't afford to lose him, saying that he is more important to the club than the rest of the youth team put together, revealing that they will get at least £6M for him if they sell him on in four years time. Michael books Frank on the next flight to Belfast telling him not to come back without Connor.moreless
  • Season 1- Episode 9
    The next morning, the Baker house has still not noticed that Connor has left and is on his way back to Ireland and at training, Frank thinks he hasn't bothered turning up again. Dean meets up with Georgina to hand back the expensive jacket she sent him and for the final time sets her straight and tells her that he is with Lucy and he is not interested in her. Des gets a call from the club asking him to come in and see them and he keeps this appointment a secret from his family. Zoe's interview at the hairdresser's goes well and she gets the job. The youth team gets set for a practice match but Frank tells them although it may be a practice match, he wants to see 100% commitment from them. He pulls Warren aside and informs him that he may be on the receiving en of a few taunts as a result of his court hearing but tells him to block it out and show some restraint. Frank is right and one player in particular sets out to wind up Warren but he keeps his cool and at the end of the match Frank is proud of him. The two of players collide again in the toilets after the game and this time Warren can't resist and leaves him writhing in pain on the floor. Meanwhile Frank is still searching for Connor. It becomes clear as to why Des was keeping the meeting with the club a secret from his family, as he has been given the humiliating job Harchester's club mascot, but no matter how humiliating it may be, Des sees it as extra income. The Baker's house phone rings and when Zoe picks it up she is shocked to hear Connor tell her he is at the train station ready to go back to Ireland. Zoe gets a taxi to the club to try and find her dad to tell him. She finds Sean and tells him about Connor and the two of them set off to find Des. As Sean gets a message out over the stadium asking for Des, he unveils himself on the middle of the park as the mascot and heads for reception. Zoe tells him everything when he gets there and explains that they need to get to the train station quickly to stop Connor, and Des has no time to change out of his mascot outfit.moreless
  • Season 1- Episode 8
    On the day of his court hearing, Warren manages to break out of the boardroom without being caught and back at the Baker's Shaun and Vincent are giving Connor a hard time over him bottling out. When Zoe overhears Steven trying to bribe Connor to keep quiet about Connor looking through her knicker drawer the other day, she erupts, gives him a slap and tells him that no one wants him there and he should go back to Ireland where he belongs. Back at home, Warren is stressing over his court hearing and is convinced he is going to prison, especially now that Frank has told him that he has been ordered not to speak in front of the judge. Dean receives a package in the post and is shocked to see the same jacket he tried on for Georgina and does his best to keep the truth from Lyn but she reveals that she saw the card and knows it wasn't from Lucy but Dean says he has no idea who sent it. Connor avoids go to training and Des catches him in the house and offers a lift to the ground. When they get there Des can see the shy Irish lad has something on his mind and offers to listen. Connor admits that he is homesick but Des says everyone gets like that in the beginning but it gets easier and Connor makes his way to training to face the wrath of Frank. Frank goes a bit over the top with him and he is he second person that day to suggest he go back to Ireland. Frank leaves Connor and shows up in court to give Warren support. He gives a great speech and tells the judge that he is a well-respected player of his team and he realises that he has a real chance of making it to the big stage and doesn't want to do anything to jeopardise that. Thanks to Frank, Warren gets let off a prison sentence and gets 70 hours of community service. Dean lives up to his promise of making it up to Lucy by cooking her a meal at his place. As the two of them celebrate making up they don't notice that Connor has packed up his things and has set off back to Ireland.moreless
  • Season 1- Episode 7
    Dean and Lucy seem to have sorted everything out after spending the night with each other and they arrange to meet up for a shopping spree after training, much to the delight of Frank. After another bad day on the training pitch Connor is preparing for the next part of Shaun's initiation. It's the day before Warren's court hearing and is told that if he goes and apologises to the victim it will look good in court but he doesn't want to do it as he thinks he deserved what he got but the court doesn't see it like that. It takes another word with Frank before Warren agrees to say he is sorry, but that's not to say that he will mean it. Warren's caseworker tells Frank that it would be great if he stood up in court and spoke about Warren and tell the court about what Warren's future holds and Frank says he'll do anything to help him. Out on their shopping spree Dean and Lucy come across Georgina who slyly drops hints about her boyfriend but Lucy is oblivious as to who she might be talking about. Lucy gets chatting to her new 'friend' and Georgina kindly asks if she can use Dean to try on a jacket as she is not sure of her boyfriend's size and Dean has to play along. Warren arrives to give his apology to the man he assaulted and both his caseworker and Frank tell him not to stuff it up. The victim takes great pleasure in winding up Warren and Warren loses it before being led away by security. Warren's case doesn't look to be getting much better either when Michael Jacobs tells Frank to pull out over going to court for him as it will be bad publicity for the club. Strapped for cash, Vincent and Sean spot what looks like two amateur pool players and challenge them to a game for money. But their plan for easy money doesn't happen as the two of them become victims of two hustlers leaving them penniless but the two of them look on the bright side and look ahead to the final part of Connor's initiation. For his final part of the initiation, Connor is told to put his 'trophy' in its rightful place and sets off to the boardroom with the bra in his grasp. He is once again caught, this time by Frank and returns still with the bra. Warren takes initiative and does Connor's job but finds himself locked in the boardroom by the cleaner.moreless
  • Season 1- Episode 6
    Lucy pours her heart out to her dad and thinks that Dean no longer wants to be with her. Frank tells her that he is just stressed at the moment with his football and he never helped matters by offering them money to settle down and tells her to come down to the training ground with him to talk to Dean. Once again Connor is humiliated out on the training pitch and begins to feel he is not good enough and things don't look much brighter as Sean informs him that the rest of the lads have a surprise in store for him later. Frank catches up with Dean and Dean immediately apologises about the night before. Frank is sympathetic with him at first but then urges him to sort everything out with Lucy, which he says he will. Warren has a quiet word with Frank about his upcoming court hearing and tries his best to convince Frank about seeing if Micheal Jacobs could sort out a contract for him as this may make the judge go lighter on him if he saw that he had a promising career ahead of him but Frank tells him Michael wouldn't go for it so early in the season. Sean informs Connor that to become one of the team he first has to go through their Harchester initiation and his first task is to sneak in and steal a part of Zoe's underwear, which can only mean trouble for Connor. Connor tries his best to get hold of some of Zoe's underwear out of the laundry basket but is almost caught red handed by the woman herself. After a scare, he tries again only for Steven to catch him in the act this time, Connor flees embarrassed and empty handed. His fortunes take a turn for the better however as he spots a bra hidden inside Dean's pillowcase and unbeknown to him and the rest of the lads that it's Georgina's, he doesn't hesitate in snatching it. He turns up that night at Studs and proudly produces the bra to the rest of the lads but he is informed that it's not over yet. Dean and Lucy try to sort out their differences and all Dean can do is apologise for the past few days but Lucy can still see he has things on his mind and asks him if he is seeing someone else …moreless
  • Season 1- Episode 5
    As Dean tries to get over the shock of being involved the Chairman's daughter, Sean and Vincent are also eyeing her up. Zoe reveals that she has an interview at a hairdresser's where one of her friends currently work and gladly tells her dad that soon she will have enough money to move out much to the disappointment of Des. Sean and Vincent have arranged to meet up with Warren for a round of golf and Des urges them to take Connor with them. The lads assume that he is as good a golfer as he is a footballer based on his debut but Connor has the last laugh by showing them just how good a golfer he is. As they near the end of the course, Sean and Vincent come across two women and can't resist turning on the charm. Lucy is at home preparing a Sunday lunch in the hope of cheering Dean up. While she is hard at it, Dean is trying to avoid Georgina but their paths meet in the sports club and Dean vents his anger on Georgina over her lies and makes her realise that if his affair with her ever got out it could mean the end for Dean and begs her to leave him alone leaving Georgina heart broken. Dean arrives at Lucy's late and can only apologise so much and once again lies about his whereabouts. Sean and Vincent continue their charade to impress the two women and one lie leads to another and before they know it they have become great professional footballers in the eyes of the ladies. They tell one lie to many and pretty soon they are out of their depth and decide to flee to spare their blushes. Frank and Dean have a heart to heart over his relationship with Lucy. He makes Dean feel guilty when he goes on about how much he can see Dean loves her and how Dean is the 1-woman type. Frank gathers them both in the living room and says he has more money than he needs and wants to give them some towards buying a flat or planning a wedding but all talk about them cementing their relationship scares Dean off.moreless
  • Season 1- Episode 4
    Dean wakes Georgina up early the next morning to sneak her out of the house and are nearly caught by Vincent and Sean who are just returning home after staying out drinking all night. After successfully sneaking her out Georgina insists that Dean drives her home and he can't exactly say no. Tensions are still running high between Des and daughter, Zoe over Connor's sleeping arrangements with Zoe still insisting that she either keeps her own room or she moves out so Dean kindly suggests that Connor share with him. Michael and Frank bump into each other and Michael asks him to be at the board meeting later that day to discuss the club's situation. The youth team make their way to play West Ham with Sean a bit worse for wear. Sean lies to Frank and blames his ill state on food poisoning but Frank can see right through his lies. Due to Shaun's illness, Connor is handed his first youth team start and he is the one that looks ill after hearing the news. Connor's debut doesn't go well and is substituted for Sean midway into the second half and the sub pays off as Sean scores the equaliser to draw the game 1-1. Back in first team action, Dean also gets his first start against Derby but he clearly has things on his mind and that is showing out on the pitch and is brought off to be replaced by Fletch. Things get worse for Dean at the press conference where Chairman Michael Jacobs announces a new 3-year sponsorship deal with Dream inc and also introduces his daughter who is 16 years old that day, Georgina.moreless
  • Season 1- Episode 3
    Zoe is threatening to move out after Connor's arrival making the shy Irish lad feel even more unwelcome. Sean is still angry with Frank after being given the embarrassing duty of cleaning his older brother's boots and out on the training pitch he is still being given a hard time. Frank pulls Connor aside and tells him that he thinks he should go on a fitness program to catch up with the rest of the team. Warren leaves training early for a meeting with his probation officer after an unprovoked assault on a man on a night out. Warren isn't sorry for what he done; all he is worried about is that this could be the end of his football career before it's already started. Dean is starting to have second thoughts over his affair with Georgina. He tells her that he has something good going on already with Lucy and he doesn't want to lose her. Even after Georgina promises to leave him alone he still can't get her out of his head. Before the lads get to leave, Frank says he knows that Friday night is normally party night but he would like to see them get an early night to prepare for the West Ham game the next day and this is a chance for Sean to show Frank that he is ready to get his head down and concentrate on his football. As everyone leaves, Connor gets set for his first stage of fitness training with Frank. Frank runs him into the ground before letting him go and the poor lad is exhausted. After Warren keeps hassling him to go out, Sean remains adamant that he is staying in to prepare for the game against West Ham. Sean finally gives in to temptation and meets up with Vincent and Warren at studs but draws the line over drinking before a game. It doesn't look as if Warren has heard him though as when his round comes up he 'mistakenly' orders a lager for Sean to which he has no choice but to accept saying one won't do any harm. Dean returns home after a bad night out with Lucy to find Georgina in his bed waiting for him …moreless
  • Season 1- Episode 2
    Dean arrives back at the Baker's house after a late night only to be confronted by Lyn who gives him a slap for standing up Lucy and tells him he'd be stupid to blow it with her. Connor wakes up after a rough nights sleep and comes across Michael Jacobs and explains to him that he is the new YT boy. With rumours circulating over the future of manager Ron, the youth team are speculating over who will be next in charge and Vincent jokes that it will be Frank. Just at that time Frank rubbishes that he will be next in line and tells them that he's staying with them. Des finally arrives home from Italy only to find that he missed out on Dean's debut and his goal. Connor turns up for his first day of training and also has the pleasure of bumping into Shaun who has graced the team with his presence. He makes the new boy feel welcome and the two of them are interrupted by Frank who tells them to get out on the pitch. Back at the Baker's house Des asks how the new boy is settling in and Zoe has to tell him that she sent him away as no one told her about it. Des is furious that she just turned him away onto the streets. Things don't get much better for Zoe as Des reveals to accommodate for Connor she will have to move in with her little brother Steven and Connor will get her room, needless to say Zoe is not happy. As Dean is ready to leave the changing room he is shocked to see the woman he met the night before, Georgina. He asks her to leave but they end up getting intimate again. Connor is introduced to the team and he struggles in his first training session. Lucy turns up at the pitch looking for Dean but her father tells her that he'll be in the changing room. Lucy calls out for Dean and he hides Georgina away before Lucy sees and the two of them head off to do an interview. Ron is in his office packing away his things following his resignation. He explains that his decision was made up over Michael not keeping his promises over new players and has a job in Spain. Once again Frank pulls Sean aside over him turning up late for training once again. And once again he makes comparisons with Sean and Dean which infuriates Sean. As if that wasn't enough, Frank gives him the embarrassing job of cleaning Dean's boots from the Chelsea game. Connor finally arrives at his digs at the Baker's and is welcomed into their home, apart from Zoe that is. Dean and Georgina find themselves together again and plan on meeting up that night despite plans with Lucy again.moreless
  • Season 1-Episode 1(aka. Pilot)
    It's the day of the Coca-Cola cup clash between Harcester and Chelsea and manager Ron Atkinson has included Youth team Captain Dean Hocknell in his squad. Meanwhile Deans girlfriend is told that she will be commentating on the game.