Dream Team - Season 5

Sky1 (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Passports Out
    Passports Out
    Episode 1
    The team prepare for their first ever Champions League game, with a new look squad. New captain Stevie Shaw, record signing Andrei Belanov, and Gary Peggs just progressed from Harchester's Youth Squad. There is also brand new management at the Lair this season; Multi-millionaire Sam Irving has brought Harchester United and brought in a new manager for the team, Alan Rothman, and new coach David Spears. As the team prepare to fly out to Mallorca for the 1st, away leg of the Champions League, the police arrive to arrest Fletch, in connection with the murder of Prashant Dattani. Whilst Fletch protests his innocence Alan stays behind in Harchester to organise a lawyer for Fletch, and to get him out in time for the champions League game. David goes with the team to Mallorca, where everyone is very nervous. The pressure is on Danny Rawsthorne, who is worried that he will be the only striker available if Fletch doesn't make it, and Monday is out injured. Jamie is also feeling the pressure when his old gambling habits are put to the test when the rest of the team engage in a card school. But Danny ensures that Jamie stays away. Back in Harchester, Monday Bandele arrives home from his holiday in Nigeria, where is picked up an injury during a friendly match. He arrives home to a letter from Siobhan saying that she has left him. Monday is genuinely upset, and he turns to Tash for support. Alan, who is having an affair with David's wife Dawn, finally manages to get Fletch out on bail, and they fly to Mallorca just minutes before the match, leaving Fletch no time to prepare. Meanwhile, Lynda Block is also staying in Mallorca, not for the match, but to get away from Harchester, and is staying in Jeff Stein's villa- she wants to forget about Harchester and football, and start a new life. However, the new owner, Sam Irving has different plans for her. He arranges a meeting with her in Mallorca and he offers her the position of Chief Executive at Harchester. Lynda is very tempted! The match gets underway; the first half doesn't go in Harchester's favour. Fletch is taken off at half-time which just adds to his misery. Harchester eventually win the match, but whilst the celebrations are underway, Fletch goes AWOL!moreless
  • Home Comings
    Home Comings
    Episode 2
    Lynda wakes up in Jeff Stein's villa in Mallorca to find that someone has broken in! It's Fletch. He begs Lynda to help him out of the mess that he's in over Prashant Dattanis murder. Lynda fly's back to Harchester with Fletch in time for his compulsory bail signing, whilst she herself is still considering taking up Sam on his offer to be chief executive. Sam and his daughter Claudia also leave Mallorca and arrive in Harchester. Sam has decided that his daughter has been spoilt for long enough and gives her a job at Harchester. Claudia is thrilled at first when she thinks that ‘she' has been offered the job of Chief Executive, and is hugely embarrassed when she finds out that the only job she was offered was that of Lynda Block's PA. Sam explains that he wants Clauida to learn from Lynda, so that one day she can take over his empire. Meanwhile Fletch is still feeling distant from his team mates, and no one wants to know him. He gets very drunk and makes a pass at Tash, witnessed by Jamie, this doesn't help Fletch's case with his team mates one single bit. David eventually figures out that his wife is having an affair with Alan, who he had considered his best mate. This all comes about as Alan is offered a job as manager of Milan. Alan is furious at Lynda being made chief executive and so he decides to take up the offer. Lynda finally agrees to return to Harchester as Chief Executive, and a job which she has no problems getting back into! Tash Parker is also going into a new career. She has decided to leave her modelling behind her and go into business with her dad, being agent to footballer's. She starts by handling all the press attention that Danny is receiving after he emerged as the hero from the Mallorca game.moreless
  • Revenge Is Mine
    Revenge Is Mine
    Episode 3
    When Alan accepts the job at Milan, David seeks the perfect opportunity to get back at Alan for his affair with his wife Dawn. David convinces Alan that Stevie Shaw would fit into the Milan squad very nicely. Alan begins to arrange Stevie's transfer, but keeping this from Lynda and everyone else at Harchester. Of course the deal that Alan has in mind is one which will benefit him more than Stevie and the Club, and this is where David plans to trip Alan up! After a chat with new team mate Andrei, Jamie is convinced that what he and Tash needs is a baby! Tash, however, is not convinced! She tells him no! Andrei informs Jamie that they could ‘buy' a baby from a poor mother in Russia who desperately needs the money. Tash arranges a birthday party for Jamie at Studs, but its interrupted by the arrival of the Russian baby, and a mass-media frenzy- Jamie announces that the baby belongs to himself and Tash! David enlists the help of Journalist scum, Paul Hankin, to help him expose Alan's dodgy dealings. They set him up with a fake representative from Milan, who Alan discusses the transfer with, and his backhander! The media have a field day when Alan is exposed, the Milan offer falls through, and he is sacked from his job at Harchester. He also loses Dawn in the process, telling her that he doesn't want her, and she must stay with Davidmoreless
  • The Decider
    The Decider
    Episode 4
    The Parkers are once again the target of a media witch hunt, after Jamie announced that the Ukrainian Orphan belonged to him and Tash. The authorities naturally begin to investigate. Tash enlists the help of Andrei to help find, the now, missing mother of the child before the authorities take the baby away and they have to come clean with the media as to how they really got their baby! Claudia discovered that Stevie Shaw has two fiancées! Not only has that, the cheating scum, also placed a bet with Andrei Belanov, £1 for the first that can bed Claudia! Meanwhile the pressure is on Lynda to find a new manager, a replacement for Alan. This has come at a crucial moment as Harchester prepare to go into the 2nd leg for the Mallorca match. Both David and Monday plan to have a shot at the managers position, and they disagree on tactics for the match. Whilst David tells the team to do things one way, Monday is arranging them another. The first half of the match is chaos! David pulls the team together at half-time, but its too little, too late! The team play brilliantly in the second half but not enough to win the game. Harchester have to make do with second best and a UEFA cup place. Andrei finally tracks down the mother of the orphan baby, and she agrees to take the baby back.... for another expensive fee!moreless
  • Situation Vacant
    Situation Vacant
    Episode 5
  • Moment Of Madness
    Moment Of Madness
    Episode 6
  • 36 Hours In Dublin
    36 Hours In Dublin
    Episode 7
    Harchester arrive in Dublin for their 2nd leg, 1st round UEFA Cup tie. Danny meats a young woman named Lisa who is taking her son Charlie to see the match. It is Charlie's birthday and is a true young Dragins fan. And meeting up with Danny makes it a birthday he will never forget. Danny and Lisa become quite friendly and agree to meet after the match. Sam Irving arrives to check on his investment, and finds that reception is un-manned, game tickets not being sold out, and a chief executive with a bad cold refusing to go the the UEFA cup game. After a blazing row, Sam sits with Lynda on her sick bed trying to make amends. Meanwhile in Dublin, Tash goes along with the team to get away from Jamie, who is still in Harchester after being dropped for the Shelbourne game. She confides in Monday who admits that Tash is everything he looks for in a woman. He makes it clear to her that if Jamie messes her around, Monday will welcome her into his life with open arms. Tash checks with the banks, and see that no money is missing, and therefore comes to the correct conclusion that Jamie hasn't been gambling. Back in Harchester, however, at an all-time low Jamie takes Peggsy on a gambling spree. Jamie manages to lose not only his money, but Peggsy's money too, leaving Jamie feeling very guilty when Tash finally returns to him and apologises for not believing him. Harchester beat Shelbourne and progress to the next level of the UEFA cup. But whilst the team celebrate, Danny misses his meeting with the lovely Lisa due to be random drug tested after the match.moreless
  • From Russia With Love
  • Give And Take
    Give And Take
    Episode 9
  • You've Been Framed
    You've Been Framed
    Episode 10
  • Confessions
    Episode 11
  • It's My Party
    It's My Party
    Episode 12
    Lynda is adamant that Claudia will stay on at Harchester despite noises from Claudia's father, Sam and owner of Harchester, which she is to return to Australia. Lynda tells Claudia to organise the staff Christmas party. Claudia, annoyed at the world promises to make a party that no one will forget! Tash is struck with guilt over her night of passion with Monday. She desperately regrets what they did, and she knows that she loves Jamie and has no feelings for Monday other than a good friend. Claudia arranges for everyone in Harchester to be at the party, the clubs sponsors, supporters association and even the mayor! She orders mass amounts of Sushi, along with gallons of Andrei's ‘special' Ukrainian Brew, ensuring that no one will be sober or a settled stomach by the end of the night! Her plan works, Lynda and Sam are drunk, the mayor is drunk and witnessed by all. Whilst Lynda is throwing up all over Gary Peggs, Claudia is witness to a conversation with Tash and Monday about what they got up to the night before. The icing on the cake for Claudia; she goes and lets slip to Jamie. Jamie confronts Tash and Monday, Jamie is devastated that his wife has cheated on him. As he begins to spill the beans over what really happened with Victoria, Fletch smacks him in a moment of madness. Dawn and Sam take Jamie off to the treatment room, he has a cut lip.... only to find David and Claudia having sex! The next day Sam announces that David is to be sacked from Harchester as manager. Both Claudia and Lynda make Sam realise that this is unrealistic as the team have a UEFA cup game against Palma only days away! But its too late, after Claudia tells David that all she wanted was a bit of fun and not a serious relationship all David wants to do is get as far away from Harchester as possible. Lynda appoints Monday as the teams manager, but the rest of the team are reluctant to work with him after the revelations of his affair with Tash.moreless
  • Court Out
    Court Out
    Episode 13
  • Judgement Day
    Judgement Day
    Episode 14
  • Guilty
    Episode 15
    Fletch swears revenge on Lynda, meanwhile Claudia can no longer pay her own way, so she moves in with Nikki and Peggsy.
  • Please Release Me
    Please Release Me
    Episode 16
    Tash is shocked by unexpected new that will stop her from leaving Monday Bandele in the past.
  • We Are Family
    We Are Family
    Episode 17
    Lynda finds out that Jeff has become Fletch's agent and is looking for another club, Lynda tells Jeff that if he gets Fletch a move out the club then Harchester United won't deal with him as an agent. Jeff puts the interested clubs off, and Fletch is unsure of what is going on. Finally on Sky Sports Fletch is slated and joins in the phone in. After an on-air battle, Fletch is the target of a press-hunt and is unable to get a move anywhere. Being his own agent he rings around the English Premier clubs but with no luck he gives up, leaving Fletch at one of the lowest points in his career. Linton joins the Harchester team to train for the week much to the annoyance of Stevie Shaw who in recent years at another club had a major fall out with Linton. The day comes for Linton and his brother Curtis to sign for the club, but Curtis wont sign until Linton has. After Linton signs his contracts Curtis goes missing. Lynda is the first to click that it was all a plan, and Curtis had no intention of signing for Harchester, but wanted to make sure that his brother got a good deal. A press conference goes ahead when they announce the signing of Linton Alexander and they also announce a new contract for Danny Rawsthorne after he fought the issue with Lynda that he was on less money than Gary Peggs.moreless
  • Brother's In Arms
    Brother's In Arms
    Episode 18
    Jamie confronts Tash over the Baby's real father and Claudia is sent a collection of gifts from an anonymous source.
  • Danny And Peggsy Go Large
    Peggsy finally receives his first paycheck after his raise and it goes to his head, and after several days of partying it ends in disaster for him.
  • Broken Dreams
    Broken Dreams
    Episode 20
    Lynda considers hiring Andy Gray to help with the clubs management, also Andreis wife comes over from Ukraine followed by debt collectors.
  • Missing
    Episode 21
    After Deciding that current player/manager Monday Bandele needs help Lynda Offers Andy Gray the director of footballs job at the Lair.Meanwhile Claudia is discovered Bound and Gagged.
  • Changing Places
    Changing Places
    Episode 22
    Lynda Block offers to resign in the aftermath of Claudia's run-in with loopy stalker Dawn Spears and Sam Irving's decision to hire a new manager without consulting Lynda first. Lynda is far from happy about the arrival of new manager Patrick Doyle, and his son, mercenary agent Taylor Doyle. Taylor Doyle promptly causes chaos at the training ground when a film crew he brings in as part of a promotional campaign about his dad instead catch Andrei Belanov taunting Monday Bandele until the beefy striker snaps and beats the Ukrainian up. Lynda desperately tries to stop the story getting out and even bribes the cameraman to hand over the tape but Andrei goes to the press personally to talk about the fight. Furious, new boss Patrick goes from initially planning to build his team around Andrei to deciding to sell him. Sam Irving, feeling guilty over the hell Claudia has been through, also decides to sell the club. Claudia, insistent her dad is not to blame, checks out of hospital early against Sam's wishes and goes back to work at the club.moreless
  • Secrets And Lies
    Secrets And Lies
    Episode 23
    New boss Patrick Doyle hires a sports psychologist to deal with Monday, Stevie, Linton and the rest of Harchester's egomaniacs and crackpots. The players react with predictable disgust and mocking when they hear a 'shrink' is arriving, but then they get a look at her long legs, short skirt and spooky resemblance to movie actress Mia Sara. In between fending off Fletch's cheesy chat up lines, sexy Dr Gemma McKenzie tries to get to the bottom of the mutual loathing between Stevie Shaw and Linton Alexander. It finally emerges that Stevie had an affair with Linton's wife when the pair were team-mates at Charlton. Her attempts to discuss Monday Bandele's increasing moodiness over Tash's baby and the manager's job look to backfire spectacularly but the big man finally accepts he has to put it all behind him and concentrate on his football. Claudia Irving, eager to show she's more than a little rich girl and is over her stalker hell, asks for greater responsibility at the club. Lynda agrees to let the multi-lingual Claudia assist agent Jeff Stein as he works on Andrei Belanov's transfer away from Harchester but her attempts to convince him to join Parma end in disaster. Patrick Doyle's son Taylor weedles his way in and instead arranges for Andrei to join Monaco, a deal which will cost Harchester - and a furious Jeff Stein money.moreless
  • The Birthday Party
    The Birthday Party
    Episode 24

    Things get worse between Stevie and Linton when Nikki offers to help out with Lintons sons birthday party. Stevie could be benched against West ham if he cant control himself.

  • Oh Danny Boy
    Oh Danny Boy
    Episode 25
    Harchester's midfield prodigy Danny Rawsthorne celebrates a call-up to the England Under-21 squad - but the player soon has a difficult choice to make. Danny's agent, Jeff Stein, presents him with an England shirt with his name on the back as a symbol of his status as one of English football's elite and tells him he wouldn't be more proud if it was his own son who'd got the call. Everything looks good. But when are things ever that easy at Harchester United? Scheming agent (and son of the new Dragons manager) Taylor Doyle tells Danny that he also has the opportunity to play for Ireland and that a call-up to their senior squad for the upcoming friendly against Finland is a possibility. Danny must pick between loyalty to the country of his birth and the fast-track to full international status and the World Cup finals. After seeking the sage advice of his team-mates, girlfriend Lisa and even little Charlie, Danny chooses Ireland - cue cameo appearance from Ireland boss Mick McCarthy - and even scores on his debut. Elsewhere, tortured Dragons skipper Stevie Shaw, last seen thrashing around in fury on the dressing room floor after being sent off in the tunnel during the West Ham game for trying to fight Linton Alexander, faces a six match FA ban. Help arrives from a very unlikely source when Linton stresses to the FA that Stevie was trying to hit him and not any of the West Ham players. The ban is halved to everyone's relief, but Stevie is still not sure what Linton is up to. Stevie shows up at the party to watch Danny's international debut with a groupie in tow, sending a hurt Nikki Peggs into Linton's scheming arms. Love-struck club owner Sam Irving is still lusting after chief exec Lynda Block and raises the stakes by proposing marriage, handing over an enormous diamond ring and sending Lynda away on a luxury break in Scotland to think it over. Finally, Karl Fletcher returns to full training after having the cast removed from his broken arm.moreless
  • Though At The Top
    Though At The Top
    Episode 26
    Claudia is in charge while Lynda is away but one of her first duties is to sack her best friend can, she do it?
  • Torn
    Episode 27
    Lynda Block returns from her break in Scotland still unsure whether or not she wants to marry club owner Sam Irving and is confronted with the news that Claudia has sacked Nikki Peggs and hired sports psychologist Gemma McKenzie on 100K a year (plus car). New agent on the block Taylor Doyle (look in the dictionary under shifty) is busy getting his hooks further into Danny Rawsthorne. Danny, exhausted by his playing and training schedule and the number of commercial activities agent Jeff Stein has set up since his Ireland debut takes Taylor's advice and skips a photo shoot for a sports car company. Furious, and massively pregnant, Tash Parker decides it is time she and goalkeeper husband Jamie did a little detective work to find out what Taylor is up to, setting up a hugely enjoyable pay-off gag to the 'she's got a craving for sprouts' storyline. Jeff Stein suggests that Danny conserve his energies by not only cutting back on the adverts but by picking and choosing his games: UEFA Cup ties? Yes. Ireland game? Yes. FA Cup tie against Manchester City? Maybe not. Danny makes the most of a minor ankle knock to cry off the game but as kickoff approaches he begins to feel more and more guilty. Lynda reinstates Nikki Peggs - and Sam Irving renegotiates Gemma's contract to a more realistic level - but Nikki then hands in her resignation because the increasingly jealous Linton Alexander has offered her a job as his PA. Harchester and Man City clash in the FA Cup quarter finals and lose 2-0 leaving Danny feeling guilty as he left the gap in the team. in the aftermath of the game Lynda finally gives Sam Irving her answer... 'yes'moreless
  • Mind Games
    Mind Games
    Episode 28
    As Lynda and Sam announce their engagement to Sam's less than impressed daughter Claudia, Victoria Baptiste resurfaces in Harchester to torment United's dimwit goalkeeper Jamie Parker. Victoria wastes no time getting down to business, successfully tempting Jamie into cheating on pregnant wife Tash and luring Sam Irving with her claims she could get Lynda Block acquitted of killing previous club chief Prash Dattani. Karl Fletcher, who stood trial for Dattani's murder and was even found guilty before Lynda's shock confession, tries unsuccessfully to get his £100,000 'hush money' back off star witness Victoria, who then lets slip that Fletch's beloved Lynda is to marry Sam Irving. When Fletch goes to Lynda's to confront her and reveal his feelings, he finds she is behind closed doors with Sam. As Claudia begs Sam and Lynda to postpone the nuptials - not much chance of that missy, there's only four more episodes left this Season! - ever scheming Victoria spots a perfect opportunity to get back at Lynda. Taylor Doyle and Jeff Stein both go after the new boy signed to the first team, Robbie. Jeff Stein is furious when he sees that Taylor Doyle has beaten him to the post!moreless
  • In The Name Of The Father
    Danny Finds out some shocking new which will affect his world cup chances will he tell the truth?
  • Sex, Lies And Videotape
    Victoria tries to force Jamie to try and find incriminating Evidence to ruin things for Sam and Lynda. Because Sam has said that he will give Lynda the club as a wedding present which sends Claudia running for help to Victoria.
  • Seize The Day
    Seize The Day
    Episode 31
    While the team prepare for their Uefa Cup semi final, Relationship problems elsewhere could cause devastating results.
  • Forsaking All Others
    Harchester prepare for one of the biggest games in their history the UEFA cup final, also Lynda gets ready for her marriage to Sam unaware that he saw her getting intimate with Fletch.