Dream Team - Season 6

Sky1 (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Just The Ticket
    Just The Ticket
    Episode 32
    If the FA rules against Harchester, the Dragons will be relegated from the Premiership. With morale at an all time low, Phil takes an all-or-nothing gamble which could mean the end to his career at United... or Fletch's.
  • Unforgiven
    Episode 31
    Abi and Alan are rushed to hospital, Abi needs a blood transfusion. Phil calls a meeting with the team and he asks them to keep what they heard Jamie tell them a secret. The police ask Jacqui to help them catch Patrick and they plant a video camera in his room during a planned meeting between the pair. However Phil gets to Patrick first and tells him not to confess to anything or else he will be arrested. When Jacqui goes to see Patrick, he denies everything, and he also mentions how the pair slept together during the siege and Phil is furious and he tells Jacqui it is over for good this time and he wants a divorce. Fletch has a hard time forgiving Jamie, but he eventually goes around to see Tash, Tash tells him how Patrick was blackmailing Jamie into throwing games. Fletch goes to see Patrick in his hotel room and throws a few punches! Incriminating himself in front of the hidden camera, Patrick is arrested! At this point the FA are involved, and they tell Phil that there must be a price to pay having given that a director of the club (Jacqui), the manager and the goal keeper were in on a bet and the chairman knowing about it. The FA decide if a re-play of the final game of the season will take place. Initially Tash wanted to sue Phil and the club for all the misery caused in her life, but after talking to Jamie's best mate, Fletch she soon changed her mind, and she helped the club in a fight to try and persuade the FA into making a positive decision. Abi is told that she may never have children because of the injuries to her stomach after the shooting. Ryan tries to sell Jamie's tickets for the FA Cup Final to earn a bit of cash, but not even a dodgy supporter would take them off his hands!moreless
  • End Game
    End Game
    Episode 30
    Harchester begin their final game of the season, they must win this game in order to stay in the Premiership AND they must hope that Bolton lose their final game. At half time Harchester are drawing with Everton 1-1, and the Bolton are losing 2-0. Jacqui is watching the game at home, until Patrick goes round to see her with a bottle of Champaign. She lets him in as they begin to celebrate the end of the season, and the money from their bet is now in sight. The team go into the changing rooms at half time but are faced with an angry Jamie and a gun! Jamie insists that if he can't play in the second half he will make sure the rest of the team don't. Alan tells Jamie he can play. Abi try's to take the gun from Jamie but when the bell goes off for the teams to go back onto the pitch Jamie panics and fires- Abi is shot. The security team and the news reporters outside the changing rooms hear the gun shot, and are now aware the team are in trouble. The door is locked and the team is trapped inside with Jamie. The second half of the game is called off and the stadium is evacuated. Meanwhile Patrick and Jacqui are celebrating in their own way, Jacqui proves to Patrick that she still has feelings for him, they are still un-aware of what's happening at the club, until they turn on the TV. After finding out Jacqui goes to the club to see what she can find out. Fletch tries to talk to Jamie and to get him to give himself up; Abi is in desperate need of medical attention. Clyde is hiding in the showers and is the only person with access to a mobile phone to contact the police. Just as Jamie decides to let Abi go, he finds Clyde and sees the police trying to get through the roof, Jamie panics and shoots. Just as the police are about to burst into the changing rooms, Tash arrives at the ground after seeing a news report about the siege. She talks to Jamie, Jamie breaks down in tears and eventually decides to give himself up and let everyone go. Jamie walks out the changing rooms but when she is greeted with all the armed police and Tash isn't there, he panics, he is still armed with his gun, the police shoot him down- dead. Abi is rushed to hospital whilst Alan has a heart attack, and the medical team try and revive him in the changing rooms.moreless
  • Insomnia
    Episode 29
    A shock turn of events leaves Fletch in a critical condition and Jamie has blood on his hands. Can the desperate goalie find a way out? Patrick has a solution - but it's not good.
  • Torn
    Episode 28
    Jamie sinks deeper into Patrick's pit of greed and blackmail, and Phil's relationship with Nikki hits a glitch in the shapely form of Jacquie. Jamie has a new security system fitted into Tash's home, as he is frightened over Patrick's threats. Tash becomes concerned and Jamie tells her that he has a stalker! To make this story believable, Jamie creates a poison pen letter, from magazine cut-outs and sends it to Tash. Meanwhile Harchester have 5 games left to play, they need at least 4 wins and 1 draw to safely stay up. Two games are played this week, their first game is a draw. Curtis finds his form again, after Fletch helps him out and they have a game of football with some young kids.moreless
  • 48 Hours
    48 Hours
    Episode 27
    With the FA about to pass judgment on United's 6-point deduction, Patrick orders Jamie to throw the next game...and to make sure, he takes out an insurance policy which terrifies the player.
  • Stand By Your Man
    Stand By Your Man
    Episode 26
    While Harchester appeal against the FA's decision to dock them six points, Fletch suspects Jamie of being in on the bet with Patrick and breaks into his room to find evidence.
  • Show Me The Money
    Show Me The Money
    Episode 25
    The FA decide on their actions following the investigation into the clubs dealings whilst Phil takes actions towards shaping the clubs future.
  • Hit & Run
    Hit & Run
    Episode 24
    Ryan's career and health are in the balance after the fight with Marcel, but it seems he may have got off lightly. And £2m is missing after the Mendoza transfer deal.
  • Bending The Truth
    Bending The Truth
    Episode 23
    In order to dispel the rumour that he is gay, Marcel ventures out on the town with the ultimate date - glamour model, party girl and vivacious blonde Jordan (guest starring as herself).
  • Signs and Wonders
    Signs and Wonders
    Episode 22
    The pressure cooker that is Harchester United finally explodes when a journalist turns the heat up on Tara. Plus, it's FA Cup day and a purified Phil smells victory.
  • Dead Man Walking
    Dead Man Walking
    Episode 21
    Nikki and Tara find Phil at the club unconscious, lying beside a couple of empty bottles of pills and a bottle of whisky. Tara finds his suicide video tape and later sells it to Susan, the Sunday Star reporter! Phil is rushed to hospital to have his stomache washed out, but he later tells Nikki that he wished she had left him to die. The syndicates representatives make a visit to Patrick at his hotel room who tell him that they intend to buy Harchester United as to put Patrick in control of the team once more to ensure relegation. Patrick enlists Jeff and Jacqui to help persuade Phil to sell. Harchester play an important game against West Ham- both clubs at the bottom of the league and fighting to avoid relegation. Fletch, who still has the cocaine in his system, is forced into playing- and a tip off from Patrick Doyle ensures that he is tested by the FA after the match.... Finally at the last minute Phil finds out that the syndicate is behind the sale of the club and he tells them that he will not be selling. Patrick makes a run into the crowd, and into hiding from the thugs that are after him. Harchester win 2-1 putting them in 18th place in the league.moreless
  • They Think It's All Over
    Jacqui tells Phil everything, from the bet to her affair with Patrick, to the father of her un-born child! The next day a very hung-over Phil goes to greet Patrick at the training ground. By co-incidence they have allowed a camera crew into film the training session. During this, Phil shouts off at what Patrick has been up to, and throws in a couple of punches for good measure. Phil however does this without thinking, because it's a prompt for the FA to investigate Harchester in another match fixing scandal (only narrowly escaping penalties a couple of seasons ago after the allegations over Didier Baptiste). Jeff is also worried, and to protect his own interests and players he needs to save Harchester. Jeff comes up with a plan, to get Jacqui to retract her statement, and tell the media that she made up the lies against Patrick, in order to end any investigation by the FA. There are other forces at work tho, when Patrick is packing away his things at the club, he very purposely leaves behind documents, mainly consisting of the extra 2 million pound bung that was split between Jeff Stein and Mendoza's agent earlier this season. Clyde comes under pressure from the media for the first time in his footballing career, Susan Simons has heard rumours about the drugs scandal, and in-experienced Clyde blabs the lot. But things are eventually smoothed over by Jeff and Tash who give Susan the Jacqui Wallis interview in return for the tape in which she recorded Clyde.moreless
  • More Than A Game
    More Than A Game
    Episode 19
    Marcel tells Patrick that Barcelona want him on loan - but Patrick thinks he's lying and exposes him on TV. Meanwhile, Jacqui tells Phil that there is something he needs to know....
  • Spiked
    Episode 18
    Jacqui is rushed to hospital with stomach pains, it is later discovered that she was pregnant, but miscarried. Phil is distraught. Fletch wins the award “Dragon of the Year”, and afterwards he celebrates with his team mates. Patrick spikes his Champaign with cocaine, all a plot to keep Fletch off the pitch for at least a month. Later, he plants Cocaine in the dressing rooms to arouse suspicion that a player is taking drugs. Phil agrees to do an Un-Official drugs test on each player, which is of course illegal for them to do. Abi will arrange the blood samples to be tested by a friend she has at the hospital. The drugs test results come back and when they are matched up to the players, it turns out to be Fletch's result that came back positive. Abi can't believe that Fletch could be so stupid. She eventually confronts Fletch's who has no choice but to tell her the truth, everything, all about Patrick and Jacqui's affair, to the bet on Harchester being relegated to the drugs. Abi has difficulty believing Fletch. Patrick suggests that they cant afford to lose Fletch ot let the FA find out about this matter, but they cant risk putting Fletch on the pitch incase he gets random drug tested. So this is Patrick's plan, a way to keep Fletch off the pitch for at least a month whilst the cocaine washes out of his bloodstream. Meanwhile Patrick goes to see Jacqui in hospital. She tells him that the baby was his and not Phil's. Whilst he tries to comfort Jacqui, Abi sees the pair together- holding weight for Fletch's story. ABi tells Fletch that he has kept this to himself for long enough, and that it was time to share the news with someone else at the club who he knows he can trust, someone who wants to win.... Stuart has to have surgery for his ankle injury and admits to Abi that he is scared of needles! The operation however goes smoothly and is a success. Tash goes up to Brighton to see Robbie- who has a permanent place in the team there- she later tells Jamie that her and Hope are moving up there with Robbie- Jamie is not happy!moreless
  • Persuasion
    Episode 17
    This week's powerful plot hits the players where it hurts as Jamie gets Tash's divorce demands, Fletch is pressured to join Patrick's syndicate and Stuart is substituted against Sunderland.... Fletch is very un-happy when Patrick starts segregating him from the team and telling him that if he does not join his syndicate he will have Fletch on the bench for the remainder of his contract. Patrick obtains the pictures of Fletch kissing the 'other woman' after he went on his drunken binge with Clyde and Robbie. Patrick also puts extra pressure on Fletch by being nasty to his wife Abi. Fletch finally backs down and is played in the Sunderland match. In the first half Fletch plays very badly but can no longer take the pressure- in the second half of the game Fletch scores not one, not two BUT 3 goals! Patrick is furious, but he can't take Fletch off since he is playing the best game he has had all season! Fletch later tells Patrick that he wont be blackmailed- but Patrick soon tells Fletch that he has other players within the team who have joined his syndicate- leaving Fletch torn! Phill tells Tara that he no longer thinks it's a good idea for her to stay on at the club after what happened with Ryan, so she aggress and resigns, but not before covering one final match. When Stuart is substituted due to injury during the match, he has a heart to heart with Tara. Tara discovers the real reason Stuart wants her out of Harchester- and that is that he fancies her and doesn't want tp upset his son Ryan. Tash and Jamie argue over her divorce demands but during the game Tash meets up with Shannon at the club and the pair end up fighting. Robbie overhears their conversation where Shannon accuses Tash of still loving Jamie- Robbie tells Tash that unless she goes to live in Brighton with him- they are through! Later Shannon and Tash end up in a slapping contest in the players lounge and Jamie comes to the rescue... for Tash. Shannon goes back to the States and tells Jamie to make up his mind once and for all- her or Tash!moreless
  • The Dark Side
    The Dark Side
    Episode 16
    Fletch hits gold when he finds Patrick and Jacqui in a clinch, immediately demanding a new and better contract. Meanwhile, the pressure of the trial pushes Ryan over the edge.
  • Gone To The Dogs
    Gone To The Dogs
    Episode 15
    It seems Harchester's new bad girl - Tara - is going to let Ryan take the fall for the accident and she's still blackmailing Jacqui. Fletch, Ryan and Robbie skip training and head for trouble.
  • Driven
    Episode 14
    While Patrick continues to ruin Phil's credibility as manager, Shannon drops a bombshell on Tash. Plus, no one believes that Ryan is innocent and Tara is refusing to tell the truth.
  • Cold Turkey
    Cold Turkey
    Episode 13
    The love triangle between Robbie, Tash and Jamie takes on a fourth dimension when Shannon decides to stay in the UK. Plus, Ryan's moment of glory on the pitch is short lived as the police arrive and arrest him for the hit and run accident.
  • Deep and Crisp and Getting Even
    Jamie and Tash continue to argue over Tash's affair. Tash begs Jamie to forgive her and not to break them up leaving poor old Robbie in the cold. Jeff is furious with Robbie over the affair and after a heated argument, Robbie sacks Jeff as his agent! Meanwhile the police begin to investigate the hit and run, and they link it back to Ryan through the car he obtained to test run, even after Ryan has paid for the car to be fixed secretly. Ironically, Stuarts Christmas present to his son is…… a car! Abi and Fletch invite everyone to their house for Christmas dinner. Tash and Jamie turn up and try and put a brave face on things, until a woman turns up looking for Jamie, just flown in from the USA, and appears to be very close to her! Nikki and Curtis agree to just stay as friends, after months of 'will-they, wont-they?'. That's settled then?!moreless
  • Three's A Crowd
    Three's A Crowd
    Episode 11
    Robbie escapes out of the house without being seen but it makes him realise that enough is enough. He tells Tash that if she doesn't tell Jamie about them; he will! A tough choice for Tash, whilst she loves Robbie, she also has to think about Jamie, he's only just recovering from the coach crash and they have a baby together now. Patrick shows yet another face this week, a nice face! He allows the team some time off for Christmas shopping, gives them a bonus, and tries to make amends with Phil over the Fans Forum. He shares his plans with Phil that he wants to win the FA Cup. Of course this could work to Patrick's advantage even if he succeeds in relegating the team. Phil agrees that every member of staff should go an a trip, all expenses paid to China if they get through to the FA Cup Final!! Jacqui, for some reason, is beginning to fall for Patrick's charms! He gives her back her necklace, but why? The Harchester Christmas part gets underway, and in true tradition, it does go smoothly! Before leaving the house Jamie discoverers an opened packet of condoms in Tash's bed side cupboard, and he knows they are not his! At the party he spots Fletch having a heated discussion with Tash (over her affair with Robbie) but Jamie presumes that the condoms were Fletch's and that he is sleeping with Tash. Jamie smacks Fletch… at this point Robbie steps in and tells Jamie that is he should smack anyone, it should be him! The party fiasco doesn't end there. Its about to get worse- a whole lot worse for Ryan and Tara. Ryan catches Tara kissing his dad Stuart under some mistletoe. Ryan, who is fairly drunk gets into a car, one which he obtained to ‘test run' using his dads license and details! Tara gets into the car with him, but after Ryan has calmed down, they stop the car and Tara gets into the drivers seat. The pair continue to argue, and Tara mows down an innocent pedestrian! They get out of the car to see their victim lying on the road. Ryan suggests they leave and not say a word! He jumps into the drivers seat and drives away!moreless
  • A Game Of Two Halves
    Fletch is furious after catching Robbie and Tash together, but will Jamie rumble them when he arrives home from the States earlier than expected?
  • Truth Or Dare
    Truth Or Dare
    Episode 9
    Abi and Tash organise a Moroccan night for everyone at Harchester to attend and repair relationships between the team. They end up play a game of truth or dare. Robbie has already told Fletch that he is involved with a married woman, and Fletch can't help but to dare Robbie to reveal who it is. Robbie of course takes the dare, and has his hair dyed pink!! This couldn't have come at a worse time since Robbie has a commercial for hair shampoo to film the next day. Meanwhile, as part of his promise to bring the club closer to the fans, Phil sets up a fans forum; a TV event for fans to ask himself and Patrick questions to be broadcast live on HUTV. Jacqui is like a cat on a hot tin roof! She knows that Patrick is going to make things difficult for Phil, but what can she do? …first of all she upsets Tara by forcing her to have a night off and not be involved with the forum. Naturally the forum is a disaster and is cut off air short. Patrick sets Phil up at every opportunity. The next day Tash is furious at Robbie for what has happened to his hair, but they manage to get it from pink to dark purple! Tash manages to convince them that it was done on purpose, purple is the team colours and so linking Robbie more to his team. By pure chance the photographer gets a shot of Robbie holding baby Hope and decide that they want to use it for the campaign. Tash finds out that Jamie is going to be staying in the USA for a while longer, and she is upset, and runs straight back into Robbie's arms, leaving baby Hope with Jeff who then palms her off on Abi and Fletch. Robbie and Tash sleep together, and when Fletch goes into Tash's house to return baby hope, he catches them together in bed! Tara finally decides that its time to show Phil the tape that she kept a back up copy of the Mendoza interview- the one which incriminates Patrick. Phil finally realises that Patrick is working against him, and he tells Patrick that he thought it was time they parted company.... but Patrick has an ace up his sleeve! Jacqui! He blackmails her into helping him keep his job, as she is involved in the bet as well.moreless
  • About Last Night
    About Last Night
    Episode 8
    After allegations of Rape Curtis find out who his real friends are.Did he do it? Well Patrick knows because he has a tape of the entire incident but before showing it to the police he uses it to make Phil look bad.
  • Rumble In The Jungle
    In an effort to get the team to work together, Stuart takes the lads out for paintballing. Meanwhile, Tara inspires more rivalry than teamwork and the day ends with injuries.All in All a normal day at the Lair.
  • Trials And Tribulations
    The long hot summer has past and the people of Harchester have had a lot of changes to take in. Danny Rawsthorne, Stevie Shaw, Linton Alexander and Claudia Irving were all killed in the coach crash. Bizarrely the UEFA cup game against Milan went ahead the next day as planned made up mostly of players from the reserve team. Sadly they lost 1-0. Also on the casualty list after the coach crash was Fletch and Jamie. Fletch suffered a dislocated arm, but he was nursed back from hell by Nurse Abi, the pair engaged in a whirlwind romance and are now married! Jamie however got a knee injury and is also suffering mentally, panic attacks and loss of memory have seen the goalkeeper hospital-bound all summer. Tash had to cope on her own with their new baby, Hope, but she found support and love from Robbie Walsh! Lynda was imprisoned for 5 years on a lesser charge of manslaughter. New signings at the Dragons Lair include Linton's brother Curtis, who finally decided that the time was right for him to join Harchester from PSG, again working with his old Gaffer Patrick Doyle. Marcel Sabatier, a French midfielder along with a new coach Stuart NaySmith. Patrick Doyle dedicates this season to the people lost in the coach crash. A nice tribute to the people they lost, they win their first game of the season 3-0 against Leeds United. Ownership of the club is still up in the air. Sam Irving is desperate to sell the club, with his daughter dead and Lynda Block in prison, the club has hardly been a lucky charm for him. Patrick and Jeff put together a consortium to buy the club. Patrick is eager to sit at the chairman's desk. Abi and Fletch go looking for a new house, until they eventually agree to stay at the Barons. Fletch still feels guilty for not being at Lynda's trial and getting married to someone else. He goes to see her in prison, and she tells him to continue with his life and forget about her. He pair share a cuddle before Lynda turns her back on Fletch for the final time. Meanwhile Tash is preparing for a day visit from Jamie. She is racked with guilt over her affair with Robbie, which is still going on, but she needed him when it mattered most. As Patrick and Jeff await news on their bid for Harchester being successful, news comes in that the club has been sold to a couple of Lottery Winners! Patrick is furious at losing the club, and the result?.... surely the most shocking thing to have happened at HUFC, he places a bet for half-a-million pounds on the team being up for relegation at the end of the season!moreless
  • Odds And Sods
    Odds And Sods
    Episode 5
    Tara Keane is introduced into the club as the sexy new HUTV sports presenter. She is smart, good looking, and very intelligent, and has just completed a media degree. She instantly becomes a hit with the players, but she is eventually won over by Marcel! Jacqui over hears Patrick on the phone, he is doubling his bet on Harchester being relegated to One Millions pounds. Jacqui approaches Patrick about this and he assures her that it is just an insurance policy, so that if the worst did come to the worst Patrick would still have a nice nest egg to fall back on. Jacqui wants to believe Patrick but she is unsure and therefore keeps this from Phil. Mendoza arrives in Harchester, and he lives up to his temperamental reputation. The Physio, however, tells Patrick not to let Mendoza near a ball, in their first training session with him, which is also to be a day for the press. Patrick takes a calculated risk and knowing what Fletch will rub him up the wrong way puts Mendoza on the pitch with Fletch and a ball. After a bad tackle, Mendoza is rushed to hospital with knee injuries that will ensure he is out of the game for at least a year. Mendoza does an exclusive interview with Tara stating that it was the fault of Patrick Doyle. Jacqui is desperate for this story as it provides all the ammunition that is needed to expose Patrick and his bet. After sacking the old physio, Harchester need a replacement, and one is found in Abi. Fletch does not like the idea of Abi working so close with his team mates. He gets very jealous, but Abi tells Fletch that she is just going to have to trust him. Meanwhile with all the upset and the realisation that things might not turn out well for Harchester at the end of the season, Jacqui sets about investing their final Two Millions pounds in property, a Villa in Spain. But when she goes to draw the money out, she finds out that Phil has already spent it on Mendoza. This changes everything, Jacqui stops the Mendoza interview going to air, and she eventually hands over her necklace that Phil brought her costing half-a-million, and she tells him to place the necklace on as a bet against Harchester staying in the Premiership. Patrick is delighted that he now has the chairman's wife working with him!moreless
  • The Root Of All Evil
    Fletch catches his new wife Abi having dinner with another guy, her old friend Jimmy from University. Fletch sees Abi handing over a cheque for 10 thousand pounds. Jimmy has a son who is dying of Cancer and he comes to Abi for help. Fletch is more annoyed and maybe even jealous at Abi having lunch with another guy more than he is bothered about the money. But after a heated argument between the pair, Fletch stops the money from the cheque going though. Jimmy is upset by all of this because he knows that without that money his son could die. He is a desperate man, and so he tells Abi that he is going to sell their story to the papers, sex parties and orgies of Karl Fletcher's wife. Abi is furious when she hears about Fletch stopping the cheque and then even more so when she catches his gambling the money away in a card school with his other team mates. Eventually Fletch realises he is being selfish and he hands over the money to Jimmy who is very gratefull. The police catch some young lad breaking into Stuart's house, it turns out to be his son, who has walked out of Birmingham City's youth squad. It later turns out that he was thrown out on suspicion of arson. Stuart convinces Patrick to give him a trial at Harchester. But the one thing that is bugging Stuart is that his son Ryan needs £2000, but what for?! Phil tries to get Jacqui involved more in Harchester United but at the same time stopping her from finding out that their last 2 million has been drawn out the bank which was used for the Mendoza transfer. He appoints her head of marketing, and she's comes up with a self funding idea, Harchester United Television Station!moreless
  • Easy Come Easy Go
    Easy Come Easy Go
    Episode 3
    Phil Wallis tells manager Patrick Doyle that he wants Scott Lucas back, after Scott scored a goal against Harchester for Chelsea. In a TV interview Scott revealed that he did miss Harchester, so Jeff Stein sets up a meeting with Scott. Money is tight and so Patrick and Phil decide to sell Monday Bandele, the only player that would bring 8 million to the club to make up the funds. Patrick, who wants the team relegated to win his bet, puts together a plan. He has no intention of letting Scott come back to the club, and insures that Scott changes his mind after one training session. When things don't go Scott's way he storms off back to Chelsea. Phil quickly realises that he needs to keep Bandele in the team, but its too late- Patrick has sold pictures of Bandele in a Galatesaray shirt to the press. This leaves Harchester a striker down. Its Nikki's birthday but no one remembers until she tells Monday. An angry Monday misses their dinner appointment and instead she gets drunk with Stuart, Marcel and Curtis. One drunken kiss leads to another and Nikki ends up in bed with Curtis, Curtis unaware of her relationship with his dead brother Linton. As soon as Curtis hears about this from Monday he reassures Nikki that he is not like his brother.moreless
  • We Are United
    We Are United
    Episode 2
    Phil and Jacqui Wallis try to come to terms, not only with their new found fortune, but also running a Premiership football club. Jacqui never wanted Phil to buy the club, and he went ahead and did so behind her back. Jacqui was an estate agent, and she really enjoyed her job. Phil tries to assist Patrick in choosing the best team. Of course Phil is a true football fan at heart, and as far as the team is concerned he thinks with his heart and not his business head! When Phil announces that he wants to sell Robbie Walsh, Patrick is only too happy to assist because he knows that within time Robbie will be a good asset, and Patrick now has his ‘bet' to consider. Phil and Jacqui throw a party at the Grange to get to know all the players and staff at Harchester. Phil is overwhelmed by being surrounded by his heroes. Phil begins to feel the strain both in his marriage and at the club. After a heart to heart with Robbie, Phil realises that the move to sell Robbie was very rash, and he stops his transfer. Phil buys Jacqui a necklace costing half-a-million! But not even this is enough to win back her affections. She still comes second fiddle to the football club. Meanwhile Jeff has arranged for Jamie to spend 4 months at a rehab clinic… in LA! Tash wants to go with him, but Jamie tells her that if he is going to go and get better he needs to go on his own. He heads for the states leaving Tash and Hope behind.moreless
  • It Could Be You
    It Could Be You
    Episode 1
    Lynda see's the news annoucement about the crash and it shows the coach explode Two people are standing in front of a church in black. They are revealed as Patrick Doyle and Karl Fletcher. Patrick starts going threw his pockets like his lost something. It is then revealed to be a wedding and Patrick is the best man and Fletch is the groom. Back at the club Patrick tells the team that the loss in the uefa cup competition was devastating and they must qualify for the champions league. Patrick tries to buy the club but when he cant he bets £500,000 on harchester to get relegated.moreless