Dream Team - Season 7

Sky1 (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • A Matter of Life And Death
    After confessing everything to a much-shocked crowd, Pilar fears for her safety and decides to go quietly when the police arrive, but not before Dean, absolutely disgusted with her, gives her a piece of his mind. Stuart is also taken into custody after his part in the whole match-fixing plot becomes public knowledge, he is later released by Dean. He sympathises with him, as he knows what it is like to get conned by Pilar. Stuart pleads his case to the FA that it was he and Pilar that was behind all of the match fixing, and not any of the players, the FA slaps a lifelong ban on both Pilar and Stuart never to be involved in football again and accepts that the players weren't in on it and allow the team to play their final match against Man Utd. Pilar receives an anonymous call telling her that although the FA are willing to forgive and forget, UEFA is not so forgiving and that no matter what happens in the final game, Harchester's dream of Champions League football is in jeopardy. In her last bid to make up for her mistakes, she phones her nemesis Jeff Stein to tell him about the events happening in the UEFA headquarters in Geneva and Jeff and Dean get on the next plane over there. Harchester get set to take on Man Utd, with the outcome of the match deciding on their future. It's a must win game for the Dragons if they want to play against Europe's top players next season and more importantly – to exist as a team next season. They go into the game with a big hole in their midfield, Marcel is gone and Ryan, after his recent drug taking, doesn't want to play as he doesn't want to be labelled a cheat – especially if they win and get into Europe. Meanwhile Stuart is offered a way out of a prison sentence by agreeing to testify in court and help put away the people responsible for Marcel's death, although this comes at a price as agreeing to testify against these people would most definitely put his life at risk. This would then mean going into the witness protection programme and never having any contact with Ryan ever again. Stuart spends time thinking over what would be for the best and eventually decides to testify as if he doesn't, the people responsible for Marcel dieing would get away with it. Dean and Jeff make it to Geneva as the UEFA board are in a meeting discussing what actions to take on Harchester. Dean pleads their case to and his heart felt speech leaves UEFA with a mammoth decision to make on Harchester's future After being very much on the back foot for the majority of the first half, Harchester are lucky to go into the break only 1-0 down. Player/Manager Curtis decides to change things around tactically and Harchester prepare for the 45 minutes that decide their fate. Stuart is escorted into the ground to say his final goodbyes to Ryan. A very emotional Stuart tells Ryan that wherever he may end up, he will always be watching Ryan everytime he plays for club and country and Ryan should remember that. Harchester look like a new team in the second half and stun Man Utd with two goals in quick succession. With time ticking towards the end of the match, Man Utd stun their opponents back with a late leveller in stoppage time – only for Lee Pressley to have the last laugh and fire Harchester into Europe with a last minute header. Harchester are through to the Champions League..... but are they?...... back in Geneva, UEFA have made a final decision, although how important it is to everyone connected with Harchester, they cannot allow a serious matter such as match fixing to pass and their final decision; Harchester United are to be relegated from the Premiership and into Division One.moreless
  • Thrown To The Wolves
    As the team struggles to get over their loss, Ryan's strength means he emerges as the key player. But when the drug testers arrive, he panics. And finally, Pillar confesses all to an astounded audience. Stuart catches up with Pilar just as she is about to flee the country and extracts the truth from her, about how it was him that was supposed to die and not Marcel. Being head over heels in love with her, he forgives her, believing that she never knew what Mr Karem was going to do and never wanted anyone to die. They both meet up with Mr Karem informing him that there is no need to get rid of Stuart as going to the press and leaking the match-fixing story would ruin his career and reputation and as a little insurance policy to stop anything happening to himself and Pilar, he informs Mr Karem that a letter, informing their solicitors that should they die - to go to the police and expose everything. Harchester face Wolves knowing that 3 points will take them into the Champions League next season. Things seem to go well in the first half with Ryan, in Marcel's usual position, playing out of his skin and doing his former teammate proud. As the half time whistle blows Harchester are 3-0 up on bottom of the table Wolves. As the team go back into the changing room, Ryan overhears that a drug test will take place after the match and begins to panic. He confesses to his team-mates that ever since he has come back he has been taking performance-enhancing drugs and needs to be taken off to make sure he doesn't get tested. Needless to say, his team-mates are disgusted with him after all that has happened, but still decide that he should play on regardless. With the drug testers clearly on his mind, Ryan is a shadow of the player he was in the first half and gets hauled off mid-way through the second half, which proves costly as Harchester are humiliated by Wolves and lose the game 4-3, leaving them needing a win on the last day of the season ……… against Man Utd! Abi is still reeling at the news that Marcel had been found with steroids in his body and is the probable cause of death. Knowing Marcel as she does, she knows that he would never, or have any reason to take drugs and so begs Marcel's parents to have an autopsy to prove that he is not a cheat, although being muslim, the Sabatiers decide against it, with a little persuading from Pilar. Abi then suspects that Stuart did the dirty deed and it looks bad for Stuart as he had been exposed as a cheat by Marcel and he is the one taking the steroids that were found in Marcel, prompting Abi to go to the police. Pilar gets word of these events and goes after Abi and in true Dream Team fashion, gets there just in time to stop Abi spilling the beans and telling her the truth that she deserves to hear. Abi comes to terms that it was a matter of Marcel being in the wrong place at the wrong time and decides to keep quiet for the teams best interests. With everybody kept quiet, Pilar breathes a sigh of relief, but at the end of Marcel's memorial service she confesses all leaving everyone stunned.moreless
  • Les Mains Sales
    Les Mains Sales
    Episode 30
    The episode continue from the last one, Vivian has the team locked in the dressing room after finding Stuart threw the a game. He tries to make him confess but he won't. Everyone think Viv's imgining it. Marcel then tells Stuart to confess which he eventually does. Meanwhile Everton are on the pitch waiting to kick start the second half which they trial 1-0 due to Clyde scoring against them for the second time in two years. Everyone wonders where Harchester are and the ref goes in the tunnel to warn them the points will go to Everton if they don't come out soon. Stuart tries telling everyone how he threw the game for the good of the team. They are still in shock and furious so don't listen when he says it was Leicester he threw they go mad as it bankrupted the club. Stuart says it was meant to make The Sheikh save them. The team are still trying to get around it and are wondering about the rest of Everton. In the end they go out for the second half as they can't afford to lose but they hate Stuart so he stays in the dressing room and Andy takes over on the touchline. They are also off with Marcel as they think he was part of it. Meanwhile the press are confused as to why they were out late and why Stuart's not on the touchline, Pilar goes from the stands to the dressing room. Stuart tells her how they know about the game. She gets the press out of the tunnel saying they can't go in on match day. She then orders security to kick out Stuart who then sits in his car. Stuart then texts Dean to meet him outside and Pilar worries he'll tell him everything and she'll be ruined. She tells him, Stuart is no longer manager. Dean wonders why and says his got to see Stuart in the car park. She tells him that he threw a game so Dean turns off the mobile. Harchester win 2-0 with Marcel getting the second goal but he celebrates on his own as everyone thinks he threw the Leicester game. In the changing room the team turn on Marcel saying his atittue before Leicester was bad and he knew about it. Pilar comes in and says Marcel is not to blame, he found out and came to her telling her Stuart was bent but she wouldn't listen and he tried to save the club. Marcel says it's true and he heard the phone call. Marcel then has a go at Pilar as she saved herself and made Stuart look really bad. The team then watch the Leicester game in the board room with Marcel and Pilar locked out. They see Marcel played the game off his life and see how angry he was when Stuart took him off and they apologuise for dobting him. Pilar then has to go to the press conference and says Stuart resigned due to personal problems and they should respect it rather then ask why he resigned with two games left. Outside Stuart tries to explain everything to the players but they all ignore him even Ryan. Ryan asks if he'd of thrown the game if he was there and whether he delibratly wound up Viv and shouted at Lee. Ryan then walks off. Stuart upset that his son hates him sneaks into the club and waits in Pilar's office for her. He then attacks her with his stick blaming her for everything. Security get him and his arrested. Marcel then bials him and takes him out back as the press are around. They see him and ask if he was sacked and that's why he attack Pilar. Marcel bundles him in the car so he can't talk to the press and takes him to Abi's house. Pilar phones Mustafa Karim to tell him how the truth is out and she thinks Stuart might tell the press. He then asks where Stuart is, she tells him at Abi's house. She's asked who else is there. Pilar said only him and Abi. Mustafa Karim then asks her again if Stuart is the only man there and she says yes. Then he says ok he'll sort and shut Stuart up then he hangs up worrying Pilar. But Marcel is at the house and he and Abi confess their love and end up in bed. Stuart then sneaks out and head to Studs to talk to Viv. Meanwhile someone picks the lock on the house and creeps upstairs looking in all the rooms. The intruder then sneaks into the room where Abi and Marcel are sleeping. Pilar is on the phone to Mustafa Karim again asking how he knows Stuart won't talk. He says Stuart will never talk again and is being taken out. The intruder then injects Marcel with a needle. Stuart then turns up at Pilar's hotel room and she's understandably shocked as she thought he was dead. Abi wakes up the next day and discovers Marcel is dead. Stuart goes to the house and find Abi, Curtis and Ryan there all socked then news then breaks the story and Clyde comes out of his house in shock. The police tell Stuart they found a needle in his pocket and that he was abusing himself with steriods and they killed him. Dean tells Pilar of Marcel's death and she passes out. Mustafa Karim then phones her having found out Marcel is dead and wants to know why he was there and Stuart wasn't. Everyone else is shocked at Marcel being dead and for taking steriods as he didn't seem like a drug user and that he was in good health. Stuart then relisies the steriods are similar to the one's he took in the last days of his carrer and realises he was the target to die as he was in the house and looked like confessing to the press. He then goes to The Grange where Pilar is packing her bags in order to leave he then asks if she has anything she wants to tell him. The episode then draws to a close.moreless
  • Ghosts
    Episode 29
    Emotions are running high as a TV company films a documentary reconstructing Jamie's death at the Dragon's Lair. And for Marcel, women are like buses. He's been waiting for so long and now... As a television crew set about recreating the day that Jamie died, emotions are running high in Harchester. The players and staff are upset that they are allowed to do such a thing but Tash thinks it is the right thing to do for the sake of Jamie although she is clearly having flashbacks of the events of last year and it does no good for her state of mind. Tash suspects that it is all happening again as she overhears Abi and Stuart arguing in the changing room over Stuart attempting to throw the Chelsea game earlier in the season and her suspicions are only confirmed after seeing Viv's recent mistakes and erratic behaviour. Tash confronts Viv who is none too pleased at being accused of match fixing and is ready to lash out until Tash says she can prove it by getting Abi to tell him about what happened in the changing room. Knowing that the truth will not only wreck Harchesters chances of Champions League football next season but will also force the club out of existence, she lies and tells Tash that she must have imagined it all, making Tash believe that she is going mad. Meanwhile, Abi admits to Marcel that she wants to be with him, which normally would bring a smile to his face, but for the fact that he has met a lovely girl in Georgina and Abi's timing is terrible. Georgina suspects that Marcel has feelings for Abi and ends their relationship to allow true love to run its course. With Leeds doing Harchester a big favour by beating Newcastle the day before their match with Everton, which means Champions League is in their reach if they take all three points – spirits are high in the Harchester camp come match day. Viv does Jamie proud by shutting out Everton for most of the first half then, Clyde Connelly, the man whose goal against Everton last season kept Harchester in the Premiership, strikes late on in the first half to give Harchester the lead. While all this is going on, Abi accompanies Tash to the cemetery to visit Jamie's grave where Abi, unable to go along with her lies and seeing how it is affecting Tash – comes clean and tells Tash that she wasn't imagining what happened in the changing room. Furious with Abi, Tash makes a dash for the ground and makes it back as the team are going into the changing room after the first half. She pulls Viv aside and swears on her baby's life that it is true and Viv marches in to confront Stuart in front of the whole team, locking the door behind him and refusing to let anyone leave until he knows what's going on – leaving the lads with a sense of de ja vu.moreless
  • Chelsea Away
    Chelsea Away
    Episode 28
    Ever volatile, Jaws does a runner just before kickoff. Ever reliable, Marcel takes over in goal. And ever the happy family, Jeff and Tash have a massive barney. Ever volatile, Jaws does a runner just before kickoff. Ever reliable, Marcel takes over in goal. And ever the happy family, Jeff and Tash have a massive barney. Jaws sets out to find his departed wife, unaware that she is hiding out at her father's place. After much searching, a phone call to his father-in-law makes it clear as to where she is, after hearing her voice on the other side and rushes straight over there. With Viv refusing to leave, Chelsea gives him 5 minutes of her time to give him a chance to explain himself. Failing to come up with any reason why he has to fly off the handle so often – Chelsea says her goodbyes. Meanwhile, Marcel steps in to save the day as goalie. Playing out of his skin, Marcel looks a natural between the sticks and things get even better when wonderkid Pressley grabs Harchester a goal late on in the game – only for Arsenal to snatch a late equaliser thanks to an amateur mistake by Marcel. Distraught at dropping 2pts to the league leaders – the finger is very much pointed in Viv's direction. Viv's days at Harchester look very much doomed and the boardroom are all in favour to get rid of him – even though Viv has been to see a doctor to help him. After some quick thinking from Tash, they seem to have found an ideal replacement in Neville Southall – although the deal falls through at the 11th hour after Viv walks in on the team greeting the “new” goalie. Not wanting to tread on anyone's toes (especially Viv's toes), Neville decides against joining Harchester. Feeling let down and dejected knowing that his team mates and his wife no longer want him, Viv takes out his frustration on some unsuspecting beer bottles at the club. With the team knowing that he is their only chance in keeping the Champions League dream alive, they give Viv another chance and so too does Chelsea – providing he sees a doctor regularly.moreless
  • In His Hands
    In His Hands
    Episode 27
    Jaws' behaviour is becoming ever more volatile, and he's convinced Stuart and Chelsea are having an affair. Plus, there's great news for Jeff: Tash is back! At fault at letting in a crucial goal, Viv seems to be going off the rails again, he says he is fine but even a romantic meal with his wife Chelsea doesn't go down well. After a tantrum at the dinner table, Chelsea has finally had enough and throws him out – which spells bad news for Curtis and Ryan. Viv lands unexpectedly on their doorstep in the mood for a game of cards, which normally the boys would be well up for if not for the fact that the game goes on well into the early hours of the morning. After a few hours sleep the boys are in for another shock – Viv has cleaned the house from top to bottom and cooked breakfast! Meanwhile after making a sly comment of Viv's ability, Clyde is on edge and so he should be. He gets his comeuppance on the training pitch by being on the receiving end of a vicious forearm from Jaws. A familiar face returns to Harchester in the shape of Tash Parker, limousine and all. The glamorous beauty of Harchester arrives on the doorstep of Nikki and Jeff much to the delight of Jeff and to the annoyance of Nikki. Tash says it is just a flying visit but later the truth comes out and it turns out that she and her oil billionaire boyfriend have been separated for some time. Jeff senses that she is not over Jamie and decides to give her a home and a job with he and Nikki. Still convinced that Chelsea is having an affair with one of the team, he marches round every hotel room determined to find her with nobody standing in his way. Chelsea is called by Stuart and immediately gets herself to the Grange, but seeing her in the hotel, Jaws lunges at her – only to be held down by his team mates and sedated by a nearby doctor. The following morning Viv has no recollection of the previous nights events, his mind is triggered off after a good old pep talk from Curtis and after news that Chelsea hasn't attended the game against Arsenal – Viv realise that his wife is intending on leaving him, doing a runner at the last minute, leaving Harchester with no goalkeeper!moreless
  • Sign On
    Sign On
    Episode 26
    The blackmailers are tightening their grip on Lee, pressuring him into signing for Chelsea, and after a bad beating, Jeff thinks it's time to call the police. Luke is rushed to hospital after his collision and is quickly operated on, however one of his eye's is unable to be saved. When Luke wakes up he is told the news and Luke starts to feel very bitter- his career in football is certainly over this time! Meanwhile Lee and Jeff take Lee's mum back to Harchester so that she can stay with them and be safe, however it isn't long before she runs out of drugs and needs some more money. After trying to steel their DVD recorder Nikki throws her out on the streets. Lee's mum goes to Studs Bar to try and score, but instead bumps into Paul Hankin, who of course is on the ball and knows who she is- he offers her money in return for her story on Lee Presley. Lee is still being hassled by the thugs to sign for Chelsea, but he doesn't want to go. Luke Davenport finally comes round to the idea of not being able to play professional football again and accepts the challenges ahead. He talks to lee about his decision to move to Chelsea- Lee breaks down and tells Luke everything. Luke goes to see Nikki and Jeff and offers to help. Nikki comes up with an idea, and that is to get Lee's mum out of the country where the thugs cant find her ensuring her safely. Jeff and Lee go to Chelsea and get the contract null and void! Finally the team say a sad farewell to Luke 'the once great LD' Davenport, and celebrate Lee finally signing his professional contract for…… Harchester! Luke. At the end Luke is in a Mercades Benz looking at the Dragon's Logo, he smiles... and drives away...moreless
  • Coming Of Age
    Coming Of Age
    Episode 25
    Lee's 18th Birthday arrives but all is not well as Blackmailers force him into giving him 40% of everything he earns. His mother is addicted to drugs and owes them £20,000. Instead of paying them off, his mother gave these Blackmailers guardianship over Lee. Entitling them to 40% of what he earns. With Harchester not paying their players because of their current situation, the Blackmailers make sure Lee goes to join another Premiership Club. They have their eye on Chelsea. After spreading the news to Jeff and Nikki, Jeff goes with Lee up to Liverpool to sort out the problems that are plaguing Lee and his Mother.moreless
  • Return Of The King
    Return Of The King
    Episode 24
    Luke Davenport returns to save Harchester from complete liquidation. However there is one major problem. After his sight saving operation, Davenport is having problems going in close quarters in the game. He can't afford this so Curtis sets out to try and help him. After he slips in the bathroom and smacks his head Luke wakes up and realises that if that didn't damage his sight, nothing will. And Luke returns to his usual form for the returning game.moreless
  • Locked Out
    Locked Out
    Episode 23
    Having beaten Charlton 1-0. Harchester return to the changing rooms to be be crippled by the bank. But Pilar tries to save the club by begging the bank that with all the players they have enough money to settle the debts. Should Harchester make it to the Champions League the players will be paid in full and Harchester will be restored. But should they fail, the players get nothing and Harchester is finished for good. This causes dispute amongst the players especially Viv Wright who starts the argument just before he signs on. There is only one man who can save the day, time for the Return of the King...moreless
  • 11 Angry Men
    11 Angry Men
    Episode 22
    The bank finally calls time on Harchester's debts so Curtis and Dean try to get the team to play for free. At first they manage to rustle up eleven men including Jaws, Lee, Clyde and Curtis himself. However thanks to the moronic efforts of so called Football expert Jeff Stein, Lee pulls out as he has no insurance. Harchester prepare to play Charlton with only ten men when suddenly Stuart brings a surprise visitor to save the day!moreless
  • The Fix
    The Fix
    Episode 21
    Pilar is at it again as she strikes a deal with the devilish Sheik. He wants a bankrupt club and Pilar plans to give him one. So she uses her sexual appeal to Stuart to entice him into throwning away the Leicester City game. Hesitant at first however Stuart loses his mind as he breaks the team apart to drop Jaws, Curtis and Lee. And with Marcel missing after Fletch discovering about his love affair with a missing Abi Fletcher, things are not looking bright for the future of Harchester United, will they drop from the top six? Or can Stuart or Marcel make a change of heart and stop the Apocalyptic Doomsday that approaches what remains of Harchester United?moreless
  • What A Tangled Web We Weave (2)
  • Sheikover (1)
    Sheikover (1)
    Episode 19
  • Enter The Dragon
    Enter The Dragon
    Episode 18
  • Hopelessly Devoted
    Hopelessly Devoted
    Episode 17
  • Swimming With Sharks
  • Baptism Of Fire
    Baptism Of Fire
    Episode 15
  • New Year's Resolution
  • O Come All Ye Faithful
  • Judas
    Episode 12
  • Saving Priceless Ryan
  • Achilles Heel
    Achilles Heel
    Episode 10
    Can Luke Davenport hold himself together? Also Curtis finds out a huge secret.
  • And Nothing But the Truth
    It's finally time...the court case to decide who is the owner of Harchester football club starts today. Dean's gone missing and Karen struggles with her false testimony.
  • Catch Me If You Can
    Jeff found a new talent in Lee Pressley but can he be trusted? Meanwhile Ryan continues his downward spiral by turning to drugs.
  • A Little Less Conversation
    Kirsty Gallacher knocks Clyde's ego back into check. Donna sees a way to get rich quick.
  • The Usual Suspects
    The Usual Suspects
    Episode 6
    It becomes public knowledge that Steve Johnson aka 'The Ticket Tout' has been found dead on the riverbank. Although responsible for it, it could not have come at a worse time for Ryan, who is delighted by the news of his first call-up to the England national squad, its also double delight for Harchester as record signing Luke Davenport joins the England set up. Due to Steve not having many allies, Stuart feels it to be a fitting tribute if Ryan goes to his funeral to pay his last respects to, who Stuart thinks, is his long time 'friend' from school. Racked with guilt Ryan has no choice but to go to the funeral to a man who has made his life hell over the past few months and has to play the part of a grieving close friend in front of Steve's real friends and family. During an emotional speech at the end of the funeral Ryan looks set to come clean and end all of the lies, but as he looks over to see his dad in the front row beaming with pride for a son who's at the peak of his career he turns back on the decision leaving himself feeling even more guilty. As the police start their investigation into the murder of Steve Johnson their prime suspects seem to be Dean and Tony Boyle. Knowing it looks bad for them, the Boyles track down Ryan knowing everything that happened that day on the riverbank. They tell Ryan they won't say a word as long as Ryan tells the police that they were with him at the time of the murder thus giving them both alibi's. As this new information gets out in the open, Clyde is shocked that his best friend has been mingling with one of the candidates for the club he is battling for and effectively ends their friendship. The investigation heats up as records show that vast amounts of money have been withdrawn from Ryan's bank account in short intervals. With the police wanting to know more about why the money has been withdrawn and what is was used for, Ryan thinks fast and reaches into his tracksuit pocket and picks out the scrunched up betting slip (that Ryan placed trying to get money to pay off Steve) telling the police and Stuart that he has a gambling problem.moreless
  • The Call-Up
    The Call-Up
    Episode 5
    The hunt is on to find Steve, the tout whose testimony could land Ryan in a lot of trouble and end the Boyles' dream of owning the club. Clyde, desperate for the tout to come forward to dismiss the Boyles' claim, puts up a £25,000 reward for the tout to come forward and put things straight. Clyde's plan does not work out the way he would have liked however when, about several people come forward claiming that they were the tout that sold the Boyles the tickets on the afternoon of the Everton game. The real tout, Steve, shows up at a bar opening where Ryan, Clyde and Luke attend. It's not long before Steve gets to sit down and drink with Clyde dropping subtle hints. Ryan steps in before Steve reveals any more and tells him he will give him more money to leave Harchester for good. Steve blackmails Ryan for the same £25,000 reward that Clyde has put up, saying that its only fair! Ryan is furious at being blackmailed a 2nd time but has no choice but to pay up. The Boyles also catch up with the tout telling him to keep quiet. Steve also requests money from them to keep quiet. Steve doesn't know when to stop and he blackmails Ryan a 3rd time after hearing that the England's manager is going to be watching Ryan and Luke play and maybe even get the call-up to the England squad. Ryan withdraws another large sum of money from his bank account and this time bets it all on a horse at the bookies. The horse comes in first and Ryan has the 3rd lot of money to pay Steve off. When Ryan hands over the 3rd lot of money, he tells Steve that this is the last penny he will get. When Steve taunts Ryan, Ryan realises that this may never end and he turns back and they both end up in a fight, which results in Steve hitting his head on the railing, possibly leaving Steve dead! This is witnessed by Dean and Tony Boyle, they get out of their car to check on Steve. Realising he is dead they quickly run away from the scene of the crime.... with the bag of money!moreless
  • Chinese Takeaway
    Chinese Takeaway
    Episode 4
    Surprise new Chinese signing Zhao Qiang joins the squad after Dream inc decide to increase their sponsorship in Harchester and in doing so, pay for Zhao's transfer fee and wages. Although unknown to manager, Stuart, part of Zhao's contract stipulates that he must play at least 45 minutes of every game in order to ensure that Chinese fans will watch the matches. Zhao is immediately nicknamed Bruce by Ryan which seems to stick. With the arrival of Bruce also comes with a new Harchester strip for the club. Stuart is furious with Pilar that she went ahead and made such a deal behind his back, and to make matters worse, Bruce has big problems adapting to the English game, but the sponsors are adamant that he is to play. The wannabe owners, Matt Webster, Clyde and the Boyles have a meeting with Pilar and they threaten to pull together to freeze the clubs assets. The players go on strike, and the sponsors tell Pilar that she must sort the mess out. She manages to win over Clyde and the Boyles by offering to 'favour' each candidate to the ownership of the club, and she lets the Boyles move into the Barons. Before Harchester's next game, Marcel comes up with a plan to buy Harchester some time. During the match Bruce fakes a wrist injury to his hand, giving him time so that he can adapt to the English game before being forced to play again.moreless
  • Amazing Grace
    Amazing Grace
    Episode 3
    Record signing Luke Davenport has his first training session with the team, bringing with him his own different style and accompanied by his personal trainer. Luke has problems adjusting to Harchester's style of play as well as being in the spotlight 24/7. After finding a half naked Donna Gibb in his hotel room, wanting to give him a warm welcome, he swiftly gets her removed by security and asks Nikki to find him some new accommodation. Falling head over heels for Luke, Nikki allows Sandra to think that she and Luke slept together, but tells Sandra to keep quiet. Sandra can't help herself and tells a few others and soon enough it makes front-page headlines! Pilar is furious, having taken a liking to him herself, and forces Nikki into a press conference to admit that she lied, leaving Nikki very embarrassed. Harchester win their first 2 games of the season very comfortably, with Luke Davenport scoring his first 4 goals for the club. After some sleepless nights, tending to baby Louie, Abi falls asleep on the bench during the game and is therefore ridiculed by the press. Stuart is furious with her, and Abi decides that the only way she can cope with baby Louie is to flee to Saudi Arabia to be with hr husband. Marcel follows Abi to the airport and he tells her that he will move in with her and help her, because he promised Fletch that he would look after her. Meanwhile Curtis is also going through a rough patch. After the arrival of Luke resulted in him being knocked off the team sheet. He feels he isn't good enough to pull on the purple shirt for the dragons, and so considers an offer to join Sheffield Utd. That is until he meets Harchester's new receptionist, Grace. Grace reasons with him, and she gives him the hope and support he needs resulting in Curtis doing a u-turn on the move to Sheffield Utd, wanting to stay and fight for his place at Harchester.moreless
  • Long Live The King
    Long Live The King
    Episode 2
    Pilar Hernandez has been appoint the Cheif Executive of Harchester United and she has one single player in her eye, the Legendary Luke Davenport. But to sign him on and pay his substantial wage, she must sacrifice someone who has given their life to Harchester United. Karl Fletcher. Burning Fletch's contract and not stopping not even when all three possible owners of Harchester have objected to the selling of Fletch. Fletch is forced out of a club he has sacrificed his whole life for. A club he has faced Death on three occasions for. ]His club as the fans consider him to be. Long Live The King. Fletch leaves in a tearful moment leaving Abi and baby Louis in the hands of Marcel. Goodbye Karl Fletcher...moreless
  • Groundhog Day
    Groundhog Day
    Episode 1
    The day before the final game of the season, Matt Webster, his girlfriend Alison and her young son Chris, are on holiday in Spain. Matt receives a phone call from United to inform him that his seat has been re-allocated for the final match of the season against Everton. Matt is desperate to go home early to see the match as is Alison's son. Matt manages to get 2 plane tickets, which would mean leaving Alison behind, which obviously makes her very angry. However due to plane delays they don't make it home in time. Meanwhile over in Liverpool its Dean Boyle's birthday. His dad Tony takes Dean, his new wife, Karen and her sister Donna (who also happens to be Dean's girlfriend) over to Harchester to see the match- they are Everton supporters. They arrive at the ground and buy tickets from a tout, the same tout that Ryan gave Clyde's comps to. Harchester win the final match of the season, and Phil, deciding that he no longer wants to run the club, raffles the club on from all the tickets in the home supporters stand...... Donna Boyle is sat in the winning seat, when the Boyles hand in the winning ticket it comes to light that it was infact one of Clyde's tickets that Ryan stole from him- Ryan puts in his claim to own Harchester United. The truth comes out that the Boyles are Everton supports and so the board of United decide that something must be done. However the sponsors, that are Dream inc, appoint a chief executive whilst the ownership issue is dealt with. Pilar Hernandez is appointed much to the annoyance of the board. Pilar makes an immediate impact when she agrees that Stuart is to be full time manager and they sell Fletch to make money for International striker, Luke Davenport. Alison arrives back in Harchester and she leaves Matt. He is devastated, however things look up when he discovers that as a season ticket holder- his usual seat was infact the winning seat of Phil's raffle, a third contender for ownership of Harchester United- a battle that looks set to get out of control...moreless