Dream Team - Season 9

Sky1 (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Salt Of The Earth
    Salt Of The Earth
    Episode 31
    As the players of Harchester United prepare for a pre-FA Cup photo shoot along side the cup itself they reflect upon their problems.
    Meanwhile Lynda and Alex have their own problems with the police getting closer to the truth Lynda tries to frame Eugene but Alex wont allow it to happen to his brother.
    Later That night Ashleigh tells Alex that she thinks it might of been her that killed Casper which gives him an idea.
    The Lads can't sleep the night before the final and decide to have a table tennis match and the winner will claim the captains armband.

  • Englands Rose
    Englands Rose
    Episode 30
    Capser Rose has been killed by Alex, and with the FA cup final nearing.
  • The Precious
    The Precious
    Episode 29
    Dempsey is in shock after he discovers that he's committed murder. Lynda helps him prepare an alibi, but as he gets set to confess to the police, she drops a bombshell...
  • Replay
    Episode 28
    The events of ryans matchfixing are retold from the perspective of the owner. But will his identity finally be revealed
  • Matchmaker
    Episode 27
    All hell breaks loose at Gavin and Cindi's wedding, when Ryan turns up punches Gavin and accuses him of going to the press about matchfixing.
  • Birdman
    Episode 26

    Things go horribly wrong for Ryan when he attempts to fix the F.A Cup quarter final against Charlton.

  • Aprils Fool
    Aprils Fool
    Episode 25

    Ashleigh and Ryan wake up together both hungover and they can't remember what happened. what did they do?
    Cut back to three days earlier and see the events unfold which include attempted suicide, beating and more.

  • The Blame Game
    The Blame Game
    Episode 24

    Lynda is under investigation after the scam at harchester also the police think she was working with lenny and trying to flee the country. Meanwhile will Gavin take the blame for harchester and the F.A cup

  • Il Postino
    Il Postino
    Episode 23
    Gavin drags the lads camping for his stag weekend, but the lads get more than they bargained for when Ryan makes a big confession. Lynda thinks she has finally met the mystery owner of Harchester United.But Has she?
  • Two Wrongs
    Two Wrongs
    Episode 22
    Not only is Liam looking at a lifetime ban, but because of him, all the day's Premiership matches are off. Eugene's having problems as well he's not coping well with his wife and daughter's departure. And what lengths will Casper go to impress Ashleigh?
  • One Good Man
    One Good Man
    Episode 21
    Liam Finally owns up, he meant to hurt Maloin with that vicious tackle. Whilst Liam is talking to the police Chloe and Dempsey enjoy there own private one to one. Eugene is starting to adjust to family life but his wife has over ideas Meanwhile Lynda attempts at damage control are scuppered by her own jealousy.moreless
  • Five Steps
    Five Steps
    Episode 20
    Chelsea considers legal action against Liam, but he shows no remorse. Eugene tries to win Scarlett back, only for his ex to arrive with some life-changing news.
  • Just Another Game
    Just Another Game
    Episode 19
    It's the Carling Cup final, and an emotional return to Cardiff for the Dragons. Can they exorcise last year's ghosts and bring some silverware to Harchester?
  • Truth
    Episode 18
    While Dempsey struggles with an inferiority complex, Liam is the only one who can save Eugene from prison. Will he lie in court?
  • The Special One
    The Special One
    Episode 17
    Lynda is convinced that Dempsey is the owner of Harchester, so she fires him to flush out the truth. And Hector's caught short when nature calls...
  • The New Testament
    The New Testament
    Episode 16
    A million-pound gift leaves Lynda even more mystified and frustrated by the anonymous club owners, and Brazilian Hector's struggling with life in the Midlands.
  • All Change
    All Change
    Episode 15
    Lynda and Hannigan pull out all the stops to get Hector a work permit in time, but he's done a runner. And a drunken Ashleigh flirts with Casper. Can he resist her?
  • The Man In The White Suite
    Lynda's all set to sign a new manager, until a Brazilian international, a fierce dog, a mutinous team and a league cup semi-final get in the way.
  • Unleash Hell
    Unleash Hell
    Episode 13
    Felix is crucified in the press after Amy's allegations. But the tables turn on her when a secret slips out. It's a game of two halves.
  • Go!
    Episode 12
    Felix is told to resign by the mystery owners, but can he bear to leave the club and Ashleigh? Wanting to speak to the owners, he confronts Amy, and all hell breaks loose.
  • War of the Roses
    War of the Roses
    Episode 11
    War Of The Roses features a guest appearance from John Barnes, and reveals the childhood history of the estranged twin brothers whose hatred for each other has threatened to tear Harchester apart.
  • 'Tis The Season To Be Jolly
    While the Christmas season means overeating and lazy overindulgence for most of the country, the footballing world faces a strict regimen of training and abstinence in preparation for their Boxing Day match. But for the Dream Team, it's never as simple as a bit of keep fit and an early night in. On the eve of the Harchester United Christmas party, Eugene is planning a special event of his own. Inviting a select group of friends round for some pre-party drinks, he sets the stage for a fake burglary at his house, but with Marlon and his volatile buddy Lewis waving the guns around it’s not long before it all starts to go horribly wrong.... Meanwhile, as the festivities progress at the Dragon’s Den, Cindi grows increasingly drunk and emotional as she pines for Gavin, but it’s Ryan who lends her a shoulder - and more - to cry on.moreless
  • He Was Robbed
    He Was Robbed
    Episode 9
    Gavin's riding high on success, but all girlfriend Cindi can see are the pound signs ringing in her eyes. Let down by Eugene one time too many, Scarlett sees red.
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
    When the mystery owner offers a million pounds to HUFC's next winning goalscorer, there's plotting afoot. And Scarlett's playing away...
  • What's Bugging Her?
    Eugene's paranoia escalates; he puts Scarlett under constant surveillance. And Lynda's driven to distraction by the elusive new owner. Turbulent times.
  • Dreaming of England
    When he gets the England call-up, Ryan's convinced he's going to fail. He survived the crash, so has his luck run out?...
  • Marathon Man
    Marathon Man
    Episode 5
    Liam is shocked to not make the squad for the next Premiership game. He takes drastic action to prove his worth to Felix. And Cass is stuck in a lift with Scarlett...
  • Its a Mans World
    Its a Mans World
    Episode 4
    Felix is fuming. He declares a trial match is to be held, and every single job at the club - players and coaches - is up for grabs. Who's hungry enough?
  • Women Trouble
    Women Trouble
    Episode 3
    A marriage proposal fails to bring happiness to one troubled couple, and Cass uses an encounter in a toilet to prove a point to Ashleigh. End to end stuff.
  • Brotherly Love
    Brotherly Love
    Episode 2
    The rivalry between brothers Casper and Eugene gets out of hand. Arrests are made, there's an impromptu trip to France, and they still have to face Liverpool.
  • Phoenix from the Flames
    There are turbulent times ahead for Harchester United in TV’s original and best football drama Dream Team, now in its ninth series, as the Dragons try to recover from the horrific end to last season. The drama doesn’t let up following the cliffhanger finale. With the ecstasy of promotion short-lived and the team torn apart when vicious ex-manager Don Barker deliberately crashed his car into the team coach, fans are unsure who will emerge from the tunnel this year. Explosive new characters ensure it will be a volatile season at The Dragon’s Lair. Familiar faces return, but are they more interested in saving the club or in settling old scores? Can Harchester rebuild or will they crumble under the challenge of being back in the Premiership? New to Harchester this season are the Rose brothers Cass and Eugene. These boys were split up as children but both have gone on to be professional football players and now they are playing in the same team. They could be an amazing combination but with one terrible problem: they hate each other. Can the manager bring them together?moreless
  • Dream Team - Stranger than Fiction
    If you think Dream Team storylines are far-fetched, this one-hour special will prove that the real world of football is a whole lot stranger! Lee Sharpe presents a look at the strange and eye-opening stories that have emerged both on and off the pitch. Contributors include Djibril Cisse, Leilani and Oliver Holt. Serious issues are tackled as Stan Colleymore opens up about his depression, but there’s also a light-hearted look at the beautiful game, including a focus on crazy goalies. Perfect for the Dream Team fan, this documentary will also please newcomers to the series with its outlandish tales of footy fever.moreless