Dream Team

Season 6 Episode 26

Stand By Your Man

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2003 on Sky1

Episode Recap

Harchester play badly at their latest league game, losing two points with a draw. Curtis and Jamie both have bad games. Fletch of course still has on his mind that other players are in on Patricks bet, and he accuses Curtis.

Patrick is working along-side the Sky Sports team commentating on games. Whilst he is at the Lair he tells Fletch that its not too late to join him and the others. Alan Rothman is furious that Harchester have lost 6 points through the Mendoza transfer and now faces the possibility that Patrick's bet is still on. Phil tells Alan that the bet was all lies. Fletch however sees Patrick and Curtis together- Patrick was helping Curtis with a transfer deal- the perfect decoy as its Jamie who is in on the bet with Patrick. Patrick has been paying Jamie by the game to concede goals, to support his gambling habit.

Phil and Nikki arrange another date but it fails to happen when Curtis is upset and asks Nikki to go out with him.

Alan asks Yvonne, the Sky Sports presenter to marry him, they arrange drinks at the club. Jennifer is very upset when she over hears the announcement and Alan tells her that its all for show. Jennifer finds comfort in the arms of Marcel!