Dress My Nest

Wednesday 11:00 PM on Style Network Premiered Mar 28, 2007 Between Seasons




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  • Season 4
    • Audrina Patridge
      Audrina Patridge
      Episode 10
      In this special celebrity edition of "Dress My Nest," Thom helps "The Hills" star Audrina Patridge turn her cold, concrete courtyard into a warm and inviting sanctuary. At the end of the day, this reality star just wants a place to escape from reality, and while her impressive interior space is a true reflection of her stylish and sweet personality, her boring backyard is in major need of a Hollywood makeover! However, the space's lack of privacy and its long and narrow layout prove to be a real design dilemma for Thom and his team. Will our design guru be able to create the welcoming oasis Audrina has always dreamed of?moreless
    • Tabitha
      Episode 9
      Tabitha Kotska has spent the last several years of her life traveling the world as a magician's assistant. Now, this globetrotter is ready to settle down and start a more conventional career. But first, Tabitha wants to transform her dated dwelling into a sophisticated space that reflects the change in direction her life has taken. Although she tried to work on the decor herself, her living room turned into a mixed-up modern mess. With stark white walls, a black couch, outdated blinds and way too much lacquered furniture, Tabitha's pad is in serious need of a revamp. See Thom work his magic and transform Tabitha's pitiful pad into a sexy and sophisticated space with a touch of worldly and whimsical flair.moreless
    • Laala
      Episode 8
      Laala Matias is a woman who knows what she likes--and she's not afraid to show it! Ever since she was young, this sassy gal has been absolutely obsessed with all things orange and her living space is a perfect example of her orange overkill. From her walls to her couch to her tables, everything she has is orange! Laala loves her orange addiction, but she also knows she needs to give her space a serious facelift. Now that she's working at home, her domain must be able to pull double duty as both an office and a place to entertain her pals. Can Thom teach Laala how to coordinate orange into a room without overdoing it? And will Laala be willing to tone down her orange obsession?moreless
    • Lisa and Elias
      Lisa and Elias
      Episode 7
      After seven years of marriage and a couple of kids later, the fire between Lisa and Elias is still burning strong, but their boring bedroom is in serious need of some creativity and passion! However, this artistic duo's design aesthetics are on two opposite ends of the spectrum: Lisa wants something warm and romantic, while Elias prefers something cool and modern. Can Thom work his magic and help this couple marry their drastically different decorating styles into one harmonious romantic retreat?moreless
    • The Tarlow Family
      The Tarlow family is all about the kids. Although both parents have demanding careers, they never sacrifice time with their children. However, Michelle and David's lack of space has forced them to turn their living room into a makeshift play area--complete with a giant cage to hold their two kids! It's gotten out of control, and with the help of Thom and his team, the Tarlows would love to reclaim the living room as their own and turn their stale sunroom into a new kid-friendly play area. But the lack of lighting, hard tile floors and narrow layout pose some big problems for this major makeover. Will Thom be able to create a colorful and inspiring space that can grow with their young kids? Watch and see!moreless
    • Yvonne and Sam
      Yvonne and Sam
      Episode 5
      Yvonne and Sam are a beach-loving Bohemian couple who have traveled all over the world--and they've got a vast collection of precious keepsakes to prove it! This free-spirited duo loves to display their souvenirs in their seaside surf shack but the mish-mash of mementos is quickly turning into one jumbled mess. Can Thom help them blend their hip Hawaiian-inspired hut into something more streamlined and stylish? See if our design guru can turn this sloppy space into a true piece of paradise.moreless
    • Suzie
      Episode 4
      Four years ago, Suzie Moldavon was living the fairy tale life: she was married to the man of her dreams and just gave birth to a beautiful son. Unfortunately, Suzie's marriage eventually fell apart and she turned to her family and friends for support during the split. As she struggled to move on with her life, a newly single Suzie also happened to acquire a few of her pals' hand-me-downs in the process, including three huge armoires that turned her bedroom into a makeshift storage space! Now, Suzie is ready to start fresh and she's turning to Thom to help jump start a new chapter in life. It's out with the old and in with the new as Thom and his team transform Suzie's bland and cluttered bedroom into a sassy and sophisticated sanctuary.moreless
    • Elisa and Dan
      Elisa and Dan
      Episode 3
      After a storybook wedding and a dream honeymoon in Bora Bora, newlyweds Elisa and Dan should still be floating on Cloud Nine. But their domestic bliss was unfortunately cut short after their new puppy Bean started dominating their pad. Now their master bedroom looks more like a kennel and romance has completely been sucked out of the space. Can Thom help these newlyweds reclaim their domain while still giving Bean a place to call her own? See what happens as Thom and his team transform their bland and boring bedroom into an island-inspired romantic refuge!moreless
    • Jeya
      Episode 2
      Jeya Larkins is a single mother who would do anything for her two-year-old son Troy--including giving him the only bedroom in their apartment! Jeya's sacrificed having her own space for her son's comfort, but she's had a very difficult time trying to make her living room also double as a bedroom. After many sleepless nights in these cramped quarters, Jeya has turned to Thom to show her how to make the most of her tiny space. By separating the space into sections, you'll be amazed how Thom is able to give Jeya a functional pad that can cater to all of her needs. Plus, with inspiration from some of her favorite belongings, Thom is able to infuse Jeya's vibrant personality into a fun and colorful design palate.moreless
    • Traylor and Sarah
      Texas transplants Traylor and Sarah have been best buds since high school. Now they're trying their luck in the big city, but their clashing decorating styles are holding them back from enjoying their new home together. Although these longtime friends are super close, they couldn't be farther from each other on the style spectrum. Traylor gravitates towards funky retro chic while Sarah prefers comfort above all. Can Thom helps these two merge their distinct styles into something they can both agree on? See if he can put an end to this decorating tug of war once and for all.moreless
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