Drew Carey's Green Screen Show

Season 1 Episode 3

Episode #03

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Oct 21, 2004 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • WLIIA? was knwon for being shown not just out of production oreder but totally out of season as well, but at least all the games came from the same taping. In this episode you can tell that the various games are from different tapings as they have multiple change of clothes. This happens a few more times on this series.

  • Quotes

    • (in New Choice)
      Greg: See the name on the office? Betty Johnson. Haven't had a chance to change it.
      Jeff: Everybody knows that you murdered Betty Johnson just so you could have her baby proofing business.
      Brad: New Choice.
      Jeff: Everybody knows that you murdered Betty Johnson just so you could have her rubber baby buggy bumper business.
      Brad: Same Choice with a Swedish accent.
      (Jeff laughs hard.)
      Jeff: (with Swedish accent) Ever'buddy noos you keelled Betty (starts laughing) Betty Joon- (still laughing and pretends to suck on a bottle) Ever'buddy knows that you keelled Betty Joonson so you could have her roobber baby booggy boomper bus'ness!

    • (in Freeze Tag)
      Greg: It's the funniest joke oracle in the world! What was that?
      Jeff: Yoga hurts.
      Greg: Wait, I'm gonna tell everybody!

    • Brad: (in Freeze Tag) I was in the desert once with so many cactus that I couldn't see all the pricks.

    • (in New Choice)
      Jeff: I think the best way to keep things baby-proofed is to eradicate babies as a species.
      Greg: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
      Jeff: No more babies!
      Greg: That is bold and innovative, I love it!
      Brad: New choice.
      Greg: That is the worst idea I've ever heard.
      Brad: New choice.
      Greg: I had that idea this morning.

    • (in Sound Effects)
      Drew: This other tiger is missing half its teeth.
      Colin: Oh, you cannot handle one with all the teeth. You can't handle the tooth!

    • (in Freeze Tag)
      Julie: Wow, I just got it. You were--
      Jeff: Freeze. (comes in, Julie and Greg look disgusted) How long was I supposed to wait?
      Greg: The punch line?
      Julie: The punch line, usually.
      Jeff: Sorry. Let's hear how f*****n' funny it is.
      Greg: Order a pizza, 'cause this is gonna f*****n' kill you. You just wait and see how we can fill this f****n' pause. One more time, Julie. Don't let Mr. Timing f*** you up.
      Julie: So, like--
      Greg: (beginning again) You just got it?
      Brad: Freeze! (comes in)
      Julie: (leaving) No, no, take it. Take it.
      Greg: I had a g*****n punch line!
      Brad: So, uh, what did Julie just get?
      Greg: Yoga hurts.

    • ( in Freeze Tag)
      Jeff: Welcome to Lamaze class. I want to say how proud I am to see so many male gay couples here. I think it's very brave of you two to come to the class.
      Greg: Well, I didn't want to come originally.
      Colin: Freeze!
      Greg: I'd rather go to yoga.

    • Drew: Does it sound like the greatest stoner show in the workd? Well, it is! It is!

    • Colin: (in Sound Effects, a tiny eagle flies to his arm and he strokes it) He's small but wiry!

    • Colin: (to Jerry the eagle) Do you want to go to him?
      Jerry: (shyly) No.

  • Notes

    • In the promo that ran during the credits of Blue Collar Comedy TV, the line that Jeff had about male gay couples in Lamaze class was edited, the word "gay" was taken out.

    • It appeared that Greg stumbled when he came out for New Choice, so the animators added a ball to come out and stop where Greg stumbled, so it appeared he stumbled over it. After, Greg kicked the "ball" away.

    • The game "Sound Effects" is the exact same game from WLIIA.

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