Drew Carey's Green Screen Show

Season 1 Episode 6

Episode #06

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Sep 26, 2005 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Drew comes out and explains how the show works, then introduces the first game.

Styles: Drew asks for something to fear and takes 'underwear' from the audience. Chip and Jeff are roommates, and Jeff is going through Chip's things in his room. Brad calls the new styles taken from the audience. Jeff is wearing Chip's underwear because he wants to know what it is like to be popular. Brad then takes Western from the audience, and Jeff and Chip have a showdown. Next up is a musical, where they both sing a big dance number, then Brad calls for a dance break. Following is horror, where Jeff is going to implant Chip's underwear in his DNA. Next is French, for a European dialect, and the underwear turns into a thong. The scene changes to an Italian dialect, though it is more like a Godfather-type movie. Then the roommates get close for a romantic movie, and Brad calls for a close-together dance break. The scene ends with opera, where Jeff holds a long note, but Chip gives him a wedgie and it turns into a high note.

Game Show: All the guys participate in the game show You Bet Your Pants. Greg is the host, and the conststants are Jeff(Edwardo from Tijuana, Spain), Brad(Jacques LeBrock from Canada) and Sean(Hugh Saglow from Costa Rica, California). Edwardo goes into the pants booth where the models Tina(Jonathan) and Debbie(Colin) try to suck his pants off him, but the pants stay on. Next, Jacques goes through the obstacle course with saw blades, hands, a bristly brush and the ring of fire. Jacques uses his crotch-blocker and has to wind up in the pants booth with Edwardo, but as he tries to put out the fire on his pants, Debbie pulls his pants down and he is led off stage by Nippers(Drew), the other model. Hugh goes in the large bag with the wolverines and badgers with hammers. He lays down on his back while the wolverines tear him up, but his pants stay on.

Freeze Tag: Jonathan(in the plie position) and Kathy(in Karate Kid position) start out. Jonathan has Kathy catch a fly with chopsticks and she does, quite easily. Drew tags Kathy out and he is a carnival ride operator saying Jonathan has to be shorter than he is to ride(with a chainsaw on his arm). Jeff goes through on his knees and Jonathan makes Drew stand on a box so he can get through. Colin tags out Drew and he and Jonathan fight over a kid's party clown. After a few quick changes, it's a scene from The Matrix with Jeff as Neo(with a great Keanu Reeves impression) and Greg. Jonathan tags out Jeff and he and Greg play a game of slaphands. Greg winds up on the floor as Jeff tags out Jonathan and makes Greg a giant cockroach. Drew tags in and it becomes a Wheel Of Fortune-type game show where Jeff spins Greg, the big wheel. After more quick changes, Brad makes Greg into a pay phone. Jonathan tags out Greg and they become Siamese twins connected at the waist. Kathy tags out Jonathan and she goes on a date with a man with terribly bad breath(a gas mask is drawn on her). Jeff tags in and they become Siamese triplets(Jeff hunched over and connected to Kathy's butt). Brad tags out Kathy and Greg and shares a large toilet with Jeff as the game ends.

Story: Drew conducts all the guys as they tell the ghost story of Bertha and the Haunted Municipal Building. Billy and Jimmy break into the municipal building and encounter Bertha, a seven-and-a-half foot tall file clerk who had died there 25 years ago. She was covered in seaweed, held a deck of cards and roamed the halls and the jack of spades came out of the deck. Billy finds the Berthranomicon, which has all the spells which would make Bertha leave. He recites a spell, but all it does is shrink her a foot and a half. She chases the boys and puts in front of them a giant requisition form, but the boys ask to see her supervisor, a giant, purple, protoplasmic gigantore. He asks for his donut and Bertha runs off. The boys give him a donut and the story ends.