Drew Carey's Green Screen Show

Season 1 Episode 7

Episode #07

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Oct 03, 2005 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Drew came out to an urban subway scene and explained the premise of the show.

First up was New Choice, where Jeff and Jonathan were on a corporate getaway in Tahiti. They have to get up early because the volcano is about to erupt. Jonathan offers Jeff a mimosa, even though it's night time. However, it turns bad when Jeff says that he knows Jonathan has embezzled money from the company where they work. He says that they are about to fight to the death, not with swords, but tired monkeys. Jeff's is motor powered, but runs off after he starts it. Jonathan's is inflatable, but Jeff pops it. They wind up in the pool, but game caller Greg has them swim with different motions and eventually synchronized swimming. They settle it with poison darts and Jeff cheats to win. Then he offers Jonathan a chance to be kings of everthing in the island.

Next up was Sound Effects with Brad and Jeff on a dangerous mission in space. Audience member Brian did the sfx for Jeff and audience member Mel does them for Brad. Brad has to go on a mission to destroy a meteor. He only has 24 hours, but he says he'll take 23. Jeff tries to get the blip on the radar, Brad turns it on, and no noise comes out. (Brad has to prompt Brian to make the noise and he does different ones.) Jeff gives Brad a new experimental jet pack, and he needs more fuel for it. Jeff goes with him and climbs up a metal ladder with his mechanical leg. (The noise Mel makes for it prompts Brad to say goodbye to his horse.) They get in the spacecraft(slowly) and Jeff says everything is on a delayed mechanisim. Jeff also has a special seatbelt(made of a ferret). They mistakenly turn on the alarm, then two of their sixteen engines as the game ends.

In an interlude, Sean tries to help Jeff's cat, Boogie Oogie Oogie, down from a tree. He went up the tree because the other cats were making fun of his hand, swollen from the gout. Also, he's an alcoholic. Brad comes in and shoots down the cat with his shotgun and leaves. The cat falls out and throws his bottle at Brad.

The third game was Hollywood Moments with Drew, Sean and Greg as stormchasers chasing a very bad storm, and Jonathan calling. Jack(Greg) tries to convince Sean to chase a bad storm on their vacation, and he doesn't want to. It turns into the first Hollywood Moment where Sean recalls how he met his wife in a storm and settled down. After, Skippy(Drew) comes in full of enthusiasm. They go out into the storm and Johnathan calls Drew for a Hollywood Moment on his enthusiasim in general--and all he does is stand dramatically. They crank up the generator and Skippy loses his finger. Jack says it is personal and it turns into his Hollywood Moment about how it's personal to him which includes 'the extra award of most mugs to the camera.' Greg obliges and even pretends to accept an award before he snaps back and gets back to the scene. The ending has the last Hollywood Moment with all three talking in one voice.

The final game was Styles with Brad as a patient and Jonathan as a nurse; Jeff got the styles. Brad has an irregular heartbeat when he goes up and down staircases or skydives. Jonathan diagnoses him with 'staircase divopocus.' The first style comes as Western where Jonathan shoots a bullet into Brad. Then it turns to Dr. Seuss where Jonathan's flibberties are fake and Brad sees they are saline. Next, Edgar Allan Poe, where Brad uses Jonathan's only Poe reference. Next, an elementary school play. They get vistors in Greg and Colin which makes little Jonathan cry and little Brad waves to the crowd. Finally, Indian Dr. Seuss sees Brad travel back to Bangladesh.