Drew Carey's Green Screen Show

Season 1 Episode 11

Episode #11

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Nov 01, 2005 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • Sentences ends with Chip, having fallen down, reading his final suggestion from the audience: "I've fallen and I can't get up!" He shows the note to the camera after the game ends to show that he hadn't just made it up to fit the situation.

  • Quotes

    • (in New Choice)
      Greg: When we get to the armadillos, you know what we have to do.
      Chip: What?
      Greg: We have to get on those armadillos and take them back to captivity.
      Brad: New choice!
      Greg: We have to...learn their ways and live amongst them.
      Brad: New choice!
      Greg: We have to teach them how to boogie! (a black Afro wig lands on his head)

    • (in Story)
      Kathy: Now, the competition of scent! We need to smell...
      Drew: The pits of Paul!
      Greg: Yes, Paul's pits smelled like crushed fruit, dipped in honey and delivered by angels to a bed of...
      Brad: Roses. He knew that the scent competition would be the last so he had kept crushed fruit and honey under his armpits.
      Greg: Paul swelled with pride, even more than he...
      Colin: Usually did. And when you're swollen with pride, well...anyway...

    • (in Sentences)
      Drew: (reading one of his lines) 'I'm a punk rock Yiddish girl trying to survive in the projects of Sarasota, Florida.'

      Chip: I don't care if you've caught me...'I lust after San Diego men.'
      Drew: (with a sailor suit drawn on, approaching Chip) What a coincidence! Originally, I am from San Diego. (switches to Popeye-like outfit)
      Chip: Boy, you get around, you freaky little girl.

    • (in New Choice)
      Chip: Reginald?
      Greg: What is it, Dan?
      Chip: I think i'm in quicksand!
      Greg: Quicksand?
      Brad: New choice!
      Chip: Reginald?
      Greg: What?
      Chip: I think i'm in...a...barbershop quartet! (singing) Down by the old mill stream...(Greg joins in the middle, three animated Chips join him)
      Greg: We were! Here, I'll get this stick for you, pull it out!
      Chip: (laughing) Pull me out of my barbershop quartet! Thank you! Oh, my God, I hate those things!
      Greg: You have to be careful--
      Chip: I hate 'em!
      Greg: Barbershop quartets are part of the perils of traveling through this onerous jungle.
      Chip: I lost an uncle in Sweet Adeline once, yes!

    • Brad: (in Sound Effects) Now I want to mention that my noises are being done by a Marine!

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