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  • Super hilarious!!

    I really do enjoy watching this show! It's a great show with funny comedians. Jeff Davis is great and super hilarious. Drew Carey is a pure genius! I loved watching Whose Line is it Anyway? and Drew Carey's Green Screen Show is just as good if not better. My Mom and I both enjoy watching it.
  • Great Show

    I love that the WHose Line cast was willing to take a chance with this show. I like the format better because there are different pairings it runs more or less like one of their live shows. The animation is sometimes distracting, but for the most part it is just a fun show to watch and I laugh a lot.
  • Best Comedy Show Ever!

    This is hands down, My most favorite show, It's basically Whose Line Is It Anyways meets Who Frame Roger Rabbit, I think this show is ahead of it's time, It's a shame that the WB canceled it months ago. But I am glad to see Comedy Central picked it up and airing new episodes every week, I hope this show will continue on with the days to come. Ever since they stopped making Whose line, This show brought us back to the joys and laughs that was in it's predecessor.
  • Drew Carey's Green Screen Show takes what the improvisors do live across America and Canada, and adds Disney-eque animation to it. A terrific show, though underappreciated by many.

    Drew Carey's Green Screen Show takes what the improvisors do live across America and Canada, and adds Disney-eque animation to it. A terrific show, though underappreciated by many.

    Drew Carey needed a new show, and he brought along his improv cohorts... some from Whose Line is it Anyway, some from the Drew Carey Show, and a few others.
  • Drew carey\'s green screen is coming back sometime this year. but it is coming back on comedy central.

    On November 8, The WB announced that it was temporarily pulling \"Drew Carey\'s Green Screen\" from its schedule for November sweeps. In a news article, it was reported that the show would \"remain in production and is expected to return in a new time period later this season.\" Due to its tough Thursday night time slot (up against CBS\'s \"Survivor,\" NBC\'s \"Will & Grace,\" FOX\'s \"The OC\"), the new series didn\'t have a fair chance at gaining a loyal audience. Fans waited through the entire 2004-2005 season for The WB to deliver their promise of new episodes... but it never happened. As a result, Drew Carey and executive producer Ron Diamond, took the show to Comedy Central. The cable channel expressed interest in picking up the innovative series and now \"Green Screen\" is slated to return sometime in 2005. First the 8 unaired episodes will be shown, with the possibility of more if the show performs well.
  • One of favorites shows to watch.

    I always enjoyed Who's Line Is It Anyway? So I decided to check this show. It was pretty good. Then the WB cancelled it. But Comdey Central brought it back! I love this love show and favorite game they do is Story. But as anyone seen it since December?
  • This show was one of WB's greatest acheivments!AND NOW LOOK AT IT!

    Who's line is it anyway?A show where a cast has to do improv games to amuse drew carry.One of the best games was "news flash" where one player was in front of a green screen and had to guess what was being shown.Years later,we strike gold with an entire SHOW based off of it!I'm willing to say its off the wall humor and antics RIVAL those of the original show!If it should EVER be put on dvd in any way,yet you had to do a series of insane stunts to get it,It's a risk you should take!
  • It was on, then it was like...gone!

    Man...I found out about this show at the end of its season and it was awsome I watched liked 2 episodes it wasnt as good as whose line but still it rocked...then it was cancelled whats up with that? All the good shows get cancelled before there even givin a chance! Give it another chance!
  • This is very different.

    This show is amazing. I havn't seen too many episodes, but from what I have seen, I have got to say, that this show is amazing and I can only imagine how they do it. I'm pleased that some of the Whose Line cast is one this show, because they make it funny for me, because I know them from another television show. This show deserves to stay on the air because there are no other shows that you could compare to this wonderful show. The plots are usual funny from what I have seen, and I hope to see more funny episodes in the future.
  • Awesome comedy that is done in live animation!

    I really enjoy the program, for in which people are sent to a green screen that even though it's just green, there are people that make it interesting! The actors perform a skit as some animators make some animations, making it really wacky. That's what causes to make the skits funny, for most likely, anything can happen! That should be the future of comedy.
  • Another great Drew Carey show. Ad-lib comedy at it\'s best.

    Another great Drew carey show. Ad-lib comedy at it's best If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to wish you had it on tape. Having it "on tape" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Today you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, or god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD's "records" or "albums." Anyway, back to the show. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. After all, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to you.
  • this show roks so hard

    It can beat whose line anytime It is so funny The skits make every1 laugh i cant believe how funny it is. drew carey scares me so bad He might have a heart attack he is still funny. ryan is the best So is every one else that show roks
  • Very funny!

    This show is so great. It's Whose Line is it Anyway and adding cartoon graphics to it. That is amazing. Pure genius! Every episode is funnier than the last episode. Every skit, funnier than the last skit. The entire cast is hilarious and they all work great together. They all have great chemistry with each other and the comedy just flows. I don't think that I could ever do what they are doing. It seems that it would be so hard to do, but they make it look so easy. It is a truly amazing show and anyone who is a of improvising should consider watching this show. I am sure that they would like it.
  • Why on Earth would you end a show like this?

    Drew Carey's Green Screen was genius. Improv is great but improv with animation is amazing. It contained whose line veterans such as Drew Carey, Jeff Davis, and Colin Mochrie, plus some new players. It was all very funny even when the improv artists messed up a little bit. A wide variety of games and audiance participation keep the show going with more variety. Everyone should at least give the show a try once. Whose Line fans will find themselves pleasently surprised. If you watch, you will laugh at something. I believe this can be considered one of the best shows in comedy.
  • Bring it back

    Drew Creys Green Screen is better than given credit for. The entire show was much like Whose Line except for being animated end everything coming from the audience then being acted out by Drew and the others. Worst part, no Ryan since without Ryan a Whose Line spinoff wont work. Ryan and Colin were the best in Whose Line and that is why DCGS got canceled. I hope it comes back again.
  • This show makes a nice break from "Whose Line is it Anyway".

    "The Green Screen Show" stars seven to eight improv performers, as well as Drew Carey (the host of the show), who act out random scenes behind a part of the room where it's completely green, hence the "Green Screen". And, as Drew would say, thanks to the magic of television, cameras can project images on the green screen without the actors seeing them.

    The main reason as to why the "Green Screen Show" is different from "Whose Line is it Anyway" is that the "Green Screen Show" features a wider range of improvisational actors and actresses. However, we have actors that starred in "Whose Line" to come to the "Green Screen Show" like Greg Proops, Kathy Greenwood, and Colin Mochrie. What really dissappointed me about the cast of characters is that Ryan Stiles does not appear as a regular on the show. Without him, I cannot fully see the humour behind the "Green Screen Show". I'll still catch him in the commercials, though.

    The "Green Screen Show" crew definitely keeps the show well organized, as their visuals, looking complex and all, sets the scene smooth enough for me to laugh at (not in a "haha, this sucks" way). I also like the "props" they place on the actors' body, and how it follows the actors' movements. It's really nice to see such professionals, if not masters, at work by looking at what they've done for the show.

    Drew Carey is definitely the King of Improv, hosting such shows as this one and "Whose Line is it Anyway". While the "Green Screen Show" is not, I believe, his best feat, I still watch it on a somewhat regular basis, trying to enjoy what it does naturally, although it does fail me time to time, but it's a great show nonetheless.
  • Disney and Green Screens mixed in a blender!

    Drew Carey's Green Screen Show is an improvisational comedy television show that aired in the fall of 2004 on The WB Television Network and the fall of 2005 on Comedy Central.

    The distinguishing feature of the show is that the improv games are performed in front of a "green screen", with animation inserted in post-production. Besides this, the show is remarkably similar to Whose Line is it Anyway?, even featuring many of the same performers as the American version of Whose Line. However, for some reason, the show seemed to be at a much slower pace than "Whose Line."

    The original run of the Green Screen Show was only for five weekly episodes. However, the show went back on the air on Comedy Central on September 26, 2005.

    Performers appearing are Drew Carey, Brad Sherwood, Colin Mochrie, Jeff B. Davis, Greg Proops, Chip Esten, Julie Larson, Sean Masterson, Jonathan Mangum, and Kathy Kinney. Because of the number of cast members and the smaller number of sketches (the sketches have to be devised to work with animation unlike on "Whose Line" which had no such restriction), many cast members only got small amounts of screen time and less time to rapport on screen. The high cost of animation, compositing, and the additional cast members raised the cost of the show.

    On an appearance on Conan O'Brien when "Green Screen" premiered, Drew Carey claimed to get the idea during the "Whose Line" skit "Moving people" when he thought how funny it would be if you couldn't see the people manipulating the players.

    The show's theme song is La Trampa, performed by Tonino Carotone and Manu Chao.

  • Drew Carey, you were desperate for this show.

    If Drew Carey was planning for this to be a spin-off for 'Whose Line', he almost got it right. I liked the Green Screen idea... it was what put the show together. If only he could bring back some more actors from the Drew Carey Show and Whose Line is it anyway, it would be perfect.
  • Lose the green screen, keep everything else.

    It's everything Whose Line was, but there's definitely one problem: the Green Screen. Although the animations were clever, it just doesn't add anything. I prefer to see the performers acting, and picture in my own head where they are, and what they have. The animation takes away the element of surprise, since the arists draw in what the performers say BEFORE they say it. It also makes you pay more attention to the animation than the improv itself, and the improv is what really makes the show. They still use the same great cast from Whose Line, with additional actors from the Drew Carey Show and other actors who are still very good. The addition of more than four performers is a nice touch.
  • Deserved to be cut, but it was pretty good.

    This show was given a minute chance and it ended up a flop. Go figure. I thought that the show was mediocre and definately less funny than "Who's Line...". I'm just glad I wasn't in the audience, forced to watch the improv with no animation.
    I'm glad "Blue Collar TV" beat the cut. :)
  • Nothing like whose line, but good either

    I've watched whose line for a long time and I fell in love with the show, when I was reading that Drew was hosting the green screen show, I remembered one of the games on whose line, "newsflash" where either Ryan or Collin goes in front of a green screen and tries to guess what's behind them based on the clues from the other two. So I decided to take a look at a video from the show, lots of recognizable characters from whose line like collin, jeff, greg, brad, and drew. But I didn't find the show too interesting, the games have been brought back to from whose line, but because of the use of the green screen it's a little obviouse that the actors didn't have much freedom in what they wanted to do and sometimes even say, which ruins the entire show. many people would expect this stuff to be right at the top of everyone's head, but not entirely everything is like that about the show. I'm sry, I'm just not a fan of the green screen and I'm sure it wasn't a big woop for everyone else.
  • I love WLitA and I turned into the Green Screen expecting it to be even better than just improv. Boy was I wrong.

    I love Whose Line is it Anyway and I turned into the Green Screen show expecting it to be even better than just plain improv. Boy was I wrong

    First of all where are all the people from Whose Line? I wouldn't mind new people, but most of the people on the green screen show are just plain not funny... amatuers really. I miss Colin, Ryan and Wayne together in one show.

    Second the games they play are just not good. They're boring and pretty much the same each time. I liked Whose Line where they involved the audience more(had audience members move them or make sounds) had hoe downs, and other interesting games. The ones on the green screen are just name a location and they act out a scene.. maybe if they had good comedians on the show they could pull that off.. but on the episodes i've seen they sure don't.

    Mainly the biggest problem with me was the animation. I turned into the show with the mind set that the greenscreen was the coolest thing ever and would make it so much better than Whose Line. I don't mind the animation being very cartoony, I think that's interesting, but the sound effects added and the actions of the animation are just childish and unfunny. If the people on the show aren't funny, the animators are 10x worse.

    Alltogether Green Screen fails in almost every dimension. After seeing a couple episodes I am not suprised at all that it got canceled.

    If I was you I'd just stick with Whose Line is it Anyway... atleast that's what I'm doing.
  • Oh no. . .

    Taking one of the funniest aspects of \"Whose Line\" and trying to make a 30 show out of it, just won\'t work.

    Watched about 5 minutes of this series and it sucked. No humor in it whatsoever. That fact the besides Drew, there is only one member of \"Whose Line\" on here - no Colin , no Ryan, no Wayne. The four stars of \"Whose Line\" had great chemistry. Divide them up and you have nothing.

    Drew Carey you need to retire, you had 2 successful shows running at the same time. The curtain has fallen.

    I don\'t think this show will make it through an entire season.