Drew Carey's Green Screen Show

Comedy Central (ended 2005)





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  • Drew carey\'s green screen is coming back sometime this year. but it is coming back on comedy central.

    On November 8, The WB announced that it was temporarily pulling \"Drew Carey\'s Green Screen\" from its schedule for November sweeps. In a news article, it was reported that the show would \"remain in production and is expected to return in a new time period later this season.\" Due to its tough Thursday night time slot (up against CBS\'s \"Survivor,\" NBC\'s \"Will & Grace,\" FOX\'s \"The OC\"), the new series didn\'t have a fair chance at gaining a loyal audience. Fans waited through the entire 2004-2005 season for The WB to deliver their promise of new episodes... but it never happened. As a result, Drew Carey and executive producer Ron Diamond, took the show to Comedy Central. The cable channel expressed interest in picking up the innovative series and now \"Green Screen\" is slated to return sometime in 2005. First the 8 unaired episodes will be shown, with the possibility of more if the show performs well.