Drew Carey's Green Screen Show

Comedy Central (ended 2005)





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  • Nothing like whose line, but good either

    I've watched whose line for a long time and I fell in love with the show, when I was reading that Drew was hosting the green screen show, I remembered one of the games on whose line, "newsflash" where either Ryan or Collin goes in front of a green screen and tries to guess what's behind them based on the clues from the other two. So I decided to take a look at a video from the show, lots of recognizable characters from whose line like collin, jeff, greg, brad, and drew. But I didn't find the show too interesting, the games have been brought back to from whose line, but because of the use of the green screen it's a little obviouse that the actors didn't have much freedom in what they wanted to do and sometimes even say, which ruins the entire show. many people would expect this stuff to be right at the top of everyone's head, but not entirely everything is like that about the show. I'm sry, I'm just not a fan of the green screen and I'm sure it wasn't a big woop for everyone else.
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