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  • I love WLitA and I turned into the Green Screen expecting it to be even better than just improv. Boy was I wrong.

    I love Whose Line is it Anyway and I turned into the Green Screen show expecting it to be even better than just plain improv. Boy was I wrong

    First of all where are all the people from Whose Line? I wouldn't mind new people, but most of the people on the green screen show are just plain not funny... amatuers really. I miss Colin, Ryan and Wayne together in one show.

    Second the games they play are just not good. They're boring and pretty much the same each time. I liked Whose Line where they involved the audience more(had audience members move them or make sounds) had hoe downs, and other interesting games. The ones on the green screen are just name a location and they act out a scene.. maybe if they had good comedians on the show they could pull that off.. but on the episodes i've seen they sure don't.

    Mainly the biggest problem with me was the animation. I turned into the show with the mind set that the greenscreen was the coolest thing ever and would make it so much better than Whose Line. I don't mind the animation being very cartoony, I think that's interesting, but the sound effects added and the actions of the animation are just childish and unfunny. If the people on the show aren't funny, the animators are 10x worse.

    Alltogether Green Screen fails in almost every dimension. After seeing a couple episodes I am not suprised at all that it got canceled.

    If I was you I'd just stick with Whose Line is it Anyway... atleast that's what I'm doing.
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