Drew Carey's Green Screen Show - Season 1

Comedy Central (ended 2005)




Episode Guide


  • Episode #12
    Episode #12
    Episode 12
    In Fill in the Blank, Greg, Colin, Jeff and Brad (reprising the Grim Reaper) act out "In a _Hotel_ with _Santa Claus_," where Colin is an always joking St. Nick who always claims to be dying. The entire cast, with Drew pointing, tell the Story of "The Little Antelope That Could." Chip and Greg race each other in England. In Sentences, Drew and Jonathan run a restaurant disguised as a dry cleaner. Finally, in Montage (Harold), the cast trade off ideas based on the fear of spiders and the image of Dali's melting clock.moreless
  • Episode #11
    Episode #11
    Episode 11
    In Sound Effects, Brad is Jeff's bodygaurd demonstrating how to use rifles. In New Choice, Greg and Chip go on a clay-modeling safari in search for armadillos with Brad calling. In Sentences, Colin shows Drew his invention, a wooden dunking toucan, but Chip attempts to steal it. Finally, the entire cast, with Jeff pointing, tell the Story of "The Superb Ego."moreless
  • Episode #10
    Episode #10
    Episode 10
    The show starts off with the entire cast (staring with Colin (kneeling) and Julie (on one foot)) playing Freeze Tag. In Game Show, Greg hosts “Clean My House.” In Montage (Harold) the entire cast play different skits based on the opposites of “good and evil” and the emotion of “sad.” Finally, Greg tries to prevent Jeff from drinking a poisonous Martini.moreless
  • Episode #09
    Episode #09
    Episode 9
    In Sound Effects, Greg and Brad work at a noisy construction site. Drew and the rest of the cast act out a Sci-Fi/Adventure/Fantasy Movie based on the monster of the "Mermabeest" (half-mermaid, half-wildebeest.) In New Choice, Greg and Jeff work in a French foie gras factory where one of the machines is a minister of Satan, with Brad calling. Finally, Jeff tries to get rid of a computer virus (Sean) and get back his data (Kathy) with help from Spyware (Drew), the legal department from Warner Bros. (Brad) and his porn (Julie and Greg).moreless
  • Episode #08
    Episode #08
    Episode 8
    In Game Show, Brad hosts an episode of "Guess My Disorder." In Sound Effects, Brad and Jeff attempt to fix an airport conveyor belt. Brad, Jeff, and Colin play New Choice and try to show you "How to Clean a Fish." Finally, Jeff and Greg play Moving people and celebrate the momentous holiday of "Whiner's Day."moreless
  • Episode #07
    Episode #07
    Episode 7
    Jeff, Jonathan and Greg play New Choice and fight to the death in Tahiti. Sound Effects has Brad and Jeff on a mission to blow up a meteor. Brad, Sean, and Jeff try to rescue Boogie Oogie Oogie the cat from a tree. Sean, Greg, Drew and Jonathan play Hollywood Moment as storm chasers. Finally, Jonathan, Greg, and Jeff play Styles as a Nurse and Patient.moreless
  • Episode #06
    Episode #06
    Episode 6
    In Styles, Chip and Jeff are roommates arguing over each other's underwear, with Brad calling. In Game Show, Greg hosts "You Bet Your Pants." The entire cast trade off ideas in Freeze Tag. Finally, with Drew pointing, all of the cast tell the Story of "Bertha and the Haunted Municipal Building."moreless
  • Episode #05
    Episode #05
    Episode 5
    In One-Syllable Words the gang tries to cure a sick dog at the vet. New Choice features Shakesphere in Bakersfield with Brad and Jeff featuring Colin calling. The entire gang tells the Story of the man who stole Florida and Drew and Jeff are mad scientists in Sound Effects.
  • Episode #04
    Episode #04
    Episode 4
    "One Syllable Word" features a trip to the dentist, while "Sound Effects" takes a trip to Alaska. "New Choice" features Colin as a man who repairs toasters, and the entire gang tells the "Story" of Onion Sam.
  • Episode #03
    Episode #03
    Episode 3
    In Game Show, Brad hosts "Catch That Knife" with Drew, Chip, and Greg as contestants. In Sound Effects, Colin teaches Drew how to train animals. New Choice features Greg and Jeff as Babyproofers with Brad calling, and everyone joins in for Freeze Tag.
  • Episode #02
    Episode #02
    Episode 2
    In One-Syllable Words, Colin attempts to make a man out of Brad in an army boot camp. Sentences has Drew and Greg in an old West showdown. Jonathan and Jeff take a ride on the Scream Puker 4000. In New Choice, Brad and Colin, with Jeff calling, show us How to Have a Baby. Drew tries to start off a race but the other racers start shooting him and each other. Finally, the entire cast plays off ideas in a game of Freeze Tag.moreless
  • Episode #01
    Episode #01
    Episode 1
    The show begins with "Freeze Tag" with the entire cast in on the action, continuing with "Sentences" featuring Drew, Jeff, and Julie on Zeppelin. Colin and Brad teach us how to box with Jeff giving a "New Choice" and "One Syllable Word" featuring Colin, who lost a bet to the horses.moreless