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  • Season 3
    • Angel City
      Episode 13
      Zand and Steve rediscover the drinking history of LA. Their first stop is the San Antonio Winery, the lone survivor of the original 100 LA wineries. They stop by Angel City Brewing to share a drink with a 3rd generation brewer and Steve gets tricked at Edison's. They find a prohibition bar famous for its age and finish the night off at a speakeasy.moreless
    • Montauk
      Episode 12
      Zane and Steve split to Montauk, a town famous for its fishing, beaches and wineries. Here they sample local drinks, get their hands dirty at the city's first brewery and visit the famous Cyril of Cyril's Fish House. They stumble into the hottest pool party at The Montauk Beach House and learn how to make Sangria for bottle service.moreless
    • Providence
      Episode 11
      In Providence, Rhode Island, the guys celebrate the city's colonial heritage by making a modern Shrub at Cook and Brown and have a special top-secret shot at the Wild Colonial Tavern. Steve wants to wrestle Mark Cuban and at The Dorrance they break into teams to see who can make the best cocktail. The day ends when the guys face off in a wiener challenge.moreless
    • Burlington
      Episode 10
      In a city known for ice cream, lake side activities and a laid back atmosphere, Steve and Zane do everything local in Burlington, Vermont. They learn how to make bitters, do some beer machine clean up, and make some "fancy" shots at the local dive bar.
    • Montreal
      Episode 9
      The guys end their Canadian trip in Montreal, where Steve gets brave and challenges Zane to break his world record at champagne sabering.
    • Quebec City
      Episode 8
      Zane and Steve cross the border to the province of Quebec, where they visit its first brewpub, learn the different style of Canadian cocktails and turn apple picking into apple fighting.
    • Juneau
      Episode 7
      Zane and Steve sip on salmon-flavored Bloody Marys at the Island Pub, test Steve's flexibility at the Alaska Bar, and put in some dirty work at Alaskan Brewing Company. In Juneau, they head over to Hangar on the Wharf, close down the Red Dog Saloon, and challenge each other to an ice climb on Mendenhall Glacier.moreless
    • Anchorage
      Episode 06
      Zane and Steve head to the largest city in Alaska and put in some work at Celestial Meadery, play beer can baseball at Midnight Sun Brewing and navigate their way through the famous maze of bars at Chilkoot Charlie's. To finish their trip in Anchorage, they take a ride with Truuli Vodka out to a glacier for some natural ice.moreless
    • Indianapolis
      Episode 05
      Zane and Steve race into Indianapolis and head out to the local distillery where they discover a unique way to make spirits. They visit St. Elmo Steak House and find out why they love shrimp, then head to the Ball and Biscuit to meet Zach, the giant. The boys brew popcorn beer and challenge each other on the the Indy 500 track.moreless
    • Louisville
      Episode 4
      Zane and Steve visit Louisville, where they discover the Urban Bourbon trail and set off on a steamship famous for its running of bourbon barrels.
    • Baton Rouge
      Episode 3
      Zane and Steve visit Baton Rouge and hit every recommended stop; from a tin roof brewery, to a college bar famous for it's indecent acts, and even manage to get into the crawfish business.
    • San Antonio
      Episode 2
      Zane and Steve explore the American Southwest with a stop in San Antonio. They take a ride down the famous river walk, investigate the term "brewstillery", and celebrate the cities' heritage with a bull ride.
    • Houston
      Episode 1
      Steve insists on finding an astronaut jumpsuit and Zane takes them to a brewery celebrating the patron saint of beer in Houston. They re-discover the pains when competing in an ice drinking contest, and later, chase some pigs aroung in the mud.
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