Season 1 Episode 3

Let the Games Begin

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2007 on FOX
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The race continues on the next stage. After their car breaks down on the highway, Alex and Corinna need assistance. But when the police arrive, instead of getting help, Alex is beaten and arrested. Winston gets in a lot of trouble when the brunette woman in the Ford Mustang they are chasing turns out to be a bounty hunter. So he needs Sean's help to get him out of trouble and back into the race.moreless

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  • I like the fact that they have rules in an illegal street race.

    I think this show is awesome. They are making it better and better. I think this race is going to be really long. This episode I guess is where the actual race begins. They pulled up inside an outisde movie thearter and it showed them clips from previous races. Then the screen showed the rules of the race and how to get a jumpstart. So now they have to find this next clue. "Surender, America" which I guess is some place in Tennesee.

    This show is going to be longer than expected. If they keep writting it with as much intensity as they have been.moreless
  • This is the episode that hooked me!

    I like the way the characters are developing on this show. But seeing Nathan Fillian in this episode reminded me so much of the character I loved in Firefly!

    If only we can find a way to make Fox understand they have a hit here, if they will give it a chance!
  • Georgia on mind Mind!

    When In Rome Georgia, do what the Romans do? You know the reast. That why I'm finding the car chasing scenes the most exciting in the series. It' better than all the silly talkm inside the car. My first favorite character in the series has emerged. He name is Melanie Lyneskey and she plays a sweet, sweet character. the race for the $32 Million is cash continue though the state of Georgia where it's the home of CNN. You didn't know that? I know it for many years. Next week, more action to spare. And I'm not talking about Seinfeld's Elaine sparing a square.moreless
  • and the plot thickens....

    ok so wow...some major twists were thrown at us...Tully use to be a wheel man...WHAT!!!!!! he was just a landscaper from nebraska...and the new car is freaking awesome...but i wonder what happen for him to just get out of the business and maybe his partner are the one who got him into the race...i dont know but dang...and Rob is starting to wonder why he hasnt been contacted by the army since all this bad stuff is going down in Iraq...its only a matter of time before he finds out that his wife has been lying to him and then stuff is really going to hit the fan...and winston didnt look to happy when his brother got the bounty hunter to bring him back...but i loved when violet was teaching her dad to lie that was to cool even though he's pretty much lying to her know...this was definately a good episode and a great way to start out a new series...hope there all like this.moreless
  • Wow what I love about this show.

    Firstly I love the Google earth effects, how the camera pans down from a satellite position to a building or car.

    Secondly the interaction between each race partner, an ex con looking for his wife teaming up with a mystery female who’s parents died in a previous race, a slightly strange and introvert women who is racing to save her new born son teaming with another slightly strange but extrovert women, a father who’s got one year to live and his feisty teenage daughter who doesn’t know about his condition, two brothers from completely different backgrounds but the same father trying to bond, and a marine and his wife who’s trying to get him from returning to Iraq.

    Thirdly the mystery and unexpected twists with each episode, not knowing who’s employed with the race and how they are trying to motivate each contestant.

    Fourthly the mystery to each of the contestants backgrounds and why some are in the race.

    And fifth the car chase/race scenes along the motorways or interstates as there called in the U.S....

    Cannot wait for next weeks to find out what they are all being shown on the big screen.moreless
Katie Finneran

Katie Finneran

Becca Freeman

Guest Star

Richard Brooks

Richard Brooks

Detective Ehrle

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Scott Donovan

Scott Donovan

Desk Sergeant

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Charles Martin Smith

Charles Martin Smith

Mr. Bright

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: Mr. Bright says that it is 408 miles from Cape Canaveral to Rome, Georgia, when, in reality, it is really around 580 miles.

    • Goof: Before the racers arrive at the After Sunset Tully is shown racing down an interstate highway, even though there isn't one within 30 miles of Rome, Georgia. The aerial scene immediately before that scene, however, was accurate.

    • Change of cars:
      Alex Tully - 1972 Ford F-100 to 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T

    • Checkpoint:
      Rome, Georgia - After Sunset drive-in movie theatre.

    • Although his sister states in this episode that Alex Tully's car is a 1972 Dodge Challenger, it is actually a 1970 Dodge Challenger.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Alex: (With a knife at the officer's throat) Where is Corinna?
      Officer Poole: Did you learn anything? Would the real Alex Tully waste time asking that question?
      Alex: The real Alex Tully never left his partners behind. And you don't want to meet the real Alex Tully, promise!

    • John: Violet, You're doing 85?!
      Violet: Oh I know. Isn't it pathetic? Cute boy and his brother basically just blew our doors in. Every time I push this thing to 90 it shakes worse then you do when I talk about birth control.

    • Corinna: We're never gonna get out of Florida, are we?
      Alex: I don't know. Does the secret cabal that runs this race have roadside assistance?

    • Alex: I thought you said getting there fast wasn't enough.
      Corinna: Yes, but getting there at all is helpful.

    • Winston: Plus, I'd rather walk cross-country than drive some piece of crap Daddy paid for. I don't want nothing from that man.
      Sean: Is that why you were robbing our house?

    • John: You're going too fast, Vi, slow down!
      Violet: Dad, we have almost 400 miles to Rome, and sunset is at 6:02. If I slow down we're not going to make it.
      John: Well…hands at ten and two, then.

    • Wendy: So, you think your friends are gonna be very angry?
      Ivy: I wouldn't really call them friends.
      Wendy: Especially now that you shot out their tires.

    • John: (about phoning his ex-wife) What am I going to say? "Barbara, Violet can't visit because we're in a secret, illegal road race? But don't worry, it's perfectly safe. The car only does 85."

    • John: (practicing lying) Dad….I have…I have to study tonight…in the library...for a test?
      Violet: Yeah. Y'know, that would work. If this were 1950 and I had just had a lobotomy! Try again!

    • Corinna: What happened to you back there? What did they do to you?
      Alex: They didn't do it to me. They did it to some other guy.
      Corinna: Where'd you get this car?
      Alex: Same guy's car. Hang on.

  • NOTES (2)