Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2007 on FOX

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  • Wacky Races!

    In the second episode of the series, the racers contiune their race though the state of florida where their Football team, the Gators had enoyed another season. Why am I talking about Football for? We got a race to run. I'm getting to knoe some of the characters of the series, I won't know the standout until later. so far, they're a a few stand-outs and I hope to know them later. The episode is just the same, there is more talk and I want it less. the highway scenes are more exciting than anything in the series. See you in rome, Georgia.
  • As the second episode of the series, the pace picks up a little.

    More character development, with some questions added as well. The driving action was better this episode, especially the flashback portion, which was actually quite sad. It didn't take much to put an older face to the child who was orphaned. The interesting plot twist that the new mother had to eliminate someone from the race, was nicely handled, yet somewhat predictable as well. I'm glad she found a way around it, because it would have seemed too far fetched for her character, which is funny seeing as how it's only the second episode. I guess that says something for some of the actors really getting into their roles already. It was a good enough episode to bring me back for another few at least. There are still a lot of drivers we know nothing about, which, like Lost can add to later stories as the show gains speed. For example it was cool when the motorcyclists took off their helmets and we realized they were old, making me want to know how they got involved in this race.
  • Amamzing...

    I think this episode was better than the pilot. I wondered why in the heck they showed the little girl at the beginning of the episode and it was suppost to be 27 years ago. Then it turned out to be Corrina. I thought it was so funny when Alex had the guy in the bathtub at the motel and said to him If I don't get to sleep than you don't then the guy told him some information and alex Punched him out and said "OK now you can sleep". This show does have some humour to it. Alex decides to be partners with Corrina. Alex really should have looked in the back of the trucker's truck because his wife was there. Later...
  • Review

    I thought that this episode really built on what the pilot helped to establish and was a very strong episode. Beginning with all of the reveals, with Alex going back to the gas station to grab one of the men on the inside to question him. Wiles and Alex kept up there really good on screen connection throughout this episode, which I thought was cool to see. A lot of this episode was focused around Wiles and Alex and near the end of the episode we learn that Wiles really isnt in the race, that her parents were in the race 27 years ago in the flashback we got. I thought that was a fantastic reveal, as well as the reveal at the end of the episode that showed the truck driver having Tulleys wife all along. Twists like that really make the writing impressive and I thought this episode had a lot of pivital moments early on in the season. Wendy getting out of having to kill the girl was also another nice piece of writing, as she figured out a way to stay in the race without having to do something that she clearly could not do. The Salazar brothers didnt play a big part in this one, but thats only because we needed to learn more about everyone elses backstory. John and Violet get a little bit of there backstory in, as John has been given only a year to live, which I thought was yet another interesting reveal on the part of the writers. We still havent learned much about Ivy and Rob yet, but they are still in this race and seem to be two very strong racers, though I think Ivy is set for a big reveal soon as I dont think he is working with John on the race. Fantastic episode, I really liked this one.
  • Love this show.

    Wow... this show just continues to impress. The characters are such a wide variety, and yet we don't know too much about them. Anyway, two plot things I liked in this episode. One is Wendy, I really never expected her to shoot the girl, but to team up with her while she almost shot her? Wow, and it actually was a good plot twist. I really never thought Wendy would ever team up with anyone, at all! That's why you gotta love her character, and when she said "I'm starting to think I should've shot you" that was hilarious(or just darkly funny in a shy way.) The other part is when Adam's parter explained that her parents were in the Drive 27 years ago and she was across the finish line. Again, this show continues to impress me, I hope more people will realize the depth and great plot and characters this show has.
  • Superb

    This had me on the edge of my seat. Great diversity of characters; mysterious, naughty, nice, ghetto, preppy..... I enjoy watching a show that is so unique in plot..... something that is hard to find these days. I enjoyed the character development, it was suspensful. I am looking forward to the next episode and finding out more about each character.
  • Just get's better.

    After watching the pilot episode i got right into watching the second episode - partners.

    Again more intrigue and mystery with lot's of potential to go very far, i know some people have called it horrible but hey were only two episodes in to what looks to be a brilliant series and like every brilliant series needs time to flourish and for the characters to progress, as I said there's more than meets the eye with all the participants and in some ways this show looks like another Lost type show but with more answers than questions.

    Hope this show goe's from strength to strength.
  • Another fine example!

    Another fine example of how you turn a so-called decent
    Show into one that has lots of potential and is
    On it's way to being a hit if it can keep up an
    Audience. We learn that the first race took place
    Twenty-seven years ago and it involved and affected Tully's new partner as a child. While someone is out to stop him from winning the race because Tully wants his wife back.
  • great new series

    I think that this is a great start of a new series. Engaging, fast paced and fun. Definitely a must see on my TV for the next little while. The show reminds me of old movies like Cannon Ball Run, but has the intrigue of newer series, like Lost and Prison Break. After all, do we know who is good and bad, who is in it for the money or who could be just a player for the boss. and Who is the boss really.And Nathan Fillion is back on stride, has not been this watchable since Firefly as Capt. Mal.

    Good show.
  • Apart from the cheesy ending, this episode really delivered.

    The second episode continues right where the pilot left off. We finally get a look into one of the characters' past other than Alex': although it's not as compelling as it should be, it is definitely interesting.

    The race continues, some partners are found, some are lost, overally, nothing really significant happened - however, it just felt 'full' again: great pacing, some humor, and a little bit of action.

    The mystery is slowly unfolding, but as it is, more questions are created. This is a very fashionable thing with serialized dramas nowadays: but nonetheless: it works. The only complaint I have is the cheesy ending: It felt incredibly forced, and I just couldn't savour the closing moments. But overally, good episode.