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  • I really wanted to keep watching this!

    why does FOX keep cancelling shows that could be good!
  • Great time to bring it back!!!

    Still miss the show. With all the crappy TV options these days, it would be nice if they aired the episodes in leui of yet another re-run.
  • A "LOST" attempt to create a good mix between drama, thriller and reality show

    First of all... who provide 32 million dollars for ilegal game?! And how these people know about it? How come all real police never catch them? And why these people want certain people as the constestant? Like LOST there are so many question.... and usually these questions that make the series interesting, unfortunately Drive doesn't provide the bread crumbs that make it interesting.... unlike LOST who always keep "the others" interesting, mysterious and trigger our imagination, Drive seems not give that to their viewers... Drive simply just put it aside and focusing on the contestant's story....and of course like LOST all the 'passanger' has their own reason for following the race... but the story is not good enough...not interesting... how corrina was the bait in the game for her parents long time ago….I was pretty happy knowing that Melanie Lynskey is in the show… but this is not her best performance… and also Dylan Baker… this series has good actors and actresses… they just has a bad script…
  • All things considered I enjoyed it, to bad FOX didn't give it a fair shot.

    Well, considering this was a pilot episode I gotta say it didn't bite. Okay, I know that didn't sound exactly 100% percent positive but still. Pilots don't always convey how good a show will be or could be. But as I said all things considered, especially how if-y this show looked by the premise I was really surprised. Not only did I of course love Nathan in all his dramatic glory but everyone else was pretty interesting as well. I was worried that he might be the only cast member I liked but that's not the case (though I didn't like his partner in crime). The race itself is actually pretty interesting as well. Overall I'll say again that I was really pleasantly surprised.
  • Great show needed better backing from the network.

    Why leave people hanging and wondering what was going to happen? Fox should have at least try it send all episodes to DVD or tried to put them all on iTunes so loyal fan could have a chance to find out what happend to the girl. I mean it is just not right to end a show after only four shows, but I hope it might pull a Family Guy, or a Futurama and return to Fox or maybe even another network. I hope that Fox looks at this site and changes their minds and this and maybe other Fox shows that people enjoyed and let them see those shows or the rest of the season.
  • The curse of Tim Minear continues....

    This show had a good storyline that would've kept me interested for at least the first season. The writing, as we got to know the characters, I have no doubt would've improved as Minear's character development is up their with the best in the business! Jaye from Wonderfalls, Mal from Firefly, Darla from Angel are all good examples of this.

    This show really stood out with its direction. Greg Yaitanes is starting to make himself known, and the feel of this show was original. One season should be a minimum for this show, but too much to ask for a Minear show, with Firefly, Wonderfalls and The Inside also not making it to a season final.
  • Air the rest of the series.


    I had to record this show and I just finally got around to watching it and was blown away. I would really like to see the rest of the series. I wonder would FOX ever consider selling it on DVD or something. Well, I sure hate that I did not have time to watch it when it was on the air because I want to find out who won. FOX messed up by not finishing this one. Sometimes they have really great shows but they don't get a chance because of what other shows they put it up against. Drive was on during American Idol and that is all anyone could think about, but if they put it back on like now I bet it would really catch on. It is all about timing and it is a shame that they won't give this one a second chance. I really can't see where it would go once the race is finished because I think that this one is would really be hard to beat, but I would watch it just to see if they could do it.
  • Fun, great show. Everyone I know watched it and loved it.

    Wonderful, fun, action packed adventure. Enjoyed all three episodes I got to see. High ratings, everyone loved it, so theres a plan, cancel it. Cool cars, interesting people, good plot. Why cancel something that so many people loved? Needs to be brought back or at least the remaining episodes released on dvd. Many of us were on the edge of out seats, and for once were watching Fox. Won't have to make that mistake again, if they are going to keep cancelling something that we were all enjoying. Build us up, tear us down. I guess it's the power behind it.
  • I Like This Show It's 4 speed & challing Why FOX Stop show ???

    the show is very nice cool guys nice story & new kind of seares we don't see like this show about speed & partners work & bro love it's new story man why FOX stopp the show ?.?.?

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . In the End I Love This Show & love ho loves this show


  • This was a great show. Wish we could have seen what happens to everyone.. FOX you need to bring it back...

    This was a great show. Wish we could have seen what happens to everyone.. FOX you need to bring it back... I was really disappointed when it was cancelled. It started off strong and next thing you know it gone just like that.. This is not the 1st show that Fox has cancelled and left you hanging.. Thanks Fox for doing that to your viewers. Vanish was a show that my wife and I enjoy watching together too.. and what happen to that it was cancelled right when the climax was happening.. I a really tired of watching a show that keeps getting cancelled after a couple of episods...Bring back Drive....
  • I am really happy it was cancelled.

    Drive is a show about a crosscountry road race. The contestants are competing for $32,000,000. Why would some people just throw all that money away on some stupid race. Plus they have certain people they want to race. The reason I first wanted to watch this was because I am a NASCAR fan. But it just got so boring. Drive had gotten good reviews so I don't know why it sucked so much. I am very glad it got cancelled. But it was a little interesting. Overall Drive is a boring show but if you are some lazy guy who has nothing to do but sit on the couch and watch TV then you will like drive.
  • Not fairr.

    drive was an amazing show and was canceled way too soon. fox barelty gave it a chance. all good shows need to develope a fan base and it doesnt happen overnight, like fox expects. this show was really cool. just the concept sparks some interest. the acting is great and the drama key. you couldnt help but sympathise with even the bad trhigs the racers did, because they were all in it to win. and i especially do not appreciate a bad ending. i know it was supose to have more episodes so they couldnt end it b ut still. i just wish fox would have let them properly end it. i invested my time in a great show and look what happened, its gone. maybe it has a chance of comming back, i hope.
  • Unfair!

    So FOX pulls Vanished for this, then pulls Drive after like what? 4 episodes? Then it schedules the last produced episodes for July 4 but changes its mind at the last minute. Then it decides to show them on a Friday night a couple weeks later but changes its mind, again, at the last minute. And the real kicker is, they probably won't release a DVD b/c the music rights would be too expensive. Why do they even bother to air anything besides American Idol and its clones? The lesson seems to be, don't get hooked on a serialized show; it won't be given a chance.
  • This show is about a group of people who go in the race of their life for a whole bucn hof money. Everyone has their reasons for winning, but not all of them will survive.

    I can't believe fox would get rid of this hsow. At first it seemed stupid, but when i watched it I thought it was great. The first episode was full of suspense, but it is kinda hazy in my mind because it was almost a year ago. Unfortunatly, it lasted 2 episodes, even though it was better then most of the fox shows. i thought the show might end up to be one of my personal favorites. I didnt like it when it went off the air, it was like Jericho all over again. i hope they make a dvd, i will watch it.
  • This is THE BEST show ever made. Fox should be glad they were able to get such a huge hit on their network..

    This show is completely underappreciated. I can not bare to know that my favorite show with Action and Romance is cancelled. Drive is packed with Romance, Action, and a little bit of comedy. Who could not enjoy a show about a secret illegal cross-country race? The actor's were chosen perfectly...I mean they play those roles so perfectly. Why fox, would you cancel such a great show?

    Drive tells the tale of an illegal, underground road race long shrouded in mystery. Participants are recruited by unknown parties to vie for a $32 million prize. Some of the racers choose to join -- some must be ... persuaded.
  • Drive had potential to be a water cooler discussion item, but this potential was not to be realized. It started with controversy and so did it end. Fast cars, interesting characters, intriguing story lines but alas few viewers.

    The sum of six shows equals a potential unachieved.
    Final two episodes that aired online only showed what "Drive" could really have become.

    As more and more of story lines were revealed the more invested the viewer became in the characters.All characters were becoming very complex as the lines between good and bad seemed to blur.

    All of the reasons the drivers had for racing has never
    been clearly explained and now never will. The half
    dozen teams that were at the core of the race were each
    left with at least one tire hanging over the cliff.

    It has been a great ride and well worth the time. The
    satisfaction of closure however, is not to be had.
  • Man is forced on a cross country race to rescue his wife.

    Awesome show. FOX didn't let the show grow. Alex is going across the country on a race trying to rescue his wife from these people (which we will never find out who they are since the show is cancelled) that took her so he would race. He finds this woman who's parents did a similar race in the past and one but got killed in the finish stretch with her standing right in front of them waiting at the finish line. The story got very deep when to women where almost killed off but one stayed alive and was told by the other that god wanted her to win.
  • You know its getting to the point with TV now....

    That i refuse to even watch a show until there is at least a season in the can. I am tired of investing my time, interest and imagination in new TV series (especially those by the Anti-Christ FOX) until i know i have a good 20 episodes to watch. What is it about TV execs nowadays that they think a show has to be a stellar hit with episode 1 or its no good and off. I seem to remember a little show called Star Trek who battled for ratings its entire existence. Now its a way of life for some people :) X-Files didn't hit until season 2 I believe.

    The Lone Gunmen. Firefly. Harsh Realm. etc etc. Run through the list.

    You are on notice Mr TV people. Unless there is a complete season in the can, I'm not watching. I'm over being left high and dry with incomplete story lines, unexplored avenues and sudden endings. It's like being given a book with only the first 4 chapters in it! Unless there is a beginning, a middle and an end, I'm not wasting my time.

    Oh and Drive? Great show. Could have gone anywhere :)
  • Dude I was just getting into that, just started to get very interesting with a little twist to it. And you pull it off!!! WTF, come on, it's something different. And I love it. Please bring it all back every episode ever made, not just the 6 shows.

    Awsome show, keep it going. It keeps me on the edge of the seat just waiting to see what next is going to happen. It seems to be fast pased and very entertaining. A bit of a different look for a TV show, something different. Even with some supprising twists to it. Its not very often a car show like this ever plays on TV. And it's about time something different was put on the air. I recommend this to every body, you don't even have to be into cars at all to like this show. Please don't cancel it.
  • I am glad it was cancelled.

    Drive is a show about a crosscountry road race. The contestants are competing for $32,000,000. Why would some people just throw all that money away on some stupid race. Plus they have certain people they want to race. The reason I first wanted to watch this was because I am a NASCAR fan. But it just got so boring. Drive had gotten good reviews so I don't know why it sucked so much. I am very glad it got cancelled. But it was a little interesting. Overall Drive is a boring show but if you are some lazy guy who has nothing to do but sit on the couch and watch TV then you will like drive.
  • What a hell?

    What's this with FOX and amazing shows that get cancelled after 3, 4 or 10 episodes? I mean, really? How can any show that has this kinda story, AND Nathan Fillion be bad? Of course ratings were low - but come on... what should you expect if you air new show in the middle of summer?

    Drive is a masterpiece. And I'm not kidding. Mystery race, kidnapped family members, people who have their reasons to fight to win with their own lives. At first, when I heard about Drive I was kinda reluctant. One episode was enough for me to realize what potential this show has. Unfortunately, some people disagree. I just wish I meet that people one day, so they can explain me a logic behind their reasoning.

    My favorite characters (in this few episode we saw) are Alex, Corinna, and Salazar brothers. Their robbery in episode four was so cool. I like the way they work together... it's obvious these are real good actors.

    My fav moment: "You don't want to meet real Alex Tully. Promise." People just need to see this moment to realize why is Nathan such a praised actor. We know. But apparently it's not enough.
  • Drive is excting, and thrilling, and should still be on television.

    Drive was such an intense drama that I would just sit there in silence during the whole show, unable to pull my eyes away from my television. Drive was the seccond good new show in two years. Drive is so exciting, and thrilling, and didn't deverse to be taken off television. Drive is better than that. In Drive anything was possible and everything was another suprize. I just never knew what was going to happen next. In Drive all the characters had their own secrets and morals, and more and more of them were revealed within each episode. The characters for the most part were actually quite belivealbe. I don't know what they would have done if someone won the race though... and they couldn't drag out the race for mutiple season either. They should have made Drive a TV movie or a mini series, not a real whole series... They should have known that wouldn't survive.
  • I feel who's ever idea it was to cancel this show was a freaking moron who should be fired!

    The only reason my TV ever hit a FOX station was to watch this show! I could run FOX better then the current idiots! This show had it all.. drama, suspense, humor, great looking people who could ACTUALLY act! I DVR'ed this show just because I did not want to lose an episode! FOX is fired like that floppy haired old guy!
  • This is one of the most awesomest shows on tv and the people who are deciding to cancel it are psychopathic idiots who need a reality check. How could you deny people the right to watch this.

    This show is the coolest show on tv. And it has some pretty hott people in it to so for it to be cancelled is heartbreaking. This show is amazing. It is what every kid probably wants to do when they get a car. Go on a cross country road race for a lot of money. Plus you get to go with friends what can be better than that. You get to see the good things about the country you live in and some of the bad things about the country you live in. But still that doesn't matter. The only thing tha matters is that this show is not cancelled, cause me and a lot of other people will be sad and mad and probably cry. What about all the people who are helping make the show, they won't get paid anymore cause there is no more show. Just somethin for you to think about.
  • Great Show... Cancelled!

    I loved this show!! In the first 4 episodes it had everything I wanted from a show! It even had Nathan Fillion! But we yet again get struck down by shows being prematurly cancelled before we get a chance to love them. I loved the basic storyline of a group of people travelling across amaerica to win X amount of money. The cast did the roles justice and I think that it pulled together very well. i got hooked and I was very dissapointed when I reached the end of the 4th episode to be left on a cliff hanger with no hope of conclusion. I will be eagerly awaiting the return to our screens for the one off on July 4th!
  • This show that is better than many of Fox's current shows was cancelled after 4 eps. Why? Nodody knows to this day, but I do say bring it back! For it's well worth the trouble!

    This cult action/adventure show with an incredibly new and frsh theme deserves to be obsessed by millions of fans all over the world. An underground illegal car race in a reasonably ingenious idea and a shoo-in for great show potential. This show has numerous trists and turns in the road ( pardon the pun ) and will keep you hanging till the last second. With a great cast who play the most intersting set of characters telivision has seen since perhaps Firefly (also cancelled by none other than FOX) Drive is pure entertainment with a surprising kick of fun and good measure. But alas, the world may never know who will win the race. But the race for redemtion and revenge has only just begun.
  • who canceled this show... is totaly idiots!!!

    fraging idiots!!! you cant stop the show, when its interesting !!! the show is interesting and with hook! this is what i am looking in television these days! and if some stupip mochkrushiai decides to cancel it i am sad, realy sad... the tv going down!!! so f**k! i very unhapppy, very much! you know i'd like to watch in a eye to these fraging scums, who have authority to cancel shows like surafce, invasion, fireflay, and others...! screw them!!! they will get what they deserve!!!
  • silly and bad. not bad, but not good.

    Now here's a high concept. Everyman landscaping dude (Firefly's Nathan Fillion, so deserving of stardom) learns that his wife has gone missing (kidnapped?), and his only hope of finding her is to partner with an equally desperate Woman With Secrets (Kristin Lehman) in a mucho mysterious cross-country car race with a mythic history and a $32 million prize. Their competition includes an emotionally battered housewife and new mom (Two and a Half Men's Melanie Lynskey) on the run from her husband; an ex-con (Kevin Alejandro) freshly sprung from the joint; and a pair of masked motorcyclists who turn out to be geezers. Fox should mail out racing forms to help keep track of everyone.

    A mad, mad, mad, madcap marriage of The Amazing Race and The Game, Drive presents an outrageous scenario that requires some suspension of disbelief. He's got to win the race to...rescue his wife? He can't just get the police on this one? The pilot seems keenly aware of its own hard-to-swallowness, and executive producers Tim Minear (Wonderfalls) and Ben Queen seem to think that by loading up on good humor (embodied by a wry Charles Martin Smith as the vaguely sinister emcee of the race) and blood-pumping action, viewers will just roll with it.

    Done. Now I hope Drive will stop winking and fully embrace its crackerjack Lost-on-wheels conceit. Give us mystery. Give us mythology. And give us some meaty secondary characters. But with some fine-tuning and bolder steering, Drive could be one souped-up storytelling machine.
  • I felt the character were very interesting and a good variety. I was a little concerned with the elimnation rounds, but they were handled wonderfully! I loved the characters and their stories and their reasons for being in the race

    I loved that show! We looked forward to it every time it was scheduled and were disappointed when it was not coming back on. When it over I was wanting to find out what else was going to happen. I can not belive the ratings were so low!! There is so much junk on TV these days that I really thought this would be a hit series. I just hope it is reconsidered for airing. I know several people how also enjoyed viewing it. If nothing else, I would like to find out what happened in the unseen episodes via DVD or something!!!
  • This show has the makings of some real fun, its fast pace, it has characters that are believable, and some that are not but that OK, it is fun to watch the cars move so quickly and to have that element of mystery, who is doing this and why?

    This is a great show, its exciting, fast pace, starts with good character development, it has good twists and turns. Just when you expect someone to get killed they don't and the show takes another turn. Your not sure who is for real and who is part of the competition. Its just great, I have been watching shows on TV for 50 years. I am tired of sitcoms, don't like Real TV its boring, can only watch so much blood and gore of CSI stories, getting tap out by the rapes and murders of Law and order. This show was fun like Heroes. The action of the cars was great and every show had to meet a check point, it was a novel idea.....come on guys bring it back!
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