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  • A "LOST" attempt to create a good mix between drama, thriller and reality show

    First of all... who provide 32 million dollars for ilegal game?! And how these people know about it? How come all real police never catch them? And why these people want certain people as the constestant? Like LOST there are so many question.... and usually these questions that make the series interesting, unfortunately Drive doesn't provide the bread crumbs that make it interesting.... unlike LOST who always keep "the others" interesting, mysterious and trigger our imagination, Drive seems not give that to their viewers... Drive simply just put it aside and focusing on the contestant's story....and of course like LOST all the 'passanger' has their own reason for following the race... but the story is not good enough...not interesting... how corrina was the bait in the game for her parents long time ago….I was pretty happy knowing that Melanie Lynskey is in the show… but this is not her best performance… and also Dylan Baker… this series has good actors and actresses… they just has a bad script…