Drive - Season 3

FOX (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Roots
    Episode 6
    In episode 6 Mike Vallely visits his hometown of Edison, New Jersey. First meeting up with childhood friend, Al Batagliotti, at his skate shop Central Jersey Skate Shop. Al takes Mike to the backyard skatepark of the Nolan family, where they skate with a new generation of Edison kids. Another one of Mike's early childhood friends, Mike Schwartz, stops by to see Mike and, along with Al, they reminisce about growing up in Edison. From there Mike heads over to meet up with his childhood mentor Rodney Smith, who took Mike under his wing when he first started skating and exposed him to the world of skateboarding outside of Central New Jersey. They head to New York City to visit Rodney's skate shop, Shut Skateboards, and go to the infamous Brooklyn Banks, Mike's all-time favorite skate spot. There Mike shares with Rodney just how important his friendship and mentorship has meant to him all these years. Mike goes on to skate a demo at the public Edison skatepark, and in front of a hometown crowd presents Rodney with a gift, a 2008 Jeep Wrangler, to say thank you for always believing in him. The show and season ends with Mike returning home to his family in Long Beach, CA.moreless
  • Two Ends of the Spectrum
    Mike visits two skate scenes that have been in the news for entirely different reasons, first visiting the town of Hot Springs, Arkansas where, on Go Skateboarding Day 2007, a group of youth made national headlines after an altercation with Police. Then Mike visits the Green Skate Lab in Washington, DC where a group of skaters set out to build the first "Green" skatepark and in the process created a skate scene in one of Washington, DC's poorer neighborhoods.moreless
  • Barbados
    Episode 4
    "Episode 4 of DRIVE finds Mike Vallely traveling to the island nation of Barbados to check out its fledgling skate scene. The show opens with Mike skating one of the local skate spots, an ocean front wooden boardwalk. From there he visits the Irie One Skate Shop to meet up with local skater Paul Wilson. Paul has taken it upon himself to create a legitimate scene in Barbados by bringing all of the islands skaters together. Mike joins Paul and some of the local crew for a session on their miniramp. In his efforts to push skateboarding and introduce more of the local people to skateboarding, Paul has established an island skate tour in which he takes all the skaters around the island to session different spots. Mike joins Paul on the tour and goes with the kids on the bus to checkout what the island has to offer. Mike is blown away by the local's friendly attitude and camaraderie regardless of their varying abilities. Mike's time in Barbados ends with him helping Paul and a bunch of the locals load some portable ramps onto a flatbed truck and unload them in a car park to skate…a sort of mobile skate park. In talking with Paul and seeing everything that he is doing for the scene in Barbados, Mike concludes that they now have the proper foundation to build a legitimate scene that will benefit skaters for generations to come."moreless
  • Parental Guidance
    Parental Guidance
    Episode 3
    "In episode 3 of DRIVE Mike Vallely explores the subject of Parental involvement in skateboarding. Mike visits the Bruno family in Crownsville, MD to skate their backyard wooden skatepark and talks with the father Tom about his desire to be involved in his kids interests, and how building the ramps has brought them closer together and given all the kids in the neighborhood a place to go. Next Mike visits Fillmore Middle School in Fillmore, CA to see David MacDonald, a Physical Education teacher who has implemented a skateboard program at the school, the first of its kind in the state. From there Mike travels to Lake Havasu City, Arizona to visit with Rachelle Duncan and Julie Sasseen, two moms brought together by tragic circumstances, who are working on getting a world-class skatepark built in honor of two local kids who recently passed away. In the process the kids, parents, and community have grown closer together in their quest to realize their dream in memory of Patrick Tinell and Colin Sasseen."moreless
  • Brazil pt.2
    Brazil pt.2
    Episode 2
    "Episode 2 of DRIVE finds Mike Vallely continuing his trip to Brazil. Leaving Sao Paulo, Mike skates a local park in the town of Poa and leaves behind 5 complete Element skateboards for the local kids to share. From there he heads north to Rio De Janeiro where he sessions the first skate skatepark ever built in South America with fellow Element team rider Levi Brown and a group of locals. Mike goes on to visit the infamous the infamous City of God, one of Rio's many slums, or favela's are they are called. There he meets up with Brazilian hip hop star MV Bill, who started an organization, the Central Unicas Das Favelas, to further the plight of the favela's youths who often times get caught up in the rampant drug trade. Using skateboarding as a motivational tool and outlet, MV Bill has funded the construction of a mini-ramp and play area in the heart of the City of God, which Mike skates. The episode ends with Mike skating another local Rio park with a group of local kids."moreless
  • Brazil, Pt. 1
    Brazil, Pt. 1
    Episode 1
    The premiere episode of the third season of DRIVE finds Mike Vallely packing up his Wagoneer, saying good by to the family and heading back out on the road. First stop is the country of Brazil where Mike meets skateboarder and community activist Sandro Santos. He takes Mike to his hometown of Poa where Mike has a skate session in front of Sandro's house with a group of the neighborhood kids. From there Sandro takes Mike into downtown Sao Paulo to the Vale Du Anhangebau, the central skate spot in Sao Paulo. Sandro and Mike talk about how Sandro got into skateboarding and how he uses skateboarding to teach kids lessons about life. Sandro tells Mike about the program he started at a juvenile prison and they visit the prison where Mike does a skate demo for the kids. The episode ends with Mike skating a rooftop plaza reflecting on his own role in skateboarding.moreless