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Driving Force

A&E (ended 2007)


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Driving Force

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Racing legend John Force, his wife Laurie, and his three drag-racing daughters Ashley, Brittany and Courtney take viewers on a behind the scenes look at the everyday life of the Force family. John has a fourth daughter, Adria, is the CFO of John Force Racing, Inc. John missed out on much of the girls' upbringing since he was out on the road in the drag racing circuit. Now John is trying to bring the family together and spends most of his time with the girls as he brings them into his profession. It's a real-life reality series about the life of a drag racing family and what its like to have the fastest man in the world as your father. John Force is a 14 time NHRA Champion Funny Car driver in the NHRA. Ashley Force drives a Funny Car in the NHRA. Brittany and Courtney both run Super Comp. Fasten your seat belts.


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  • Real family drama as the Force family competes on the race track and off.

    When I first saw the commercials for this show, I wondered if it was going to be all about John Force screaming at people. Happily, I was wrong. It is about John screaming at people, the day-to-day saga of competition in the drag racing world, and the ups and downs of family life. Watch as John and his estranged wife Laurie try to keep the family together; learn what it takes to drive race cars at 300 mph and above; and see the Force family members act like, well, normal people, who laugh, get angry, struggle, get knocked down and try again. This is one of the most rewarding shows I've seen in a long time. It's quickly become one of my favorites.moreless
  • John Force is my HERO...

    What can I say.. I love this show.

    After meeting Mr. Force on several occasions, (when he tours East Tennessee) and wondering what he is like beyond the post race interviews... It really hits upon the behind the scenes life of a Funny Car Driver.

    All the nervous moments, and victory's and not to forget the recent tragedies.

    May Eric never be forgotten.

    Keep the faith John your fans are behind you.
  • Being from the south racing is in the blood. I grew up on Nascar and only started watching NHRA due to this show. I LOVE IT! To see the camper trailer John grew up in was humbling for his girls, WHICH THEY NEEDED! Money can't buy love or happiness.moreless

    John lost one family (Adria and her mother), almost lost his life with Laurie and the girls. Laurie appears to be meek on the show but she has to be A very strong woman, w/big B_ _ _ _, Its obvious John loves his family. He is tryinng to give his family a better life. Thats his way of showing/giving love. I'm a BIG Ashley racing fan! The girls are back in town! Go Ashley! I hope to get to go to my first drag race in Bristol!moreless
  • This is about the racing family "The Forces" John Force, Ashley Force, Courteny Force, Brittany Force, And Laura Force.

    This show is Great for pepole that like racing because John Force is a 14 time champion And for the guys the Daughters Are Incredibly hot.You Can See for your self. They Just lost One Of There Teamates Eric Medlin In A Horrific Crash In March. But They Are going to try to get over it and get back to there old ways.
  • I am a gear head now! Good luck team Force! Especially Ashley.

    I had never been into watching drag racing on tv before I watched Driving Force. I watched the show by accident, and now I am hooked on racing. I only wish it was more popular because you cannot find anything about the NHRA or anyone to talk to about it. No one really knows alot about drag racing. I love watching John and his family try to work out their differences at two and three hundred miles per hour. It is hard enough to keep a family in tune without adding a 7000 horsepowered funny car into the mix. I love the family dynamics this show brings to television.moreless
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