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Another season?

Would you like to see another season?

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    [1]May 24, 2007
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    Now that Driving Force has finished airing it's second season, do you think there should be another??  I know a lot had happened since the filming ended for this previous season.  Eric Medlen died.  John Force is struggling to make it to the second round of eliminations.  The only positive thing that seems to be going for Team Force right now is Ashley. Maybe John should put of the show for a year to get things back in order, eventhough I'd love to see a third season. 
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    [2]Jun 21, 2007
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    I hope that there will be a third season. This is the only reality tv i watch. I do not like any of the other reality shows. This show has got me hooked on drag racing. I think that if the show was on another network it would be more successful. It is not being marketed properly.
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