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john force hurt

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    [1]Sep 23, 2007
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    he been in a big crash in today funny car event. its been reported that he broke both legs and one of his arms but he is awake and talking.
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    [2]Sep 24, 2007
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    John Force suffered a severely broken left ankle, a deep laceration on his right knee down to the bone,adislocated left wrist (it was thought to be broken at the time,) and abrasive injuries to his right hand and a few broken fingers on his right hand. Surgeons last night were able to repair his ankle and set it with three pins. His wrist was throught to be broken, but it was just severly dislocated. The video of the crash is just horrific and it amazing no one was killed. I didn't realize that when his car collided with Kenny Bernsteins, that Force wasn't part of that wreck, just the body of his car. His car had split right at the engine block and Force was still by the finish line. Ashley dropped out of the semifinals because of the accident.

    John Force Racing has suffered SO much this year with the lose of teammate Eric Medlen and now this. Driving Force will definitely not be back again and I would be totally shocked if it was. Drag Racing is a deadly sport.

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    Tough year for John Force racing, and unfortunately it includes John Force's injury on Sept. 24, 2007, although he credits Medlen's death to saving him from head injury because of the upgraded safety measures taken to protect the drivers as a result of Medlen's death. He claims that he'll be racing in another 4-6 weeks and that he car is going to be modified to accommodate his injury's. Can't deny the man is a competitors, hopes he's ready for so soon, I guess we'll see but I believe John's a man that you can take at his word. Take care.
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