Driving Force - Season 2

A&E (ended 2007)


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Episode Guide

  • The Real Deal
    The Real Deal
    Episode 10
    Ashley has a disappointing race and ends up breaking down in front of national tv when she is interviewed. John attempted to help her in dealing with the events of race day so that it doesn't happen again.
  • Fighting the Fight
    Fighting the Fight
    Episode 9
    John is getting too out of control for anyone to be around him, so the girls decide maybe he should go see a therapist to calm down. John decides that it would be a good idea if the whole family went with him.
  • Forces of Nature
    Forces of Nature
    Episode 8
    John decides that the family is not spending enough time together so he takes them on a family camping trip. Brittany is less than thrilled to be going camping so far out there. John tries to do whatever it takes to connect with Brittany. He doesn't want this camping trip to be another failed attempt like so many other trips.moreless
  • The Next Generation
    Ashley is in the hot seat as she prepares for her NHRA Funny Car debut. John hovers over her like a hawk and he begins to think about his own future. He decided to take his family on a little surprise vacation. This isn't any ordinary vacation though; it's a vacation to a funeral home.moreless
  • Force of Impact
    Force of Impact
    Episode 6
    Scared that Brittany is getting out of control and losing focus, John tries his best to reign in his most stubborn daughter. But Brittany scares herself badly when she crashes her dragster into the wall during a testing session. John worries that fear from the crash will prevent her from ever wanting to race again, so he attempts to push a reluctant Brittany back into the seat without damaging their fragile relationship even further.moreless
  • 1 For The Money, 4 In The Show
    Ashley makes her pro debut at Pomona, the first race of the 2007 NHRA season, and John sets a lofty goal for his team: get all four of their cars qualified for the 16-car elimination round. Two members of John's team qualify for the show early, but Ashley and John's struggles have them on the outside looking in. With John's 19 ½ year qualifying streak on the line and Ashley's pro debut about to go up in flames, both must make dramatic runs to make the show.moreless
  • Memory Lane
    Memory Lane
    Episode 4
    It's time for John Force's class reunion. He doesn't want to go and have to face all of the bad memories that he has, but yet he wants to go and show what he's made of himself. The girls head off to go racing and leave John to face this problem alone.moreless
  • Leap of Faith
    Leap of Faith
    Episode 3
    It's almost time for Ashley's big Funny Car debut. John is thinking about all the bad things that could happen, but Ashley tries to remain upbeat about it all.
  • The Honeymooners
    The Honeymooners
    Episode 2
    It's been a bumpy ride, but it's John and Laurie's 25th wedding anniversary. John plans to show Laurie how much he still cares about her by taking her on a romantic weekend getaway, but Brittany, Ashley, and Courtney have other plans. While John and Laurie are away, the girls plan on throwing them a surprise anniversary party once they return.moreless
  • Race Against Time
    Race Against Time
    Episode 1
    It's the end of the 2006 NHRA season and the Funny Car championship is still undecided. The championship is between John Force, his teammate and son in law Robert Hight, Ron Capps. John Force emerges victoriously and wins his 14th NHRA championship and then begins to question what a true sportman is.moreless