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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Great Heep (2)
      The Great Heep (2)
      Episode 15
      With Threepio captured by the Great Heap, Artoo in the Great Heap's harem tower and Mungo Baobab in detention, things look dim for the droids, in their attempt to free the planet of Biitu from the Great Heap and the Empire.
    • The Great Heep (1)
      The Great Heep (1)
      Episode 14
      When Mungo Baobab discovers a valuable fuel source, the Empire dispatches The Great Heep to capture Mungo and take control of the planet.
    • The Frozen Citadel
      The Frozen Citadel
      Episode 13
      Mungo Baobab and the Droids continue their search for the Roon stones but General Koong to make trouble for our heroes.
    • Across the Roon Sea
      Mungo Baobab has just about given up hope on finding Roon stones and together with the droids are about to return to Manda (Baobab's home planet). Fearing Auren Yomwill not even say goodbye, Baobab is disheartened while the droids pick up the hunch that he has strong feelings for her. Oran however, and her father, finally arrive to see them off and Oran gives Baobab a farewell present - a rune stone. Upon seeing this, Baobab becomes determined to find out where it came from which leads the group into a haunted space craft (or so Artoo believes) where they meet the old hermit Olgun.

      Olgun recognizes the colors Mungo wears to be that of the Baobab clan and to Mungo's surprise Olgun turns out to be his great uncle. Olgun tells them that he was marooned on Roon (bit of poetry there for you) years ago and has since searched for roon stones, coming up with six bags full. He gives this treasure to Mungo along with a survival kit before passing on. Mungo becomes determined to follow in his uncle's footsteps by finding the source of the Rune stones but little does he know that Admiral Screed and General Koong have been watching their every move and with the assistance of Koong's henchman Gaff, they capture Mungo, Oran and Threepio while Artoo manages to escape. Taken aboard a slave ship, our heroes find themselves chained and ordered to help steer while the Roon stones are placed elsewhere on board by Gaff. Furthermore, Threepio has to put up with an annoying stand-up comedian droid named Winde. It's up to R2-D2 to save the day and rescue our friends!moreless
    • The Roon Games
      The Roon Games
      Episode 11
      Having escaped, Mungo Baobab, C-3PO and R2-D2 once again make their way for the planet Roon but it turns out they haven't seen the last of Koong.
    • The Tail of the Roon Comets
      Mungo Baobab, with R2-D2 and C-3PO in tow, begins searching for the powerful Roon Stones, but runs into an imperial entanglement.
    • Coby and the Starhunters
      While escorting Lord Toda's son Coby to the Space Academy, Jann Tosh and the Droids run into trouble with a band of Starhunters.
    • The Revenge of Kybo Ren
      Hopes for the outcome of peace talks between Mon Julpa and Lord Toda are put into jeopardy when Kybo Ren escapes from from his prison cell.
    • The Pirates of Tarnoonga
      While on their way to Tammuz-An to deliver fuel to Mon Julpa, the droids, Jess Meade and Jann Tosh are attack by Kybo Renn and his pirates.
    • The New King
      The New King
      Episode 6
      The droids and Jann Tosh return with Julpa to his home planet, Tammuz-An in an attempt to over throw the evil vizier Zattech Zash and reclaim his throne.
    • The Lost Prince
      The Lost Prince
      Episode 5
      The droids end up in a droid auction, and are saved from Yorbo, a possibly abusive owner by Jann Tosh, but Yorbo won't give up the droids so easily.
    • A Race to the Finish
      The droids and their masters make a crash landing on the planet where they will compete in the "Botha Speeder Race, but a notorious bounty hunter is on their trail.
    • The Trigon Unleashed
      The droids and their masters Ingo, Thall and Kea attempt to prevent Sise Fromme from obtaining the Trigon One.
    • Escape Into Terror
      After being forced to make a detour to Annoo, Thall, Jord, Kea C3PO and R2 visit Kea's mother, who is linked with the rebel alliance.
    • The White Witch
      The White Witch
      Episode 1
      C3PO and R2D2 end up marooned on a planet's junk yard and meet up with two aspiring landspeeder racers named Thall Joben and Jord Dusat.