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  • Alright spinoff

    1st ep (09)
  • Now we know it couldn't happen before the film saga, because Anakin Skywalker built C3-PO, neither after the movies, there was no empire. So we have to accept it as a "What if..." as in Marvel Comics (which edited Star Wars comics at the time).

    This show, along with its twin brother, Ewoks, were the television debut of the Star Wars saga (as a series, I aknowledge the holiday special, the guest appearance on the MuppetShow and any other bit). Now we watch Clone Wars, another Star Wars great TV show, and amaze at the fast paced action with little plot. Ewoks and Droids had a lot of plot because they were designed for a time when we, then children, wanted to know everything. Shows about wiz kinds were common, you had War Games at the movies. It was another era. Now telling and knowing is boring. We want action.
  • Join C-3PO and R2D2 as they travel the Galaxies insearch of there own adventures!! Who needs luke C-3PO can speak more languages than Luke can dream of. Besides that you get to see many of your all time favorite charaters animated.

    While this show isn't as thrilling as Clone Wars or other Star Wars shows. We have to give it respect none-the-less. As you watch the show just remember it's made for children and was written in the 80's. This doesn't do to much for it but it has it's moments and a few thrilling parts.

    Definatly worth seeing once to say you have seen the show. But as for owning it well that depends on how much you like Star Wars.

    The show Ewoks beats it hands down!!!!
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