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Droopy: Master Detective

FOX (ended 1994)


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Droopy: Master Detective

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In the world of private eyes, it's the cool guys, the low-key joes that always get their men. And no character, fictional or otherwise, was ever more low-key than Droopy (unless, of course, they were dead). Those hanging jowls, that muttering voice…This pooch was born to be a P.I. In 1993, he finally got his chance, headlining his first Saturday morning cartoon series, Droopy, Master Detective. Created by the legendary Tex Avery, Droopy had been part of MGM's theatrical cartoon lineup since 1943. After decades in the business, the dog came to television as part of 1979's The Tom and Jerry Show, but he was only a supporting player. 1990's Tom and Jerry Kids gave Droopy a regular segment, as well as a new sidekick—a lookalike son named Dripple. Seeing that the old dog still had a few tricks left, Hanna-Barbera cast Droopy and Dripple as 1940's-style detectives, with all the film noir trappings. A spoof of detective films and cop shows, Droopy, Master Detective stuck the two dogs on the mean streets of an unnamed big city. Droopy was every bit as talented at catching the crooks as he had been in his theatrical shorts, and his deadpan humor kept the mood light. Newly-made seven-minute episodes were mixed in with seven-minute reruns from Droopy and Dripple's Tom and Jerry Kids appearances. The rest of the half-hour program was taken up by Screwball Squirrel, another Tex Avery creation from the 1940's. "Screwy" made his home in a public park, making life miserable for hot-headed park attendant Dweeble and his moronic dog Grappley. Droopy may have always gotten his man, but getting the kids to sit still and watch his show was another matter. Droopy, Master Detective ran for only one season on Fox's Saturday morning schedule. Droopy didn't seem to care either way.moreless
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  • mi yo niño

    De niño mamé pocas cosas que me quedaron como esenciales. Una de ellas (me cuesta encontrar otras, el cole y los amigos quizás, mis primos edu y mariana!) es, sin dudas, droopy. Lo que me reía con ese perrito con cara de nada que aparecía en los lugares más inesperados para simplemente romperle las bolas a su archienemigo pobrecito. Solo por eso (les parece poco?) es que idolatro a este dibujito y pido a gritos deseperado que algún canal se apiade de mi y lo vuelva a poner al aire. Si alguien sabe algo avíseme por favor!

    Droopy: esencialmente super imprescindible.moreless
  • A decent show from Hanna Barbera Productions

    I think Droopy Master Detective has good points and bad points. Let me take bad points. Story was good. But the script arrangement wasn't successful. The pace of the script was slow. This may have been the major reason why the show wasn't successful. I think the script should have given to someone like Glenn Leopold or Bill Matheny.

    As for the good points, the Animation was great. Voice Acting was great too. So it was watchable. Its great to hear voice of Don Messick playing Droopy. I thought Screwball Squirrel was ok.

    Even a weak Hanna Barbera show is better than many of the cartoon shows released today.moreless
  • An incredibly dull spin-off of Tom & Jerry Kids.

    About a year ago, I liked Droopy: Master Detective. I can't understand why. It is very boring. This was a spin-off of Tom & Jerry Kids, a great modern cartoon. However, it seems that in this show, they removed everything that made Tom & Jerry Kids funny.

    The show is nothing special, just a bad chase cartoon combined with characters solving basic mysteries. There are too many episodes where McWolf or some other criminal tries to steal a diamond or something else from a museum.

    Between the two Droopy and Dripple cartoons, there is one starring Dweeble and his dog Grappley who try to catch Screwball Squirrel. These cartoons are even worse than the Droopy segments. It is just seven minutes of failed slapstick gags.

    This show only lasted for one season and I can understand why. It is one of the worst shows ever by Hanna-Barbera. One reason I'm giving this 2.0 is a funny line said by Droopy in one episode. Droopy and Dripple were standing on a suitcase and Droopy said "Don't worry. We're on the case." Another reason is the voices which are well done.

    This show only airs in a few countries now. If you haven't seen this show, you're really not missing much.moreless