Droopy: Master Detective

FOX (ended 1994)


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  • Season 1
    • Round 'Em Up, Bub/A Screwball Romance/The Case of the Snooty Star
      Round 'Em up, Bub: In the wild west, Droopy and Dripple face off against Mad Dog McWolf. A Screwball Romance: Screwball helps Rumpley woo the girl of his dreams. The Case of the Snooty Star: Droopy and Dripple act as bodyguards to a stuck-up actress.
    • Droopy's Deep Sea Mystery/How Can We Miss You If You Don't Go Away?/Droopy and the Case of the Missing Dragon
      Droopy's Deep Sea Mystery: A mermaid asks for Droopy and Dripple's help. How Can We Miss You If You Don't Go Away?: Dweeble and Rumpley try to trick Screwball into leaving the park. Droopy and the Case of the Missing Dragon: Droopy and Dripple once again encounter "Miss Terious" while inestigating a missing jade dragon.moreless
    • The Case of Pierre le Poulet/Commotion on the Ocean/Alligator Droopy
      The Case of Pierre le Poulet: Droopy investigates an art theft. Commotion on the Ocean: Screwball joins Dweeble and Rumpley on a cruise. Alligator Droopy: Droopy and Dripple go down under to investigate the dissapearance of Kangaroo Kate's wallabys.
    • Sheep Thrills/Screwball Out West/The Maltese Fossil
      Sheep Thrills: Droppy and Dripple are asked by a shepherdess to guard her flock. Screwball Out West: Dweeble and Rumpley take a vacation at a dude ranch - and Screwball follows them. The Maltese Fossil: In prehistoric times, Droopy defends a rare dinosaur skeleton from a caveman crook.
    • Auntie Snoople/Demolition Disorder/Mushu McWolf
      Auntie Snoople: Droopy's over-protective aunt defends him from a vengeful criminal. Demolition Disorder: Screwball, Dweeble and Rumpley join forces to prevent the park from being torn down. Mushu McWolf: Droopy takes on a kung-fu criminal.
    • Duelling Detectives/Squirrelicious Obnoxiousness/Sherlock Droopy Gets Hounded
      Duelling Detectives: Droopy and Private Eye McWolf try to solve a case first. Squirrelicious Obnoxiousness: Screwball is declared an "endangered species", and uses his new designation to torment Dweeble and Rumpley. Sherlock Droopy Gets Hounded: Sherlock Droopy faces the Baskerton Hound.
    • The Monster Mob/Everybody Out/Sherlock Doopy
      The Monster Mob: Droopy comes after the mobster "Big Latte", forcing him to turn to a group of monsters for help. Everybody Out: Dweeble and Rumpley try to get rid of Screwball. Sherlock Droopy: Sherlock Droopy matches wits with Professor Wolfiarty.
    • The Babyman Bank Heists/Dweeble's Night Out/The Deep Space Case
      The Babyman Bank Heists: Droopy and Dripple try to capture a baby-faced crook. Dweeble's Night Out: Dweeble tries to sleep after a wild night out, but Screwball has other ideas. The Deep Space Case: An alien girl asks for Droopy and Dripple's help.
    • Primeval Prey/Dweeble's Worst Nightmare/Battle of the Super Squirrels
      Primeval Prey: An explorer attempts to capture Wildmouse. Dweeble's Worst Nightmare: Screwball invades Dweeble's dreams. Battle of the Super Squirrels: Lightningbolt challenges fellow Super Squirrel Thundergut to see who the best superhero is.
    • Deep Swamp Droopy/Dog Breath Dweeble/Hogswild
      Deep Swamp Droopy: Droopy and Dripple face McWolf in a riverboat race. Dog Breath Dweeble: Dweeble tells the story of his ancestor, a famous pirate. Hogswild: Lightningbolt the Super Squirrel tries to run a motorcycle gang of pigs out of town.
    • Return of the Yolker/A Chip off the Old Blockhead/Mighty Mcwolf
      Return of the Yolker: The Yolker attempts to steal a priceless egg. A Chip off the old Blockhead: Rumpley's father tries to coach his son in how to catch Screwball. Mighty Mcwolf: A disgruntled superhero goes on a rampage.
    • Droopy and the Cyberdolts/Pickax Max/Hey! Where's Arnold?
      Droopy and the Cyberdolts: In the future, Droopy investigates a gang of robots. Pickax Max: A crazed prospector starts digging for gold in Screwball's park. Hey! Where's Arnold?: Droopy and Dripple are called to India to find the Raj's missing pet elephant.
    • Queen of the Mutant Weirdo Vampires/Screwball Snowballs/Shadowman and the Blue Pigeon
      Queen of the Mutant Weirdo Vampires: Droopy and Dripple protect a horror movie actress from an unknown assailant. Screwball Snowballs: Screwball torments Dweeble and Rumpley with an onslaught of snowballs. Shadowman and the Blue Pigeon: Droopy and Dripple team up with "Miss Terious" to protect a priceless gem from a shaddowy criminalmoreless
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