Droopy: Master Detective

FOX (ended 1994)


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  • An incredibly dull spin-off of Tom & Jerry Kids.

    About a year ago, I liked Droopy: Master Detective. I can't understand why. It is very boring. This was a spin-off of Tom & Jerry Kids, a great modern cartoon. However, it seems that in this show, they removed everything that made Tom & Jerry Kids funny.

    The show is nothing special, just a bad chase cartoon combined with characters solving basic mysteries. There are too many episodes where McWolf or some other criminal tries to steal a diamond or something else from a museum.

    Between the two Droopy and Dripple cartoons, there is one starring Dweeble and his dog Grappley who try to catch Screwball Squirrel. These cartoons are even worse than the Droopy segments. It is just seven minutes of failed slapstick gags.

    This show only lasted for one season and I can understand why. It is one of the worst shows ever by Hanna-Barbera. One reason I'm giving this 2.0 is a funny line said by Droopy in one episode. Droopy and Dripple were standing on a suitcase and Droopy said "Don't worry. We're on the case." Another reason is the voices which are well done.

    This show only airs in a few countries now. If you haven't seen this show, you're really not missing much.