Drop Dead Diva

Season 5 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 14, 2013 on Lifetime
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Jane and Owen help a teen accused of cheating on the SAT’s, Kim  and Grayson clear a dog of charges that his dog got a prize winning dog pregnant. Paul has to find out why Stacy is acting funny.



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  • Cheaters

    I get that Owen is still upset. Initially that upset me because I hate storylines to be dragged out but it is realistic. What I don't find realistic is Jane turning Grayson down. For 4 seasons we saw her chasing after him and crying when ever he kissed/dated/engaged another blonde and now that she has her chance she gives it up? Although on the other side it is nice to see Grayson turned down. Does anyone else think he is getting less attractive as the show goes on? Stacy with a baby?moreless
  • too sad

    Depressing ending...
  • Drop Dead Diva.

    Interesting case for Jane and Owen, a student by the name of Nick Jensen is accused of cheating on his SAT scores and has been expelled from school. As it turns out Nick also took a drug test which he had failed, which he says he doesn't take drugs and then the police arrive to arrest his mother Marlena. Which her charges state from criminal sale of a control substance, the pills that she was charged with was Adderall which belong to her and was prescribed by her Doctor for her ADHT. As it turns out, Nick did take Adderall, but not from his mother from a T shirt website and you go to the order page then under quantity you type in your locker number and then the next day the pills are in your locker. Meanwhile Jane doesn't really send Paul to spy on Stacy, but when she gets all the wrong information and when Jane finds out the real truth that Stacy wants to become a mother, everything works out in the end. Back to the case as it seems the janitor is the one slipping the envelope into the locker, but all is not what it seems, the person behind this whole thing is Principal Daley. The other case that Kim and Grayson were working on all worked out well in the end. Owen will never forgive Jane for kissing Grayson and when Jane comes home she finds Grayson has cooked a romantic dinner for her. Grayson is really in love with Jane and thats all Jane ever wanted from the start and yet again she tells Grayson that he has to leave, but she wont answer the question. (Sad). Fantastic Episode. Thumbs Up.moreless

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