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This is like Ugly Betty only not as good!?

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    [1]May 26, 2010
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    I really want to like this show, but I always find my attention wandering after the first half. It seems as though the stories are a little thin and drawn out. I think this would work better as a 30 minute show like Cougar Town or Sex and the City becuase it's just too flimsy to work as a whole hour? The overall plot is so much like Ugly Betty, the misfit trying to challenge stereotypes and being critiscised for not being pretty or glamerous enough?

    The only problem is, Ugly Betty was a better show, it had more interesting characters and seemed to have higher production values. Most of the characters don't really have any kind of depth to them.AdmittedlyJane is apleasantcharacter and the stories are light andmildlyentertaining but I don't really think this is 'must see' television. I would be very surprised if this show makes it past two seasons without some work being done regarding character development and creating deeper more interesting stories.

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    [3]Jul 9, 2010
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    You said that Jane was being criticized for not being pretty or glamorous enough, but I don't see that in the show. I think the one time where it kind of brought that up was in the episode that Jane couldn't get anything from that store because she was too big. But I honestly don't see where people criticize her for not being pretty enough. (I think Jane is pretty I've never seen Ugly Betty so I can't really connect the dots on the two shows but I disagreed with that little part of your statement.

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    [5]Jul 18, 2010
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    I watched all of Ugly Betty and have been a devoted fan of Drop Dead Diva. Is the plot drawn out? No. It may be that you just don't get it or it's not your cup of tea but most people enjoy the witty quips and comical dialogue that happens in the show. Was Ugly Betty good? Of course. But did it really bring in many viewers? No. And that alone should show that Drop Dead Diva is at the very least a more popular show and more widely liked. People don't tend to watch shows that are mediocre when there are so many shows out there nowadays. It's important to take the show for what it is. A well written show that has excellent actors and funny yet moral teaching shows.

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    It is a lot better than Ugly Betty.
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