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    I'm really sad that this little jewel has ended. I loved the series, with the last season being as good as the first season. I'm currently watching the LAST episode. I'm so sad.
  • Name of episode please?

    Does anybody remember on which episode Jane represents a women against her husband in a case of divorce, because of his obsession with an operative system? Thank you
  • Hurry with the next episode!!!!!!!!

    Not nice to be waiting for next episode for so long. It conditions to move on and not wait, please don't lose viewers stay in line and deliver episodes in timely manner!
  • Next Episode

    Why is the next episode taking so long?!!!
  • wow!!!

    funny clever brilliant
  • I love it (65yrs), a friends daugter (34yrs) and G-daughter (13yrs) love it - great for all ages

    We all wait expectantly for the next episode (3 generations of women and one man; and no, he is not gay), and hang on every nuance. The show is wonderful on soooo many levels.

    Please keep em coming.

    So is October 13 really the next episode? Such a LOOONGGGG time to .....

  • Short Season

    I too love this show, but these short seasons are making me think that the show is in trouble.
  • Do You Get a Spark when you Kiss Your Special Someone?

    I love this show! I like the Kiss part(Check out the last few episodes)! I am so looking forward to the next episodes starting October 6, 2013! This has so many twists and turns! I hope there is a 6th Season! Keep up the Great Work writers!
  • Jane should lose weight!

    I like the show, but Jane should lose weight; she's way too fat!!!

    I'd like to see her with good looking Grayson, instead of Owen. Stacy's idea of choosing Owen as the biological father for her artificial insemination is ridiculous!
  • Freeze The Day Episode- PURPLE??

    I've noticed the use of color throughout clothes and sets now and then on Drop Dead Diva, but watching the Freeze The Day episode last night was jarring! There was purple in every shirt, every tie, every box, the background lighting of every set, every dress, even Jane's hair seemed a bit purple! I wasn't imagining it, he costumes and set and lighting were BATHED in purple! Can anyone give me a clue why they went so blatantly with that color for that episode? I love purple but it was so obvious it was completely distracting.

    Other than that color blip, I was shocked to find out how much I loved this show. I started watching it on Netflix because I thought it would allow me to work without being distracting. Turns out it's actually witty, funny, heartwarming, and sometimes down right Laugh Out Loud funny! I love the way the actress plays Jane. Now, if I knew anyone like that in real life, she might drive me nuts, but on the show, she's Perfect! So glad Lifetime decided not to kill the series!
  • Witty entertaining Creative story

    I love the storyline. The actors have great chemistry especially Jane and Grayson. I really enjoy the short comedy scenes from Fred the angel and Jane. He reminds me of Scott Baio from Happy Days. There is so much going on in each series I can't believe I never watched it before I discovered it on Netflix. This is a really good series.
  • pattypriego08

    i cant wait for see season love this i give 10...
  • when's season 5?

    when will s05 start, 'preciate any news. love this show.
  • Season 5??

    Is there really SEASON 5? Plz I Missed This Show!!!
  • Drop Dead Diva is Back For a 5th Season

    Its Official now,Drop Dead Diva is back,lifetime announced it
  • dont let them cancel the show


  • FRED BACK !!

    Love the show but miss FRED as Deb's guardian angel!

    Love Jane and all of the characters except the new guy who replaced Jane's original guardian interest me as much, seems a bit dull in his character. Still, looking forward to the next show.
  • Drop Dead diva

    That was a great show I wanna see more of it I'm amazed by the characters and I'm intyerested in following every character There is no dull Moments
  • More! I need more!

    I love this show :) The characters are well thought out and acted, and there is a strong story line. I really enjoy Jane/Deb's "can-do" attitude, and that Brooke has stayed true to Jane's physique while incorporating Deb's style and taste (I know, the wardrobe and character crew take care of that too :D)

    I loved Fred's character, so naive but determined to make the best of things - he and Stacy were so cute together! This new Luke character is a bit aggravating. And I'm glad that Jane/Deb is getting to move on with her life and have a fresh romance with Owen.

    The twist at the end of S3E13 - don't leave me hanging! But I really hope they're not going to leave Owen that way :(
  • Terri Lee the protector

    Terri Lee is great on how she protects Jane - I love love the fact that Jane is pleasingly plump with an attitude that is awesome and is a kick to the guys and gals that only want beauty. I love Owen how handsome he is and that he loves Jane no matter what he sees her pure beauty and makes sure that she knows it! Grayson hmmmmm man of stupidity but oh so gooood looking yummmmy I do like to see him start to think that he is falling for Jane and she blows him off!! I'm glad that they finally gave PARKER a HEART! and I do miss Fred
  • Where is Owen?

    I don't think Owen is irresponsible. There must be something Jane doesn't know.

    He has been so nice to Jane and I don't see any reasons why he had to leave her.

    I love to see Jane and Grayson get back together, but still Owen was really nice.

    I want to know the reason!!!!!!!
  • Great Show Until....

    Great little hit show until they got rid of scott bayo and put in this Luke character who doesn't fit into the show and has no sensitivity and he should be trying to hook up Jane with you know the lawyer guy and not that fat Owen dude!
  • Next episode after Season 3, Episode 13.

    Is there will be another episodes after this? I've been waiting like crazy since end of last year.
  • Fashion-conscious Deb gets into an accident at the same time Jane, a brainiac lawyer, is shot defending her boss. Thinking there's been a mistake, Deb hits a button that sends her back to Earth...right into Jane's overweight body.

    OK, I'll be honest. When I first saw the promos for this show, my first thought was that it was going to be about some completely shallow girl bumbling her way through being a lawyer. But the premise sounded interesting and unique, so come the series premiere, I gave it a shot. And I'm really glad I did!

    Although Deb is somewhat shallow, she's not a complete ditz. In fact, as the show goes on, audiences are learning more and more about how Deb is also selfless and caring, and how she can actually come up with great ideas, even without Jane's genius-level IQ. I also like that she's getting to see what it's like to be without her model good looks. That's not to say that Jane is ugly, but let's face it, most overweight women aren't exactly fending off potential dates with a stick (I should know).

    Brooke Elliot really shines as Jane/Deb-in-Jane's-body, totally pulling off the whole two-characters-in-one, from the way she blinked her eyes in hot-girl disbelief to the tone in her voice when she declared, "This doesn't work for me." I'd really be surprised if Ms. Elliot doesn't win an Emmy, since she has the two characters down *pat*. The supporting characters also come through, including Teri, Jane's sarcastic-yet-supportive assistant, and Fred, Deb's naive guardian angel. Grayson, Deb's ex and Jane's new coworker, seems to have an innate ability to see the good in people (case in point: he was able to look past Deb's shallow exterior to her caring and selfless nature), and I like how Kim isn't your stereotypical b**** coworker who will take any chance she has to undermine you. Instead, she can, at times, be a genuinly nice person, and will *occasionally* apologize for any wrongdoing. In fact, the only stereotypes on the show are Parker, Jane's spotlight-loving boss, and Stacy, Deb's BFF, but even then, Stacy, like Deb, has shown she's not quite as shallow and ditzy as she seems. Case in point, she not only accepts that Deb is now in Jane's body, but treats Jane exactly as she would treat Deb (well, for the most part).

    Overall, I give the show nine stiletto heels out of ten. :D
  • its a great show!

    when i first saw the previews for this show, i was like wow this is going to be very stupid. no point in watching it. that night i was staying over at my barn in my trainers apartment and we were like "of fine, we'll give it a shot". turns out it was very good.

    the whole story line is good. the first episode where they change bodies and all that was very confusing but once you watch it enough, you get addicted!! i watch it every time its on now!! you think deb is a selfish person when you start but as you watch her go through her new life, you realize well maybe this whole change was good for her. over all, its a very good show and i would recomend lots of people to watch it.
  • What a nice surprise! Just as other viewers have confessed, I was not going to watch this show, because I thought the previews looked silly. I am so glad I tuned in....

    It is my new life's goal to get everyone to start watching this show! I think it's that good. If you can get beyound the initial confusing about how Jane becomes Deb or Deb becomes Jane, you can sink your teeth into some fantastic writing. The show is witty, deep and at times will make you cry. I'm on the edge of my seat wondering how Jane will let Grayson know that she is his lost Deb. But will Grayson fall for Jane just because she's so adorable and smart in her own right? Tune it to find out. I thought the episode about the weight issue was a good one....all women who dislike themselves because of an extra pound or two, should see that show. I'm hooked.
  • I love Drop Dead Diva!!!

    I love Drop Dead Diva!!! It's funny but not in a corny way. I feel like i can relate to the characters well. The show is refreshing. I saw a commercial for the second season and taught it looked like a good show but I wanted to see the first season before it came on at the time i had about a week to watch before season one. I love the show so much I watched the whole season in one day. I just couldn't stop. I showed my friends and my mom the show and we all love it. We like to watch it every Sunday together! Hope there are many seasons to come!!!
  • A model dies and is accidentally sent back as a heavy-set lawyer. She struggles with her having her old memories while working in the same office as her previous life's boyfriend.

    Squeeeee! I absolutely love this show, and my husband and parents do also. It's a wonderful take on the age old tale of "Soulmates were separated, and now they struggle to connect with each other again." I love how it is also one of the very few shows out there that say "Hey big women can be beautiful and have fashion too." The whole series so far has be a wonderful mix of romance, drama, and comedy. I find myself laughing on many occasions. The actors were well casted, and are portraying their characters wonderfully. Can't wait more episodes!!!
  • I just watched the first episode Its look Nice the idea is good not very creative but its better than lots of shows that on TV today

    Its A SHOW ABOUT a lady who used to be shallow and all what she cares about is her body and how beautiful is she. She got dead and when she went to the sky to chick her place the angels was confused that she have 0 marks she's NEVER DONE something good neither bad, she wanted soo bad to go back on earth, and she did, but the thing is that she went back on someones else body has already dead in the same time she did. the body she returned to is a fat lady who looks totally different, and the story begins here. i would watch the second episode to see where is this show is goin to but i think its gonna be good
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