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  • Fashion-conscious Deb gets into an accident at the same time Jane, a brainiac lawyer, is shot defending her boss. Thinking there's been a mistake, Deb hits a button that sends her back to Earth...right into Jane's overweight body.

    OK, I'll be honest. When I first saw the promos for this show, my first thought was that it was going to be about some completely shallow girl bumbling her way through being a lawyer. But the premise sounded interesting and unique, so come the series premiere, I gave it a shot. And I'm really glad I did!

    Although Deb is somewhat shallow, she's not a complete ditz. In fact, as the show goes on, audiences are learning more and more about how Deb is also selfless and caring, and how she can actually come up with great ideas, even without Jane's genius-level IQ. I also like that she's getting to see what it's like to be without her model good looks. That's not to say that Jane is ugly, but let's face it, most overweight women aren't exactly fending off potential dates with a stick (I should know).

    Brooke Elliot really shines as Jane/Deb-in-Jane's-body, totally pulling off the whole two-characters-in-one, from the way she blinked her eyes in hot-girl disbelief to the tone in her voice when she declared, "This doesn't work for me." I'd really be surprised if Ms. Elliot doesn't win an Emmy, since she has the two characters down *pat*. The supporting characters also come through, including Teri, Jane's sarcastic-yet-supportive assistant, and Fred, Deb's naive guardian angel. Grayson, Deb's ex and Jane's new coworker, seems to have an innate ability to see the good in people (case in point: he was able to look past Deb's shallow exterior to her caring and selfless nature), and I like how Kim isn't your stereotypical b**** coworker who will take any chance she has to undermine you. Instead, she can, at times, be a genuinly nice person, and will *occasionally* apologize for any wrongdoing. In fact, the only stereotypes on the show are Parker, Jane's spotlight-loving boss, and Stacy, Deb's BFF, but even then, Stacy, like Deb, has shown she's not quite as shallow and ditzy as she seems. Case in point, she not only accepts that Deb is now in Jane's body, but treats Jane exactly as she would treat Deb (well, for the most part).

    Overall, I give the show nine stiletto heels out of ten. :D