Drop Dead Diva - Season 2

Lifetime (ended 2014)



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Episode Guide

  • Freeze The Day
    Episode 13
    Claire Harrison is ready to go back into the firm and wants Kim out of the firm as fast as possible and does everything possible to ruin a case that she and Kim are working on. Fred immediately gets jealous when he hears that Stacey booked a cat food commercial and has to pretend as though she is married in the commercial. A renowned professor asks Jane and Grayson to see if she can have her body frozen before she dies because of the disease she claims to have. What a investigating the claim Jane and Grayson begin thinking about Deb. Jane decides on to tell Grayson her secret but the interesting change of events could have their relationship closer or torn apart.moreless
  • Bad Girls
    Episode 12
    Jane takes on a case of a girl being cyber bullied by a girl at school, and while in court Jane finds something that causes the case to take an interesting turn.

    Meanwhile Claire Harrison returns to the firm hoping to get a 'divorce from her husband, but there are several problems. As Kim takes the lead on the case she discovers that Claire wants much more than a divorce.
  • Good Grief
    Episode 11
    Jane represents the dresses like a clown to grieve for his wife who died in car accident. Parker and Kim represent the producer of the television program the one (like the bachelorette) A participant and known as weeping Wendy is suing the producer for intentional of emotional harm. While in court Kim discovers that she doesn't want to continue her relationship with Parker. Fred finally decides to tell Stacey he is in love with her.moreless
  • Will & Grayson
    Episode 10

    Jane is busy being honored for her work with the L.A PD but her special night gets ruined when a wife accuses Jane of having a affair andstealing her husband.

    Grayson decides to find out why Will's company (Vanessa's Ex-fiance) is being undercut by another company. Also Grayson wants to find out whether Will still has feelings for Vanessa.

  • Last Year's Model
    Episode 9
    Jane and Kim work on a discrimination case together after Jane brought it to the firm having no idea that Parker and immediately reassigned the case giving it to Kim. Grayson tackles a haunted house case and in the meantime gets and closer to Vanessa. Fred decision to have Stacy serve divorce papers as a way to make money could backfire.moreless
  • Queen of Mean
    Episode 8
    Jane represents a fashion designer who wants to try to stop a book from being published, because the assistant to the fashion designer didn't get the facts properly. As she takes on the case Jane discovers Ellie had another motive entirely. Meanwhile Jane decides to try dating again with Hank the bailiff, when Hank arrives at Jane's apartment he brings a surprise no one anticipated. But Jane soon finds out that the Queen of Mean definitely lives up to her name. Meanwhile, Grayson and Kim try to help a woman, who used to be a man, fight for her rights when her spouse dies in a car accident.moreless
  • A Mother's Secret
    Episode 7
    Bobby (Deb's mom) asks Jane to represent family friend Samantha but there is more to the story than she lets on. Samantha is the long-lost daughter Bobby gave up for adoption.

    Jane also represents Samantha Colby in a case involving the left of the formula for rainbow nail polish. Kim and Grayson represent the male half of a divorced couple fighting for custody of their pet chimp.
  • Begin Again
    Episode 6

    Jane & Grayson defend a member of a famous pop duo. Jane & Grayson think it would be a good idea to join forces with the lawyer defending Vanessa (who is the other half of the duo) soon after Grayson and Vanessa have an affair both inside and outside the courtroom. This causes Jane to become distracted and have difficulty keeping her mind on the trial.

    Kim and Parker agree to help a bed and breakfast owner deal with a very discouraging review for the inn.

  • 7/11/10
    After Jane's mother is arrested, Jane must get to know the father she's never known for help to get her mother out of jail. Jane must then take her mother to court before Judge Summers to have the charges either dropped or reduced. The romance between Kim and Parker continues. Grayson becomes invested in a case that involves a Ponzi scheme. Teri gives Fred advice on dating and driving, which she may live to regret.moreless
  • 6/27/10
    Jane's relationship with Tony is getting interesting, but she is interrupted by Teri needing help keeping her cousin Edward in the U.S. Jane believes the case should be relatively easy to close, but there is something about Edward that Jane and Teri don't know. Tony has some news to tell Jane that causes her to question whether she wants to go with him or stay where her job is. Parker and Kim decide to make their relationship more than just a working one. Grayson falls through on his decision to sell the house he once shared with Deb because the memories are too good.moreless
  • Long Road to Napa
    Episode 3
    Jane's next case gets a little complicated when she discovers that the two clients she's representing are married to the same man. Jane has trouble keeping her personal life separate while representing the two clients, while Tony is representing the client who started all the trouble. Kim gets some very good news while dealing with an adoption case. Stacy decides to invent something called an armvvelope. Will it be the next must-have item?

  • Back from the Dead
    Episode 2
    Jane has to help a man attempt to gain custody of his son, while still dealing with amnesia. Kim and Parker assist an author by figuring out whether she can retain control of the fictional character she created, or if Jonathan Nolan (pseudonym the character was created in) has control of it. Kim finds out that Fred is her assistant, and Grayson asks every one of the office to pause for a moment and remember Deb's birthday.
  • 6/6/10
    To take her mind off of being disbarred Jane has a daydream of working with her idol, Paula Abdul, in a food court. Back in reality, Deb has to deal with Ethan, who has shown up on her doorstep saying he's Jane's husband. At Jane's hearing Tony, a fellow lawyer and new flame, is fighting to keep her from being disbarred. But things fall apart when Kim is called to testify against her.moreless
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