Drop Dead Diva

Season 3 Episode 4

The Wedding

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 17, 2011 on Lifetime
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Jane gets into trouble when picking up wedding rings for Grayson and Vanessa. Jane discovers the real reason why the gunman held her at gunpoint and reluctantly Jane agrees to represent him in court, but the gunman goes against the legal advice. Parker asks Grayson to represent a childhood friend in court and his pet camel.moreless

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    Zack Ward

    Zack Ward

    Keith Geary

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    Ben Shenkman

    Ben Shenkman

    Bill Kendall

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    Kenny Alfonso

    Kenny Alfonso

    Joe Cummings

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    Jaime Ray Newman

    Jaime Ray Newman

    Vanessa Hemmings

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      • Grayson (to Jane): You... are a hall-of-fame best man.

      • Grayson (drunk): But my fiancée stood me up.
        Bartender: You've made that very clear.
        Grayson: You're cutting me off?
        Bartender: Sorry, sir.
        Grayson: Then I will sue you. I will sue you for excessive emotional... distress of the emotionally distressed.
        Jane (entering the room): Easy, counselor.

      • Terri (after Vanessa called off the wedding): I'll take "awkward social gatherings" for $200.

      • Jane: Well, Grayson will be devastated.
        Vanessa: I'm sorry. Jane, if you were in my shoes, would you marry Grayson?
        Jane (whispering): In a heartbeat.
        Vanessa: What?
        Jane: He deserves it face to face. So if you ever cared anything about...
        Vanessa: No. No, I'm not that brave.

      • Jane: You're going to break his heart.
        Vanessa: Maybe so. But I can't help feeling like some kind of consolation prize.
        Jane: Wait. Is this all because of Deb?
        Vanessa: Honestly, I don't... I don't know. I'm just painfully aware... that there is something missing in our relationship, and every day, I wake up hoping that things will be different. But I deserve more. And maybe he doesn't know it... but he does, too.

      • Jane: You will not believe the day I had.
        Grayson: I drank camel milk.
        Jane: You win.

      • Jane: I just spoke to their lawyer, and they have agreed to pay for your interferon therapy as part of a very generous settlement.
        Keith (laughing): Oh, my God! I... I don't know what to say.
        Jane: Well, I... guess you robbed the right woman. Don't ever do that again.

      • Grayson: Does Parker know you took apart his office?
        Terri: Yeah. I told him it was Kim's idea.

      • Stacy: But I believe that there are mysterious forces at play in the Universe that affect things here on Earth.
        Fred: What... kind of things?
        Stacy: The winds, the tides... the MTV Movie Awards.

      • Kim: Thank you.
        Parker: Okay. For what?
        Kim: I was worried that it might be awkward around here after we broke up, but by assigning me to work with Jane, my least-favorite attorney at the firm... or on Earth... you're my pain-in-the-ass boss again.
        Parker: So, if your pain-in-the-ass boss ordered you to have lunch with him?
        Kim: I'd say, "I'm busy working with Jane."

      • Grayson: Hey. How you doing?
        Jane: You heard about the rings?
        Grayson: I heard you got robbed.
        Jane: I am so sorry. I will get them back as soon--
        Grayson: Stop. Stop. You're okay. That's all that matters.

      • Jane: I'm not leaving here until I get the real story. And I will get it. Because deep down, you want to tell me.
        Keith: How do you figure that?
        Jane: I don't know. I once saw a lawyer say that in a movie, and it totally worked.

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      • Original International Airdates:
        Latin America: August 30, 2011 on Sony Entertainment Television
        United Kingdom: September 23, 2011 on Sky LIVING/Sky LIVING HD

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