Drop Dead Diva

Season 4 Episode 1

Welcome Back

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 03, 2012 on Lifetime

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  • No!!!

    My favorite part of the show (Fred) is gone?!? Yup and Stacy is still self centered. I blame her for Fred having to leave. Not sure I'm going to like the new guardian angel. I'm still pissed at Grayson for being a jerk. You never see Jane in anyway except as a friend but now that you know she might be Deb your all for it? Shes still the same freaking person and the fact that you never felt anything until now means you couldn't get past the packaging. Fred told Jane that she shouldn't tell Grayson because he should love her for who she is now and not who she was. To bad that will never happen. I guess that I'm on Owen's side. At least he loves her for who she is and will even lawyer up for her when she needs him.
  • writers fail

    so they create a new angel who is an asshole douch bag evil p o is there to keep jane and grayson apart just so the show can go on...


    i am surprised people stuck with this season and wanted more if this is whats happening..

  • the best

    omg this is the best show i have wash in over 10 years cant wait ///
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