Drop Dead Diva

Season 2 Episode 1

Would I Lie To You?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 06, 2010 on Lifetime

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  • Jane's back and better than ever!

    This return episode did an amazing job of tying up the cliffhangers from last season and setting the stage for a fabulous summer of drop dead diva fun. Some of the stuff in this ep I really loved: -

    -Grayson quoting Shakespeare to Parker to bring him on side re. Jane's disbarrment

    -Jane being willing to sacrifice her career to save the little girl with the heart condition

    -Kim being at her most cut throat and self-serving (testifying against Jane)

    -Fred back to being Jane's guardian angel

    -Tony and Jane still together

    This is a fuuuuuuun show. A feel good show. A sweet show. A perfect summer show!
  • Creepy!

    Paula Abdul's creepy! With her overstretched face and emaciated body, seeing her dance gave me spine tingling chills. I hope she gains a little bit more weight.

    The opening scene was OK but struck me more like a pale imitation of Glee.

    The cast gave great performances. I hope to see interesting new cases, story arches and character development.

    Nice to see Fred back at the firm. Hope he stays.


    Side comment:

    Balut looks gross but tastes great and a good pick-me-upper. Would have been fun to see Stacy or Fred have a taste.
  • Loved it!!

    I am so glad this show is back! I love the first scene where Jane was actually dreaming. Loved the song and everything. I still can't believe she has a husband. I'm glad that Terri called her back to the office for her Pro-bono case which was heartbreaking. The case was about a little girl that had an enlarged heart and couldn't have a procedure done because the insurance wouldn't cover it because it was experimental. I'm glad Jane took the case. Also I was very happy that Tony was her lawyer for her disbarring case. I hate Kim she was a witness against Jane which was very mean. Ah and Fred came back!! I was really happy about that. I loved that Grayson defended Jane with Parker! Oh and what Ethan came for was the divorce which was a bit sad, because Jane seemed to be liking him but it was anger. So after Tony found out that Jane was married he was upset so he kinda left her with the disbarment case, I'm glad Parker took her case and won it! Loved that Grayson was at her trial and went to her office and told her he was glad that she was back. Can't wait for the next episode!!