Dual Survival

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Dual Survival
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Season 6 : Episode 18

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Imagine being thrown into the wilderness, do you think you could survive? Experts think that having basic survival skills such as finding food, shelter, water and finding help are important. Dave Canterbury and Cody Lundin take on surviving through some of the hardest conditions, proving that having the right skills and thinking out of the box can save you.

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    • fake or liars? caught on a lie in DUAL SURVIVAL - SEASON: 6 EPISODE: 8 - EAT OR BE EATEN

      about 35 minutes into the episode one guy trows a stick at a guinea fowl and claims he got it with the first trow "dead on"the the other says there was dust and feather flying.

      this is a lie the trow misses you clearly see it pass the bird over hit the grown about 2 feet ahead then the bird stands up and starts to run then they cut to the next scene where the bird is lying on the ground with blood also not seen on the last scene so yeah they lied they either killed it after or it was killed so they didn't look bad so the show lies or is fake take your poison i say they are liarsmoreless
    • Dynamics

      Joe and Matt seem to compliment each other; you could definitely feel the tension between Cody and Joe and I wasn't at all surprised when they parted. However, the dynamic between Dave and Cody was the BEST. I wish the producers would recreate Dual Survival with those two.
    • A Rifle!!! Really?

      and one bullet? I smell a set up. Joe just had to show how well he could shot, so he found a rifle in the really think the fans (or x-fans) are that dumb.
    • Cody and Matt

      Cody and Matt would make a better team. Joe is a bitch. Nobody can do anything right in his eyes. I stop watching it.
    • Dual , Cody & David

      You is a stupid Cry Baby,, Joe,,, cry,,Cry,,,cry all the time about every thing,, love Cody &. David together ,,,

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