Dual Survival

Friday 10:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Jun 11, 2010 Between Seasons





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  • fake or liars? caught on a lie in DUAL SURVIVAL - SEASON: 6 EPISODE: 8 - EAT OR BE EATEN

    about 35 minutes into the episode one guy trows a stick at a guinea fowl and claims he got it with the first trow "dead on"the the other says there was dust and feather flying.

    this is a lie the trow misses you clearly see it pass the bird over hit the grown about 2 feet ahead then the bird stands up and starts to run then they cut to the next scene where the bird is lying on the ground with blood also not seen on the last scene so yeah they lied they either killed it after or it was killed so they didn't look bad so the show lies or is fake take your poison i say they are liars
  • Dynamics

    Joe and Matt seem to compliment each other; you could definitely feel the tension between Cody and Joe and I wasn't at all surprised when they parted. However, the dynamic between Dave and Cody was the BEST. I wish the producers would recreate Dual Survival with those two.
  • A Rifle!!! Really?

    and one bullet? I smell a set up. Joe just had to show how well he could shot, so he found a rifle in the really think the fans (or x-fans) are that dumb.
  • Cody and Matt

    Cody and Matt would make a better team. Joe is a bitch. Nobody can do anything right in his eyes. I stop watching it.
  • Dual , Cody & David

    You is a stupid Cry Baby,, Joe,,, cry,,Cry,,,cry all the time about every thing,, love Cody &. David together ,,,

    I'm really glad Discovery made this show!!!
  • I like this show

    I watched this all the time when Dave was on the show. I still catch it here and there now that Joe is on. It's still good but the vibe is defiantly different between Cody and Joe than it was with Dave. (Which is to be expected) With the new duo it feels like they both take themselves way too seriously. You often see them butting heads over weird things like whether or not Joe should drink pee ( I get it, its not cool to drink pee for hydration but just say why it's not good and express why he wanted to do it and then move on, I personally could have cared less if he did or didn't) But other than the little power trips they get into, its still the same show we enjoyed with Dave. Hopefully the new Duo will bond more over the season and have a little more camraderie. The vibe just felt more fun when Dave was on the show like 2 guys just going camping rather than 2 guys competing over who's right.
  • Hated Survivorman, Liked Man v.s. Wild, Love Dual Survivor

    I love how they learn from each other. I really like they give each man a chance to be King for the Day by placing both men in a situation where one reins supreme. Giving him the chance to show his skills. It is a nice change of pace to then place both somewhere they really have to figure it out. They don't always agree on it but they work it out, that is part of the fun. I appreciate that they don't just regurgitate what has already been done. It's fresh. I have never seen them find peanut butter and bread in the back of a stalled vehicle (Survivorman). So unreal, One man and cameras. It's funny how Man v.s. Wild and Dual Survivor both show a message where it is required that they have back up. So your telling me Survivorman gets to break the rules. But all in all highly recommend Dual Survivor.
  • Finall Another Good Survival Show

    Before Dual Survival I only watched Survivorman. I couldn't stomach watching that fraud, Bear Grylls. I thoroughly enjoy watching the banter between Dave and Cody.
  • There was Survivorman and Man v.s Wild, but now an even greater show is created showing the teamwork ability of two amazing Survivalists. If you loved shows like Bones and Supernatural because of the 2 main characters, than you'll absolutely love this.

    This show really takes survival life to a new level because you not only learn the ins and outs of survival but you also get to see the workmanship and companionship of two very smart Survivalists. They also work off of each other because sometimes their ideas clash and they have to resolve a difference between each other.

    Regardless of why you watch it, this show is one of a kind and it's a must watch if you loved Man v.s Wild or Survivor Man.

    Also like the show Deadliest Catch, Discovery has made sure to show you ever important moment in this journey so you never miss a beat. Great show, 10/10!
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