Duck Dodgers

Season 1 Episode 1

Duck Deception / The Spy Who Didn't Love Me

Aired Unknown Aug 23, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Duck Deception: Dodgers and the Cadet face off against Martian Commander X-2 when they steal his energy source.

The Spy Who Didn't Love Me: A female secret agent assists Dodgers and the Cadet in covert action against the Martian on Andromeda 6.

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  • Dodgers finds himself stuck in space after foolishly overloading his spaceship's energy core,causing it to explode. After 2 years of drifting helplessly into space,a martian sheep approaches.Dodgers proceeds into stealing the martian's sheep energy core.moreless

    Duck Deception is a super-funny episode to start the series with. Your laughter should burst even from the first scene , when Duck Dodgers blows the energy core of his sheep after writing "Duck Dodger Rules" with the ship's laser beams on an asteroid. Duck Dodgers then assures his cadet that he is an important captain of the Galactic Protectorate and a rescue team will surely be sent to search for them.2 Years later, they're still drifting around the asteroid when a martian battleship approaches them. Duck Dodgers sends Porky dressed as an alien princess to keep Marvin the Martian busy, as he sneaks into the martian ship to steal its energy core.

    While Porky – The Alien Princess and Marvin the Martian have fun dinning and playing around , Duck Dodgers gets chopped up in the ventilator shaft, trashed by a big gorilla and has to take a dip in radioactive waste to get to the power core.

    Finally Duck Dodgers manages to steal the core but breaks it up. Luckily Porky brings a power-core too, as Marvin – who has a whole store-room full of energy-cores – was happy to give him one.moreless
  • Dodgers all ways goes gaga over the girls.

    Again Dodgers thinks that the girl always loves him and makes a fool out of himself. First the beggining didn t pick up which worried me but when the girl got teleported onto the ship I knew it would start to get funny. See it is funny in a non episode way. Dodgers all ways loves the girl but the girl doesn t love him back. Yet the martian queen loves him yet he doesn t love her. that s why this is a good example why this series is so good. I hope it says on again. Besides, Dodgers is an idiot.moreless
Joe Alaskey

Joe Alaskey

Duck Dodgers / Martian Commander X-2

Tia Carrere

Tia Carrere

Martian Queen

Bob Bergen

Bob Bergen


Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Dr. Yoshimi

Guest Star

Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn

Martian Centurian Robots

Recurring Role

Richard McGonagle

Richard McGonagle

Dr. I.Q. Hi

Recurring Role

Tom Kane

Tom Kane


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Dodgers [angrily]: The next time I meet a dame, I'll walk right up to her say [dreamily, upon seeing the princess] I love with you every fiber of my being!
      Cadet: A-at least's he's consistent!

    • Duck Dodgers: Hey, what's all the cheering for? -
      Agent Yoshimi: You just volunteered for a suicide mission.
      Dodgers: Ohhhhhh!

    • Commander X2: After my encounter with a lovely space vixen, I'm feeling rather benevolent! [Sighs] And now it's passed. Destroy Duck Dodgers!

    • Dodgers [After struggling to remove the energy core and failing]: I'd like to get my hands on the jerk who built this thing! [Sees the Eject button next to the Energy Core] Huh! If it was a snake, it would've bit me!

    • DD: (about Mars's Power Core) Now, the big gorilla said that the power core is at the end of this hallway. Wow! It sure is shiny ... and surrounded by a mound of radioactive waste. This calls for some special effects!

    • Dodgers: Don't forget that I'm a valuable space captain...of the Galactice Protectorate! I'm sure they'll end a rescue ship for us...eventually. [Sign card says 'Two Years Later']

    • X-2: There's nothing I enjoy more than frolicking in a room filled with empty plastic balls.

    • Cadet: (Dressed as a woman) I'm a hot potater.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Dodgers: I've always been fond of the name 'Montague'
      Montague is the last name of one of the rival families in the famous Shakesperean tragedy, Romeo and Juliet.

    • n/a: Quadricorder
      In Star Trek, there is a scanning device called a tricorder.

    • Duck Dodgers is a parody of the hit TV show Buck Rogers of the 25th Century.

    • Title: The Spy Who Didn't Love Me
      The title is a play on the title to the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me.

    • n/a: Star Trek
      "Duck Deception" has some similarities to the Star Trek episode "The Enterprise Incident": Cadet was disguised as a Martian in order to steal an energy core; Capt. Kirk was disguised as a Romulan in order to steal a cloaking device. Another Star Trek reference: Dodgers' shuttle looks very much like a shuttle from the series.

    • n/a: Cap'n Crunch
      Dodgers' uniform in the beginning of "The Spy Who Didn't Love Me" was very similar to that of Cap'n Crunch, the mascot for the breakfast cereal of the same name.

    • DD: Si Señor, I'm your l-l-little piggie.
      Dodgers' hand puppet of Cadet is similar to the hand puppet that Señor Wences used in his numerous appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show. Señor Wences was a Spanish ventriloquist whose most famous creations are puppet-in-a-box Pedro ("S'OK?" "S'awright!"), and hand puppet Johnny, which he created by scrunching up his fist, drawing a mouth where thumb and index finger met, and draping a blond wig over the top.