Duck Dodgers

Season 1 Episode 13

Enemy Yours / Duck Departure

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 2003 on Cartoon Network



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  • Quotes

    • Cadet: Captain, is something wrong?
      DD: Wrong? What could be wrong with chasing some little Martian jerk around the galaxy only to find out that ... he has another ... (starts to cry) I feel so betrayed.
      Cadet: But, Captain, you're young. You'll make other enemies.
      DD: (teary eyed) Really?

    • Marvin Dodgers, you can't leave me you're my enemy!
      DD Huh, my enemy, you're not even in my top 13!

    • Cadet: Can I p-p-put my clothes back on? My ni-ni-nipples are getting cold!

    • Queen: My hero ... uh, I mean my enemy. My very hated enemy.
      DD: Right back at ya, sister.

    • Cadet: I was hoping you'd come back to the Protectorate. It hasn't been the same without you.
      DD: And it hasn't been the same without you. Although, it's been eerily similar.

    • DD: I am the evil Dr. Destructocon!
      Queen: Evil? But you're not evil. Aren't you trying to rescue me or something?

    • X-2: I don't want to go swimming in my underwear, grandmother. The neighbor girl is watching.

  • Notes

    • The outfit Dodgers wears while confronting X-2 and Dr. Woe on a jetpack is similar, if not identical, to the uniform he wore in the Duck Dodgers episodes from the old Looney Tune cartoons.

    • "Duck Departure" was originally titled "Dodgers Quits."

    • "Enemy Yours" is "Episode 09.15"; "Duck Departure" is "Episode 30.10".

    • Yosemite Sam reprises his role as the Klunkian leader, along with Nasty Canasta, who is the intergalactic bounty hunter.

    • Yet another moment that shows the Queen cares about Dodgers. In "Enemy Yours," she shows one or two signs that she still cared, and in "Duck Departure," she said she wanted to take him back. Only time will tell if the two of them get back together.

    • "Duck Departure" pretty much completely proves that the order of the "chapter numbers" is meaningless. It has a reference to "To Love A Duck," but "The Queen is Wild," which has a lower chapter number, also makes references to that episode. So, while it's interesting to see the chapter numbers, it's obvious they have no significance in the "order" of the episodes.

    • Dr. Woe looks remarkably like the evil scientist from the Bugs Bunny cartoon, "Water Water Everyhare."

    • The close-up of Dr. Woe's gross face is a parody of such disgusting close-ups fequently used in Ren & Stimpy and later, Spongebob Squarepants.

  • Allusions

    • Title: Enemy Yours
      "Enemy Yours" is a reference to the sci-fi movie Enemy Mine.

    • n/a: Mr. neighborly
      This is a reference to Buck Rodgers' Commander, Dr. Goodfellow.

    • Marvin: Help me! Help me!!
      Whilst stunned by his weapon, meant for Dr. Woe, X-2 goes a little insane! This line comes from the horror film, The Fly.

    • n/a: Space Jam
      X-2's line about not wanting to go to school is a reference to Space Jam, where Daffy Duck had almost the exact same line.

    • Dr. Woe: You've improved since we last met. But I'm still the master.
      Dr. Woe and X-2 engage in a lasersaber battle, an obvious reference to the lightsaber of the Star Wars films. Dr. Woe then speaks a line akin to one said by Darth Vader.

    • n/a: Dr. Doom
      In his last attempt to prove his worthiness as an enemy, Dodgers comes in the guise of the evil Lord Destructocon. His outfit is a replica (minus the iron mask) of the outfit worn by the super villain, Dr. Doom, of MARVEL comics. Dr. Woe first appeared as an unnamed mad scientist in the 1952 Bugs Bunny cartoon "Water, Water Every Hare." X-2 first used "Instant Martians" in the 1958 Bugs Bunny cartoon "Hare-Way to the Stars."

    • n/a: Starbucks
      While talking to Dodgers, X-2 lists a bunch of his greatest enemies, among them a robot named Tarbucks 19. A slight reference to the everpresent coffee chain, Starbucks.