Duck Dodgers

Cartoon Network (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Bonafide Hero: Captain Duck Dodgers
      Dodgers is the subject of a reality television show called "Bonafide Heroes," which is documenting his life as a captain. Dodgers decides to fake the capture of the criminal Camoman for the cameras. Meanwhile, the camera crew interviews various enemies and friends about Dodgers in between.
    • In Space, No One Can Hear You Rock / Ridealong Calamity
      In Space, No One Can Hear You Rock: The Martians create a weapon to drain energy from Earth's music and use its atomic power to destroy the Earth. Dodgers unfreezes Megadeth star, Dave Mustaine to play enough heavy metal to overload the device. Ridealong Calamity: Dodgers and the Cadet grow tired of I.Q. Hi tagging along on missions. They ask the Martians to fake an attack, so I.Q. can save the day and leave. Unfortunately, the Martians plan to attack for real.moreless
    • Master & Disaster / All in the Crime Family
      Master & Disaster: Dodgers and Cadet train under the famous Kung Fu Master Moloch so they'll be able to take down a speedy thief called The Whoosh. All in the Crime Family: Dodgers hires gangsters Rocky and Mugsy to help him infiltrate the Serpenti gang and find stolen gum.
    • A Lame Duck Mind
      A Lame Duck Mind
      Episode 10
      A psychic supervillain named Manobrain, steals top secret codes and hides them in Dodgers' brain. I.Q. , Cadet, Manobrain, and embodiments of Dodgers' personality explore his mind in their quest to find them.
    • Good Duck Hunting / Consumption Overruled
      Good Duck Hunting: A criminal gambling kingpin hires a gang of bounty hunters to kill Duck Dodgers. That is, until one of the bounty hunters quits and offers to help Dodgers. Consumption Overruled: When Hungortus the Eater of Worlds heads toward the solar system for his next meal, Dodgers and the Martians hire lawyers to convince him of which planet to eat: Earth or Mars.moreless
    • Too Close for Combat / Fins of War
      Too Close for Combat: The Martians hire Hubie and Bert, who trick Dodgers and Cadet into thinking the other is out to kill them. Fins of War: While on a diplomatic mission to an aquatic planet, Dodgers instigates war between the dolphin and shark people. Dodgers and Cadet are drafted to fight on opposing sides, but must find a way to bring about peace.moreless
    • The Six Wazillion Dollar Duck
      After Dodgers ends up in a critical accident, I.Q. Hi equips Dodgers with cybornetic parts, making him a super powerful cyborg. Meanwhile, the Martian Queen and X-2 kidnap other cyborg people from Earth to steal their technology, using the dubious help of Dr. Maniac.
    • Diamond Boogie / Corporate Pigfall
      Diamond Boogie: Dodgers and the Cadet team up with officer Paprika Solo on Groovica to discover the location of the galaxy's missing supply of diamonds.

      Corporate Pigfall: When the Cadet quits the Protectorate to become a big corporate CEO, Dodgers decides to get him back by sabotaging his company with the help of his new Cadet, Egghead Jr.moreless
    • The Best of Captains, the Worst of Captains / That's Lifomatica
      Best of Captains, Worst of Captains: Dodgers and Star Johnson go against each other to win the "Captain of the Year" award and the heart of a female Lieutenant. That's Lifomatica: Dodgers invites people to a party to celebrate his new Lifomatica, a system designed to make life easier. That is, until Lifomatica goes insane and traps the guests inside the ship.moreless
    • Boar to be Riled / Clean Bill of Health
      Boar to be Riled: In order to get a free rocket scooter from the Protectorate, Dodgers and the Cadet must go undercover at a rocket cycle rally on Planet Dakota. However, they immediately find out that it's actually an innocent appreciation club for rocket cycles. Now, Dodgers takes it upon himself to turn these law-abiding citizens into lawless marauders. Clean Bill of Health: I.Q. builds a detoxification machine and uses it on Dodgers as a test subject. The machine rids Dodgers of anything impure and turns him into the perfect duck. Nobody likes this change as Dodgers becomes too helpful in everything, so I.Q., Cadet, X-2, and the Queen devise a plan to turn him back before the change becomes permanent.moreless
    • The Kids Are All Wrong / Win, Lose or Duck
      The Kids Are All Wrong: Dodgers and Cadet must go undercover at a high school to find a device that turns teenagers into "emotionally unstable lunatics." Win, Lose or Duck: Teams from Earth and Mars are abducted to compete against each other on a dangerous game show.
    • Villainstruck / Just the Two of Us
      Villainstruck: Dodgers and the Cadet go up against a hypnotist named the Magnificent Rogue, who is intent on flooding the Earth. Problems arise, however, when Rogue manages to hypnotize everyone into thinking he's the greatest, which includes Dodgers and the Cadet! Just the Two of Us: Cadet and the Centurions go on separate vacations away from their bosses. Meanwhile, Dodgers and X-2 accidentally crash their ships on the deserted island planet Nolandis.moreless
    • Till Doom Do Us Part
      Roboto (of "The Fowl Friend") returns with a thirst for revenge as he assembles all of Dodgers' previous villains together to form the Legion of Duck Doom. Their goal is to do whatever they can to destroy Duck Dodgers once and for all.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1