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  • One of The Best

    This is the kind of a show you start missing 5 minutes after you finish watching it. Very humorous, very clever, filled with memorable characters (Which is not a surprise, since many of them are looney tunes classics), it is almost a perfect show, where even the weak episodes are good.
  • I loved this.

    Awesome cartoon.
  • Good. It featured a notable artist instead of an ugly one.

    This is one of the shows that should be promoted more.

    Duck Dodgers, AKA Daffy Duck, is a hero in the future times. He solves things that is hard to be solved, like saving the earth-energy crisis, finding rare elements, and defending the earth from the soldiers of mars led by Marvin Martian.

    He's somewhat hilarious for his plan backfiring all of the time or his win caused by a large luck, and they're somewhat witty, even Marvin, which makes their fight sometimes a draw. Better than fart jokes.

    It's art improved, to black and white, to colored retro cartoon. From 1950's to the present day.

    Overall: 8.5, some things are overused, but only few. Still it pays some homage to the Warner Bros' good works. PS. I liked this show more when they featured Dave Mustaine, and his band, Megadeth.

  • Buck Roger with better acting & storylines. As good as the carttoons of the 60s and 70s. Just fun to watch.

    As good as the ones I watched in the 60's & 70's. Too many of todays carttoons are so bad. It is nice when you find newer ones as good. Dorn is just great. As much as I liked him in STNG & DS9 I feel this is his best work. I would give almost anything to find a Martan Queen outfit for my wife. The guests on the show are outstanding. I wish there was away for them to make more even if they would just do one or two from time to time. Would be well worth it. This is ones that will be watched for years even when it become about the past rather than the future.
  • Really good show, but it needs a season 4 and it has some issues, see below:

    First of, the black and white televisions, I mean, it's the 24 and one half century, why gray? It should be color. Second, the captians (otherwise than Johnson and Dodgers) they should introduce more of those and their behavior. Third, it should have a season four, read my forum for this to see that issue. Fourth, the relationship between Earth and Mars. I mean, why would you have war without mars in each episode? Well, I haven't watched every episode in the final season yet, thanks to the next reason. Finally, the series release, Please, there needs to be a release for every season. That's all of my issues with this show, I would've gave Duck Dodgers a 10 without these.
  • I LOVE this show It's funny, has action & cute characters! It's cute, too! Commander X-2 is cute! Duck Dodgers is funny! My brother LOVES The Martian Queen, Ty'ranny!

    This show rules! My favorite characters are Commander X-2, Duck Dodgers & Ty'ranny. There all cute, funny & cool! I wish I knew how to draw them. The only one I know how to draw is Commander. But, I'll learn. And the theme song is great. Slow, but cool. Duck Dodgers RULES! My avorite thing about Duck Dodgers is the fact that he's haliarious! Ty'ranny is cool! The Cadet id funny, too. He helps Dodgers alott, but I don't think he notices! LOL! Duck dodgers is sometimes a goof ball, but Ty'ranny has a crush on him. That's funny! And cute!
  • Starring my favorite Looney Tune. This show was one of the 2 only good shows on CN.

    Duck Dodgers is a spin off of Chuck Jone's classic cartoon. I like this show because it stars my favorite Looney Tune, Daffy Duck and his long time side kick, Porky Pig. It also stars my favorite Looney Tune villian, Marvin the Martian. This Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi and this show are the only good shows to ever air on CN. More about this, I also like this show because now, Daffy finally get's his dream and is now the star of his own cartoon. I didn't give the show a 10 because Daffy in this show is kinda not the Daffy I grew up with. I liked him when he beat up Porky and was being picked on by Bugs. Oh well, that doesn't mean I still don't like this show! I really hope Warner Bros. has another plan for another Daffy Duck show.
  • This show was great because it featured Daffy Duck as Duck Dodgers with his cadet(Porky Pig) and their enemy Marvin Martian and these characters are from the Looney Tunes.I also think they should bring back this show because it was classic.

    Duck Dodgers is a hapless soul who was frozen inside a spaceship in the 21st century and came out 351 years later. Through his scheming and lies, Duck has convinced the Earth's Defensive Protectorate that he is a hero from the 21st century and has been given a spaceship and a crew. Together they form a "galactic force" that must team up against Earth's major enemy, Mars, and its Martian Commander X-2. The series comes from Looney Tunes cartoons featuring Daffy Duck and Marvin the Martian and Porky Pig. This was a great show and they should bring it back.
  • Truly a overlooked cartoon that was really good. A strong comeback from WB.

    Truly a overlooked cartoon that was really good. A strong comeback from WB, aka, maker of so-so cartoons. It's too bad this show was so overlooked on the channels it played on. The animation is by far stellar, and the colors, and shading is done very very very well. Better then most cartoon series out there. The plots are zaney and wacky with some good random humor thrown in. A lot of the old chracters from the WB classics are in this series, and they actaully fit better then other attempts. The characters are good, and pretty well developed, and the overall sound effects are nicely equipted.
    Again, I can't compliment enough how well it was animaed and drawn. Superb! You should try this series. Too bad it ended so fast.
  • Duck Dodgers,this show made he like Daffy Duck.Its funny,Its off the wall,Its AWESOME.

    Duck Dodgers changed the way i thought about Daffy Duck.I never liked him in Loonie Tunes but he's like my hero in this show.They should bring the series back!Its a @#* of a lot better then some of the junk thats on Teletoon these days.
    I love funny shows,and this one makes me laugh like no other cartoon i ever saw in my life.I love everything about this cartoon,The characters,the humor,the look and the sound.If theres anything i missed there,Its good in that too(Well to me anyways).Please bring it back Warner Bros.The people want it back,and so do i.
  • Wow good show just watch oh before read my reveiw of course

    WOOT 6th review. Duck Dogers is good show plain and simple and this comes from a kid who is an anime junkie and hates most american cartoons \"cough cough Gym PArtner is a monkey\" but this show brings me back when american cartoons were great and not copying Asian shows. This is not just a show to cash into remaking an old show but actualy revamping it. It has pitch perfect timing on the jokes combining witty humor, silly slapstick, and strange parodies. It is nostalgic on how it is drawn reminding me of chuck jones style of writing and drawing. This show doesnt need a review on the story cuz well its american cartoons without any real story line. The funniest parts is just having tom jones THE tom jones actualy particpating in the show but in all seriousness this show is great and should be brought back to show people not to copy asian show but to prove that america show can be orginal.

    PS Anime Junkie Giving good review to american show warn the media comment on my review please
  • Duck Dodgers and the 24'th and a half century!!!!!!!!!!!

    This show is awesome. It's about Daffy Duck in 450 years who fights evil with the pig person. This show is just awesome! I love watching this episode ever day. However, I haven't seen many new episodes. This show is still good. I dunno what I would have done if I didn't see this show. It's still one of the best shows ever! It makes me laugh all day. Also, anthour great thing about this show is the martian, the head commander and everything else about this episode. Also, how the martian fights and one of my favs would be when the martians dogs trys to save the martian, but he doesn't know whats happening.
  • Nobody knows I watch this show.....

    I was really really bored so I watched this show on Boomerang and I loooooooove it! It's so funny. I thought it was going to be the stupidest thing in the world but it was really the funniest thing in the world. I've only seen a couple episodes but all of them have been really funny. I like Marvin Martian best! On this show he's called something else that I have trouble remembering. But anyway Marvin is soooooooooooo cute!!! I can't stand it!! He's really funny too. Okay anyway this show rocks......peoples socks.....even if they're wearing sandles. Word.
  • Great show fun to watch and a good comedy plus Queen Tyr'ahnee is sexy....

    Duck Dodgers is both an exellent Scifi cartoon and comedy! All the characters in this shows are very well animated and intersting.... (although cadet can be annoying.) Another great thing about this show is how the make spin-offs of other cartoons (ie: samurai Jack.) One of the greatest characters in this show is Duck Dogers himself who often finds trouble and weasles himself out of it. Personally i loved watching this show and never really got why it was cancelled tthey should bring this show back for at least 2 more seasons..... Also Queen Tyr'ahnee is really hot. Make more episodes around Queen Tyr'ahnee and i will be happy lol
  • A hilariously funny show cancelled long before it deserved to be.

    Duck Dodgers, a humerous cartoon inspired by the old Duck Dodgers cartoon skits was something I enjoyed watching on several occasions. I enjoyed its off-beat humor, occasional parodies, and many other antics that made me crack up laughing. Why it was cancelled I will never be certain, but it is a cartoon worthy enough to return to television and is highly recommended for anyone with a since of humor and a love for comedy.
  • A very good Looney Tunes spin-off!

    I like this show. It is very entertaining and I truly believe that this captured the feel of the original Looney Tunes in a good way! Daffy Duck was the perfect character for this IMO because he provides most of the humourous gags. and Porky Pig playing "Cadet" is just too funny! This show is better than Loonatics and all the newer spin-offs because it is more original and funnier as well. There has been a lot of spin-offs. Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, Loonatics and Baby Looney Tunes, but this one beats most of them.

    Cool show and a "must watch" for all Daffy fans!
  • Impressive, and most Impressive. That's the best Daffy Duck being less clumsy than before! Nice Episode!

    Man, I missed the entire episode of Dodgers! Fortunately, more cooler than the previous way back in 1953 and the first two seasons. I hope that Duck will never forget us for sure, why? Being a captain will reduce his destructive ways and turn himself into a guilt free attitude. I also missed the new Dodgers in the episode "Clean Bill of Health" which was the way more MACHO Than Captain Star Johnson. Anyway, that episode is somewhat one reminder to check up everyday to restore, rejuvenate, and also prevent future body disorders and free from the deadly free radicals. I hope Duck Dodgers will Return someday!
  • This show is proboly the only good \\\"remake\\\" show on telivision. Not what you\\\'d expect

    Looney Toons is a great show, and the best episodes on it were any space episodes, in peticular...Marvin the Martian and Duck Dodger cartoons. So one night I was board and nothing worth watching was on. Till I saw Duck Dodgers. I thought \\\"Oh gee, this must be a horrible remake\\\" I am never wrong, but this time I was. I watched the show, silent (our volume was screwy)and I thought it was good. So a few days later I saw it with volume and I liked it. It wasn\\\'t what I expected. I expected cheep jokes. What I got was a well put together show. Also the charcaters weren\\\'t overexaggerated or \\\"killed\\\". It\\\'s only playing on Boomerang, which makes me sad. Bring it back!
  • best show on Teletoon,other then 6teen

    This show is SO Funny! I love this show,The first time i ever so it on the guide list i thought it would be stupid/boring..ect.But after i saw it once,i loved it ever since.Great animation,Its clean and colorful the voice acting is very true to the orginal chacarters.Preety near everything about this show is perfect to me.I think its one of the best shows of Teletoon today!Even that it is ended,it still is Great..and i hope they don't replace it with something stupid like teletoon does with most good shows.In other words its an awesome show!,Its just that great.A Most See!
  • the 40s and 2300s colide

    this show is about the inept space captin duck dodgers true i dont like the idea of him being dumb rather then crafty and marvin martian is so much more violant but I.Q hi is better then the original the universe around them is realstic and yet funny theve blended the 40s looney tunes with the 2300s nicly for example there are video screens but there black and white i think this show ended prematurly
  • Daffy Duck: Hero or Loser?

    This series reminds me of the old cartoon I watched about Daffy Duck. He used to wear a green shirt with an antenna on his hood. I like the red cape he used to wear. Porky Pig as the Eager Young Space Cadet wore a revealing outfit, but not anymore. Marvin the Martian as Commander X-2 used to wear red, until he switched to black. There were three old Duck Dodgers episodes. They really made this series very possible.

    I like both the old and new versions of Duck Dodgers. In fact, I like the Looney Tunes better than any Disney cartoons they create. I'm a huge fan of Warner Bros. animations. They're much funnier. I can't believe they revive the old Looney Tunes characters with new series based on their old episodes. What will they think of next?
  • Waste of air time!!

    Waste of air time!! I want to know who thought of this????? This show is sooooo boring. I find no humor in it what so ever and at the same time get nothing out of it. It's bad enough we have a bunch of futuristic shows.....but this? I don't understand...........
  • Great fun, but ruins itself by trying to compete with its inspiration (or, worth watching, but doesn't quite live up to its potential)

    Duck Dodgers is alternately fascinating and frustrating. Although episodes are reliably funny, only occasionally do they live up to the famous shorts on which they were based.

    It's tough to live up to brillance, and the original shorts _were_ brilliant. It is almost impossible to attempt to recreate or even imitate something so well-made over and over again, week after week. Many episodes of the series fail to live up to this possibility.

    Instead of the breezy pace and perfectly-timed humour of the shorts, many episodes of the series have muddy plotlines which would benefit from a much shorter treatment than they recieve in series format. Dodgers seems a less iconic, pathetic, and parodic figure in the series than in the shorts, which I consider a flaw, though others may not. Certainly the character of the space cadet is more interesting in the series than in the shorts.

    Sadly, many of the series episodes fall play to the trap of opaque plot and two-dimensional characterisation; that said, there are other, absolutely brilliant episodes of the program. On occasion, an episode airs which catches the flavour of old Warner cartoons perfectly, but with modern references and flavour. Though there are relatively few of these episodes, they truly make the program worth watching
  • Literly.

    This show is the best Luney Tunes spinn off ever! Better than Loonatics and Babey Looney toons!

    This show has the best things that Duck Dodgers could ever have.

    The scrits are amazing!

    The best BTAS writer, Paul Dini is behind this show and that gives me reassurance.

    The scripts are great!

    Also, the refrences to my favorite show are great. JLU, with the GL appearance with his design.

    This show has to be the better than Krypto! The show will appeal to every Looney Tunes, and Dafey Duck fan of all ages so I say if you can find a better spinn off watch it.
  • Best Looney Toon Spin-off.

    I love this show. It has outstanding animation and its totally hilarious. This is one of my favourite WB shows that isn't DC related. My favourite episodes are The Green Loontern, To love a Duck, Talent Show A Go-Go and Samurai Quack. Loads of fubn and entertainment this show has provided. Of course its parodies are absoulutely hilarious. I love the characters like Dodgers(Daffy Duck), Cadet(Porky Pig), Martian Commander X-2(Marvin the Martian), I-Q Hi and Martian Queen Tiriny. Of course the chow isn't complete without guest appearence by other Looney Toon characters such as Yosmite Sam, Tazmanian Devil, Elmer Fudd and others. Duck Dodgers also won emmy awards. So whoever hates obviously never watched it. It is so damn hilarious that you have to watch it.
  • If you're looking for a good laugh, this is absolutely a must-see show!

    This is definitely a show worth checking out if you haven't already! While Warner Bros. continues to try and capitalize on the Looney Tunes name with new spinoffs, Duck Dodgers is one of the few that pulls it off right. It's funny and clever, original plots combined with tributes to old favorites. Older fans will appreciate subtle jokes and references.
    Though the first season started out a bit slow(as most tv series tend to do), this show really has hit its stride and just keeps getting better with age!
  • One of the funniest shows I ever seen currently on. I like watching these Looney Tune shows. It is so much fun to watch it.

    This show is fairly well made. This is one of the shows I like to watch just to get some great laughs. I think it is most funny when they do take-offs of major films. I like it sometimes when they continue some stories or situations once in a while, I guess to make sure the auedience would not think watching this would be a waste of time. I think anyone souded enjoy this show.
  • Not a great idea.

    I was amused by the old Duck Dodgers cartoons back when there were only a few of them in the Looney Tunes line up. It was funny because of how overplayed it was with how he'd run up those huge stairs every time someone was about to say his name. This show is just overplayed...and not funny. They took what was an amusing character and concept in small doses and made a whole show about it, killing the fun with Duck Dodgers overload. Duck Dodgers was never meant to be seen this way, and there's a reason. Because it's just no fun.
  • Very Good show worth the wait on CN.

    Duck Dodgers began as a sixties 5 minute cartoon. Then talk began after more episodes of it began coming out if the show would get its own series. The fans prayers were finally answered by a big wig company that only cares about shows that gets good ratings. But this show was different. It was a different company that made this and allowed it to be aired with out those big wigs. It is about time Dodgers got his own series too. It was funny in the 60's and it is funny to this day. The legend of Duck Dodgers will live on in the twenty fourth and a half century.
  • It's a Nice show with lots of comedy...

    It's a Nice show with lots of comedy, funny scenes and episodes. This show can make anyone laugh, a nice idea that came back in this modern times, and now more complete, with facinating episodes, and more infortmations about the Martians and the Protectorate.

    I always loved when i saw Marvin as Martian Commander, he's the funniest character of all this serie in my opinion.
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