Duck Dodgers - Season 2

Cartoon Network (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • Dodgers and the Martian Commander decide to join forces for two dangerous missions. One is to save the Cadet from his Steelworks Prison, and the other is to save the Queen before the Devious Commander takes hold of both Mars and Earth in his plot to rule the universe ...
  • During a peace signing between Earth and Mars, Dodgers accidentally sabotages the event when his trick pen squirts the leaders with ink! One thinks it's the other's fault and so they declare war. Dodgers is worried about the consequences, so his faithful Cadet offers to take the blame. However, he doesn't realize that the punishment is very tough! Meanwhile, things take a turn for the worse when the Martian Commander discovers that one of the Commanders is planning treason against the Queen!moreless
  • 2/4/05
    Surf the Stars: Dodgers goes up against The Crusher in a surfing contest to find out who's "King of the Beach." Samurai Quack: After eating a poisonous puffer fish, Dodgers hallucinates in a "Samurai Jack" episode!
  • 1/28/05
    Diva Delivery: Dodgers has to take a spoiled and annoying diva celebrity singer to a party, and things get worse when the Klunkians start chasing them ... Castle High: I.Q. Hi makes the mistake of leaving Dodgers alone with his ancestor's castle, (which takes him about 5 minutes to wreck!) and so Dodgers tells I.Q. what happened in a Frankenstein-type exaggeration!moreless
  • 1/21/05
    MMORPD: Dodgers and the Cadet team up with some characters in an online game to defeat an evil witch and rescue a beautiful princess. However, things aren't as they seem in virtual reality ... Old McDodgers: Dodgers and the Cadet buy off a space farm and try to grow some crops, but their plans are dashed when they have some unwanted guests!moreless
  • Deathmatch Duck: Dodgers finds himself on a living planet, Masativo, when he has the exhausting task of trying to defeat a terrifying foe ... Taz!

    Deconstructing Dodgers: Whilst stranded at an Intergalactic Space Airport, I.Q. Hi, and the Queen of Mars reminisce of whether Dodgers isn't as dumb as he seems.moreless
  • The Mark of Xero: Dodgers and Cadet try to help a poor village from a scheming General in a "Zorro" type episode! I See Duck People: Whilst on their way to a golfing holiday, Dodgers, Cadet, and I.Q. Hi are officially spooked when they believe that their ship is haunted after it mysteriously breaks down ...moreless
  • The Fudd
    Episode 6
    A mysterious plague leaves only Dodgers, Cadet and X-2 to face down the hideous Fudd.
  • 8/14/04
    The New Cadet: Dodgers is surprised to learn he has a new cadet who harbors an escalating, twisted obsession with him. The Love Duck: Dodgers schemes to make some easy profit by converting his ship into a luxury space liner, but he's blindsided by a Martian attack.
  • Talent Show A Go-Go: To win an intergalactic talent contest, Dodgers borrows the greatest singing voice of all time: the velvet pipes of Mr. Tom Jones! The Love of a Father: Dodgers unthaws Baby-Faced Moonbeam, a diabolical arch-villain whom he irrationally regards as his son.
  • 8/14/04
    The Menace of Maninsuit: Dodgers and Cadet help Rickki Roundhouse battle the normally docile Maninsuit monster. K-9 Quarry: X-2 and his faithful companion K-9 go on a hunting trip, only to find themselves hunted by an alien adversary.
  • 8/14/04
    Invictus Interruptus: Dodgers and Cadet must slow down the Invictus, an awesome new Martian space destroyer. Pet Peeved: Dodgers' selfish demands for a pet result in a destructive scourge onboard his ship.
  • Pig Planet
    Episode 1
    Dodgers and Cadet visit Cadet's home planet to quell the cruel reign of his evil cousin Zag.