Duck Dodgers

Season 3 Episode 8

Too Close for Combat / Fins of War

Aired Unknown Sep 30, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In "Too Close for Combat," when the mice are first seen spilling chocolate syrup all over Cadet's quarters, the gray mouse Hubie is seen with buck teeth instead of Bertie, the brown mouse.

  • Quotes

    • (Dodgers takes note of the aquarium world joining together to fix their glass enclosure)
      DD: You saw how they stopped fighting when the glass cracked. That was just a crack. Imagine what'll happen when we put a hole the size of Manhattan in that baby!
      Cadet: Global devastation?
      DD: Bingo. Kinda tough to have a war when that's going down, huh?

    • DD: I'm more of a hider than a fighter.

    • DD: Okay, he's done talkin'. Now switch it back to the classic rock station!
      Cadet: But, sir, this music enriches the soul. Don't you want your soul enriched? ... Or at least located?
      DD: During a Night Ranger rock block weekend? No, thank you!

    • (Dodgers mistakes Bertie [the mouse] for the tooth fairy)
      DD: He's the tooth fairy! I was gonna cut you in on the deal until I found out you wanna bump me off.
      Cadet: No, you wanna bump me off!
      DD: Oh, so I can cook, clean and bathe myself? Are you nuts? Why would you even think that?
      Cadet: You're right. It makes no sense. You'd be helpless without me.
      DD: And you'd be rich and successful without me!

    • Cadet: Captain Dodgers, do you have any idea why everything I own is covered in ... (The cadet sees Dodgers in a kiddie pool full of chocolate syrup) ... chocolate syrup?
      DD: That's right, Cadet. Bath time is fun again! Look I'm clean as can-DY!

    • DD: Now, where's my present?
      Cadet: Here you go. It's your favorite!
      DD: (rips open the present to reveal a wooden carving of himself) Uh ... Joe Montana!
      Cadet: No, sir. It's you.
      DD: Oh, that's right. I'm my favorite.

    • Bertie: Hey, Hubie, did we rub out that duck yet? Did we, huh? Did we, did we?
      Hubie: (smacks Bertie) We just got here, see. How can we murder him if we just got here, huh? We couldn't, that's how.
      Bertie: You're right, you're right!
      Hubie: I'm always right!

    • (X-2 talks to the assassins hired to get rid of Dodgers)
      X-2: Most important of all, you must ensure none of this can be traced back to Mars. We were never here.
      Martian Queen: Forget it. They're not here.
      X-2: Whoa. They are good.
      Martian Queen: They better be; they cost a fortune.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • n/a: Octosmith
      Octosmith is an octopus version of the rock band, Aerosmith.

    • n/a: Spongebob
      After the Dolphin leader makes the "Sea Sponge" remark, a parody of Spongebob Squarepants is seen serving the wine.

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